A new way to redesign your home

ABC News' Diane Macedo shows us the affordable app that makes redesigning your home's interior a breeze.
4:32 | 12/13/18

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Transcript for A new way to redesign your home
With so many fixer upper home improvement shows on TV these days it can be overwhelming for anyone looking for re decorating ideas but now thanks to web site called Bonzi it's never been easier or more affordable to turn your home into a show place. And our own diet with fado tried it out herself. When it comes to home decor I'm a huge fan I love home makeovers shows I'm for six serve her. My favorite room in my. I'm of interest addict it is thefts. And I'm constantly full of ideals. Cop. So when I had to turn my guest room into a nursery I was pumped up just one small problem. Tough call. I am horrible at making decorating decisions just can't decide. Terrified I'll make the wrong choice and often and of doing nothing. Case in point my current guest room welcome to my guest room but an unfinished beds like stain or paint it once we decided on a color scheme. Or is Dillon finished noticed the pictures are up center we hung them on existing hopes figuring it by a better place than later. Still there don't you love the rug. Rap rap rap. So I decided to give this new web site months he tried. Does not see there's no more wondering how something we're looking your realm. Liberals are three G model just calls from your followed us. It creates 360 degree renderings of your space or you can preview exactly how you're design ideas will look. Body designers also help you out by showing you their ideas. So I answered a few questions and snapped a few photos of the roof. Fully testing Montes note hiding required claim. I also mentioned that I wanted to keep my bed and test at this wallpaper I was considering a few days later. That's so cool. The renderings I got back look exactly like my room. Only with new furniture new accent pieces the wallpaper I wanted to see an even an alternative layout I never would have thought it. My designer also followed up with a lifestyle session fishing to fine tune the designed to my liking and my needs. Moving here being that at the end up back wall. Kind of allows me to walk into the room and have immediate access to credit I feared them out of home decorating show. Are you ready to see your picture up. Monty also lets you test out your own ideas letting you move things around an add delete or replace items as you see fit. Unfortunately the self edit function isn't the easiest to use in the catalog thanks to choose from was more limited than I would of life. The good news is you can just send your designer linked to the PC wanna see and if it's for months his long list of partners they'll created free of charge. And for fifteen bucks months and we'll also recreate furniture from companies they don't work with or custom pieces like these night stands that I made myself. Few photos a few measurements and other in my last studio. What you're happy with your design you can also buy everything in it in one shot directly from the Monte site. The end result. Welcome to the nursery you might notice. A lot of stuff from the Monte rendering to save some cash and also held on to the old bed and even my old comforter he just flip it over. And then if you DIY touches like this bookshelf that actually made. As a replacement but overall I loved the way the project came out so much so that I decided to take on the rest of the apartment the whole thing with so much easier. Using. And happily at the fun web site. Get frank to stop beating the Christmas decorations. Diane Macedo ABC news New York. For all so useful. Absolutely depending. On the where you live yeah an interior. Decorator could cost between 15200 box this fund Mardi costs 59 dollars or room. Half are basic package they'll build your mistreating unlimited. Provisions that like some work and done fan.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"ABC News' Diane Macedo shows us the affordable app that makes redesigning your home's interior a breeze.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"59798879","title":"A new way to redesign your home","url":"/Technology/video/redesign-home-59798879"}