Sheryl Sandberg: Privacy a 'Firm Commitment We Have' for Users

Facebook COO told ABC News in 2011 that "privacy is one of the most important things we do."
5:11 | 07/03/14

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Transcript for Sheryl Sandberg: Privacy a 'Firm Commitment We Have' for Users
There's a good reason Sheryl Sandberg is considered the most powerful woman in Silicon Valley. And it has little to do with -- -- commencement speeches we need women at all levels including top. Or new friendship with Oprah. She is the chief operating officer at FaceBook. The woman who came out of the Treasury Department and came over from Google to help CEO Mark Zuckerberg turned his dorm -- start up. Into a global Internet powerhouse. She's the woman who runs a company action could have a billion users and be worth a hundred billion dollars. But in this economy she's mostly powerful because she's hiring. Train engineers in this economy no matter what are in Houston high demand in the mouth tightly all the companies can -- present it's one more students to study computer science. It's a great way to assure you can be -- -- like mama's let your baby that's right because -- side. -- -- She rarely gives interviews but is anxious to tout the idea that even if you didn't go to Harvard and barely work -- FaceBook could be the key to your next job and -- -- yes as well 60%. Job hunters find employment through people they know. And these days most of the people you know. Are probably on FaceBook. There's direct connections are really important and obviously if you're looking for -- should be telling the people you know you're looking. But he -- out on FaceBook went into -- and -- status update and her parents you can tell all of your friends and -- making passed on to their friends. The other thing people -- and I -- quite successfully is they use FaceBook to research -- possible employment opportunities. There are around nine million American businesses with FaceBook pages a direct way for the savvy job seeker to research and reach out to companies. Before they ever put up a help wanted -- for those willing to invest a little in their search there are FaceBook ads. -- -- Let's say -- wedding photographer in the Twin Cities someone just like Chris Meyer competition is cutthroat for that kind of work here. This -- -- a little but adding up. But rather than spent a lot of money on huge newspaper -- Chris can -- a small relatively cheap sample of his work. That will go directly to women who change their FaceBook relationship status. Two engaged. This year will be enhanced found a large perhaps. We'll do about -- fifteen to 3%. What we did last. One -- would be thrilled that he found her that way somebody else might be a little creeped out by it. Privacy is one of the most important things we do and it's a very firm commitment we have to all of our users we ticket that and we showed it -- all of -- women. But we never gave a single bit of information on any of those women to Chris Myers we never get those people information we just show them something -- -- and. So theoretically this could also work for job hunters marketing themselves. So -- -- one of Facebook's Harvard educated wizards to show me now. Let's say you gonna be a zoo keeper as -- keeper -- threw rather simple interface anyone can write an impassioned plea. Out of work animal lover out of work. -- -- -- wants to help. Prime mates and the children who love them. Can you help -- And you call it. By picking specific profile words -- giant giant -- yeah. A link to your resonate could be delivered the kind of people who may be able to put -- a good word for it down at the zoo like a 161000. People. -- who meet that criteria -- right Jessica good starting point you then tell FaceBook how much you willing to pay each time someone clicks underestimate the suggested -- here is. Through -- 34 cents to six -- there -- cents per click this is. Her collect -- -- guy but. Pay may be in May be worth it if found my dad. Didn't new exciting job out of -- But these days it seems that is still a being if and Sandberg that's a couple suggestions on how to turn the if in to win we've lost so much faith in our leadership in Washington to try to figure -- defects. And so many people went well let's let's turn to business. What ideas do you. Turn this thing around. We need to restore confidence consumer confidence to spend money business confidence to -- it's about having the right regulatory environment that encourages business. That continues to create you know the kind of entrepreneurs America has created. -- Walton and Mark Zuckerberg since Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey's the people that can build something has absolutely nothing that can be useful. And it's about our education system. You know our education system used to be one of the world's best story of the world's best it is so far from -- We are failing our children and over the long run our competitiveness. Will be completely tied to how well we educate our children. I don't know anybody could not hire you look at that's brilliant but in the meantime our children and they have to educate us 121 century adaptation. In this -- when the help wanted sign seems to be fading away. In more ways than one.

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{"id":24416234,"title":"Sheryl Sandberg: Privacy a 'Firm Commitment We Have' for Users","duration":"5:11","description":"Facebook COO told ABC News in 2011 that \"privacy is one of the most important things we do.\"","url":"/Technology/video/sheryl-sandberg-facebook-privacy-24416234","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}