Students Watch Science Projects Go Up in Flames

Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart students science projects were part of the cargo destroyed in rocket explosion.
5:12 | 10/29/14

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Transcript for Students Watch Science Projects Go Up in Flames
I'm. Okay. The exciting rocket launch in a flash turning into a frightening ball of fire in Virginia. An unmanned rocket loaded with supplies for the International Space Station. Coming apart and burst in and the flames and now the big question is what went wrong. Hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York the rocket exploding. Just seconds after launching as thousands of space buffs box gathered along the Virginia coast to see the spectacular site. It went from excitement to panic. And this view taken from the plane. Let's listen the reaction of the and I watching it all about. ABC's David Curley with more now on what went wrong. Under the curly ABC news I met wallets island Virginia and this is one of the viewing areas for last night's launch of that rocket it was supposed to supply the space station. It's actually use the information sheet that was here for folks to find out what was supposed to but something went terribly wrong. Just six seconds in as the rockets started to pull off. Something broke on the bottom start to fall apart the self destruct button which it. In Iraq again tumbling in plant explosion was here at the visitors center you can see they have so. Rocket. And this is a far distance away for the one who wouldn't want miles. The outrage here. And this morning the sun has come up and for the first time helicopters have been able to fly over that site if not only did they lose a hundred million dollars at rocket and payload. That launch site one of only four in the country was severely damaged. Today they want to figure out what went wrong and how long it's gonna take to fix this. Under the curly ABC news Wallis island Virginia. Thanks David again so many were watching that launched including several space loving students. The rocket was loaded with more than 16100. Pounds of science projects eighteen of them made from students across thing you west from Madison heights Michigan. Along brand's New Jersey ant and Houston's dishing high school. And we're joined now by ninth grader Sarah slack Cameron fifth grader grace Gideon's for more on their reaction you thank you both for joining us. And I want to start by asking you to tell us about the science experiments Ewing each working on how was destined for space. It was basically studying how groups in micro gravity under different different wavelengths of light so lyrics can we as he shoots. And I don't landless like gels are nearly half Jack. Water and while in space she really put an end and shoot different sections of the art July 1 where it was mostly receiving red clay in one whereas most pristine blue -- everyone how about where and how different weight lanes would affect as well. I Xperia Atlantis testing it out. Like Lee had a red light. And a green light anti allergy and get (%expletive) and a small blocks east called RT lab. And we're hoping you send your. But and grace you're watching the rocket launch last night give us an idea. Of as you're watching all of this happened what went through your mind it's. Well I stay a point it is Lee it ain't I I know of at least a mile an aunt and rally and what would you say that you've learned well I issue style action in times. And any blanket Healy yeah and it's really just was thank her being as. Now how long had you both been working on these projects leading up to this launch. And we are working about it I'm on I am sorry since about the meeting at last year around this time. And I Goodson. That's a lot of work there a year do you guys think you'll get another chance to follow this some more also is NASA tries to figure out what went wrong. Are you going to shift it's how you guys were doing your project is he can finish it. We like different but we definitely don't we want to have another Bertini we're definitely ready to try and it's pretty abruptly when a mortar. Com we actually. The fantastic and so it doesn't sound like neither of you are deterred by this accident he said that she both learned lessons as well. Eight. Our I think you so much for joining us Sarah and grace hopefully we didn't in erupt lunch or your science classes. Thanks so much hate us keep up all the great work. Eight here. You can keep up what this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and starring this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"5:12","description":"Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart students science projects were part of the cargo destroyed in rocket explosion.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"26554388","title":"Students Watch Science Projects Go Up in Flames","url":"/Technology/video/rocket-explosion-launch-students-watch-science-projects-flames-26554388"}