Samsung note event announced

Plus, Netflix claims its new film "Murder Mystery" has broken viewing records, and the first Bentley hybrid is on the way.
0:51 | 06/19/19

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Transcript for Samsung note event announced
In today's tech bike famous start high court's next note the company will reportedly unveil its galaxy note cannot August 7 during an event at the Barclays senator Brooklyn is the same venue where Samsung launched the new 29 last year. That Blix says its new film murder mystery has broken viewing records. Streaming service says nearly 31 million accounts. Watch the Adam Sandler Jennifer Aniston movie in its first three days the biggest opening weekend for Netflix bill. In the movie Sandler an innocent play a couple on vacation in Europe book framed for a murder and Bentley is going hybrid. The luxury carmaker plans to have electric versions of all of its models by 20/20 three differs Bentley hybrid is set to go on sale. In the US before the end of the year home rule in fashion and good for the environment visitor tech by avocado.

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{"duration":"0:51","description":"Plus, Netflix claims its new film \"Murder Mystery\" has broken viewing records, and the first Bentley hybrid is on the way.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"63807076","title":"Samsung note event announced","url":"/Technology/video/samsung-note-event-announced-63807076"}