Samsung unveils new foldable smartphone

The Galaxy Z Flip was revealed during the 2020 Oscars.
0:54 | 02/10/20

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Transcript for Samsung unveils new foldable smartphone
In today's take by Samsung jumped the gun on its galaxies he flipped Samsung that reveal the full global clam shell device during the Oscars and the supplies commercial the company is expected to show off its features an event tomorrow. Any Oscars dominated social media overnight that certain those pleaded no link with Clinton should hold won for best. Director Joaquin Phoenix and his emotional speech after winning best actor was best second. And a number one most Twitter moment. But parasite won best picture. And Bill Gates has ordered the world's first hydrogen powered super yup it's got five decks and it will be able to accommodate 45 people with 370 foot vessel will feature a Gallup pat and infinity pools bond and Jindal also feature a price tag of more than. 600 million dollars pleased to be room. And those are your bikes have agreed today.

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{"duration":"0:54","description":"The Galaxy Z Flip was revealed during the 2020 Oscars. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"68881067","title":"Samsung unveils new foldable smartphone","url":"/Technology/video/samsung-unveils-foldable-smartphone-68881067"}