Samsung Acquires Mobile Paying Service 'LoopPay'

The acquisition will help Samsung compete with Apple's "Apple Pay" service.
0:53 | 02/19/15

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Transcript for Samsung Acquires Mobile Paying Service 'LoopPay'
There today's sect by Samsung creating its own mobile pay service the company has acquired. Don't pay which allows retailers to accept. Mobile payments without changing their existing speculate juggling a handful of well controlled and check out the new rate touch screen remote data you can control the TV set top box gaming consoles. On the large four point eight inch screen it's available for DISH Network subscribers and happy birthday photo shop has Adobe created a picture fixing its software 25 years ago today. But just about everybody edits their digital pictures on the good some not so much health web sites are dedicated to showing Photoshop fails like that's what showings there. Done there. Looking up extra cent a recent one of beyoncé with the better looking thighs and some suspicious steps I would be happy to be mistaken for beyoncé. Many of Chapman. Those things about it.

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{"id":29071377,"title":"Samsung Acquires Mobile Paying Service 'LoopPay'","duration":"0:53","description":"The acquisition will help Samsung compete with Apple's \"Apple Pay\" service. ","url":"/Technology/video/samsung-acquires-mobile-paying-service-looppay-29071377","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}