Samsung unveils 'car of the future' at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Day two of the CES Show in Nevada features 5G-Powered cars and other gadgets from Samsung.
4:57 | 01/08/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Samsung unveils 'car of the future' at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas
Ari now and I promise time to talk tact also another correction could apparently. I called it. Paddle tennis about Michael bit paddle tennis what I don't even know what that that is it. On me out here and CNN's Mike your cool and CS is cool can you please help save. Me from my embarrassment of calling Katie Hong. I don't financially and he'll be your old drama I don't know I ever higher and you're what do you mean. I am so here's the man's son Matt Diaz and you're Cancun from Samsung. And where in this digital copy is digital car. I didn't take us on a bit of a virtual ride. With all these cool gadgets that you're about to see Adam. The bill for a ride. It's you're exactly right pounds understands. The cards in a regular digital and the first thing that happens you get the vehicle. This camera in here and actually recognizes my face and logs me and all my customized resist what I want my temperature. My seat adjustments everything that I Staten bomb on it looked. So we begin again. Once we get and you'll notice that six displays on the entire caucus in the you can interact with doing to your favorite music and movies. Ask you to be a bitter and I can pick whichever profile you want and login just by touching. We Amanda. It's just hearing I got a serious applications that you can use as you slight problem that display. And got the videophone. Now can play. You can enjoy your feared video and music contents right from your passenger vehicle quality. Driver I had access all the information as well I've been this loud and crazy. It's like listening to my being here at eight. The whole way as if this drive was in touch. I pray and is there can. Control he is and I am constantly so that driver's in control here is of this becomes a distraction to me it is something that I need to turn down these new jobs that we haven't actually caller conceptual dollars. It actually sent this to a meter controls ominous turn the volume. I'm really sorry. Two I mean how many how many extradited isn't not anti. A bonus president he's not magically customized from the disease control and even get all the rest of the streams of the car. I mean just kind of like fun that's it very easy he has behind it what it's an eyewitness. Digital Hoffman. Now it's a little bit above like you certainly want you to have fun what better way to spend your time as a bastion of an injury and it reminds one and it's not your place in the automotive space CDs of trial. So we've incorporated a lot of technologies one of them is going to be our front facing camera it's of the same cameras are to appear on the other side of that. There's a gym and actually see it at about 800 feet tell you how to monitor the traffic to know not only at a shopping for what it's looking. Visit a pedestrian and bicycle car and when necessary and actually alert system and the driver about potential hazards east. Now this evening it's not just. There's also something we looked at around the drivers ourselves friends. Zion man second. Saturday evening news cameras and welcome recognizing your falling asleep if you're distract absolutely. Well how he like quarter pre takeout or something can give me food delivered to the car track. Mark I'm anyone can remember Dolly and whenever my copy. Given thought that yeah. He's never did cause some drama between passenger and dry prairie senator has all of farming and I'm serious speaking of certain drama and and here in a super Smart Car right now connected day. Everything in your life but as we know he's he's he's concerned that technology and some of the big companies whether it's you know. Using our data improperly taking more of our data than we know when I love this billboards across from CES apple kind of throwing some shade and its competitors. Putting up this billboard in Vegas saying what happen on your iPhone still he pioneered an iPhone so clever. I'm sure you know what you've seen whether it's Linda's car of their products that is trying to protect privacy is privacy issue do people care what if he doesn't on the ground. What they're in a cool panels happening on privacy this week and I think it's definitely an issue especially under twenty team. Just 2019 major concern for all of these companies. So we are looking forward to seeing what he's coming up my roommate about privacy this week it would definitely update you guys as a weakness. And yes I'm also really jealous of your assignment can you find some cool gadgets and just send me photos of them later so I can. Google as I didn't render buying all the finally we have a robot can't blame him okay fine hand extended and win it makes you promise that I can't parents know. I hate someone Serena.

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{"duration":"4:57","description":"Day two of the CES Show in Nevada features 5G-Powered cars and other gadgets from Samsung.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"60235508","title":"Samsung unveils 'car of the future' at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas","url":"/Technology/video/samsung-unveils-car-future-consumer-electronics-show-las-60235508"}