Samsung Launches SUHD TV

Company introduces its SUHD TVs featuring curved soundbars.
0:54 | 04/03/15

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Transcript for Samsung Launches SUHD TV
I there in today's tech bytes Samsung has launched its new line of SUHDTV. These are high end models boasting knew it nano crystal technology and they range in size from. 48 to 78. Inches and have a starting price of 3000 dollar. We'll next time you're stuck in traffic you may want to turn to weigh eased the for help. Then part of an allegation that has introduced a new traffic bar which lets users track their progress in real time and estimates a much longer they'll be delayed. And are the tanner is coming back to TV. There is more hurt that next. This close to ordering full house. A sequel to the much blood ABC classic. Pulled out says that the star Candace Cameron parade was guest appearance by Bob Saget. As what was don't think most no word on how soon we can altering the thirteen episodes of bowler pops not doing enough there it is don't believe that Bob. Every day.

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{"duration":"0:54","description":"Company introduces its SUHD TVs featuring curved soundbars. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"30079756","title":"Samsung Launches SUHD TV","url":"/Technology/video/samsung-launches-suhd-tv-30079756"}