Sneak peek at ‘Skyrim’ in virtual reality

Bethesda Game Studios’ hit role-playing game gets a makeover for PlayStation VR.
3:00 | 09/19/17

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Transcript for Sneak peek at ‘Skyrim’ in virtual reality
Hello Liam Walt Hickey for ABC news the original to date we take you inside the future of gaming virtual reality headsets with the forthcoming release an exclusive preview of the elder scrolls five Styron exclusively for place east and the art today I am joint. But that granderson as Alan and Harriet couldn't see it so tells all about this the steam again you know 2011 huge hit thirty million copies and now it's finally coming to the DR. Yes Aaron has one of the biggest games are companies that release as he sets a lot of copies. Ended up being in this pop culture phenomenon use you're seeing it in. I sought in Silicon Valley couple weeks ago has seen it everywhere aerogel Brittany Harris and any easy don't know that every day. They know that mean even if they've never played a game up. Well now you can played in virtual reality we always make big expansive world's. One to be immersed in and what better way to be humorous than virtual reality. Absolutely so let's get this going against yet got ready for this I think it's. Let's go. Right now you're on the screen what I'm seeing I think and let's just popped up on so how does this work so despite the fact we've. You check your peace and make sure its own parents yet. The laughed humans are and now now you're the long arms and yes that that's. That that. All right so I'm motionless. In the world around me in the the dragon and so Havilland move around here well let me give you a hand or some hands. Here at the PlayStation move controllers there you know it's picture you have the sordid your right now soared this counseling and that it's William that. Eats at me and left hand you can cast magic well it's. Look op. Outset. Got signed up comment to this yours here and you look at it got now you're actually don't McKean who is that right in Warren. Who is the props prophesied Euro destroyed dragons that returned the sky so tell me all about. This game I mean all what's the concept with with place Allegheny this isn't the only schools theories what what's the story yet status of the other squirrels. It is the fifth game on the east titles stand alone you know when it went to war I could just jump right on its. Well. Yeah at some point once here once you're really down with this game but. So you are overseas or very important. Dragons have come this diary. Amidst a civil war so on top of fighting man and dragons like all the when the world killer. World either. You're facing off with storm closed in cereals and civil war. You've got under creatures like truckers. Now mammoth. Giants all sorts of great via. -- enemies to deal with well all right. And so they get thinking about it hasn't let it been. What was the motivation to bring this virtual reality world we have seen her company as being in the forefront of the modern. A virtual reality game. Artists and art take you seriously yours coming NOW auto right now among the spirit of what ever felt seen. Not herself team that got here that. Minds up please done so totally distracted. Open world games. Are or something that we think could be a vacated virtual reality. There's some great experiences out there but the kind of game that's 200. 300 hours everybody who placed armed tells you I played for this many hours yet we wanted to deliver that experience. So's parents kind of our first date epic open world game on BR you got more come. Yet we do. Actually we have to be are coming out PlayStation BR all that's in her and 5 December. Doom and we have followed for coming. December 12 laugh out. OK so so I get what's that VR as a medium seems fascinating we're in the very early phases of it still. What attracts. The company to be ours as as of weight telling stories. And in our games are always about immersive experiences so yank your your. Going nuts right now. Spin and around. Our artist puts so much work into creating this amazing world and now you can literally. Look up and and feel like you're right at the Senegal. Yeah a lot of the little of that that's insert towards where you came for NC wanted to go back the other way I'll get some wanna go deeper. Deeper into the heart of leaked falls Barrow that looks extremely scared for people who plates Daryn this is. Be pivotal moment in the game this is the first main quest once you're out into the world. Our. And going down into the dangerous place. Saturdays Schneider let's let us just took the roots in the virtual weapons you don't feel me in just go right through. Some really liking much humbler right now but have other weapons in the school's program that's right if you pull up the circle button on your left controller you can. You have ice powers you have sparks you have a bow and aero you'll soared. You just hold the traders hold left hander right now to decide which one you. Oh cool concede he speaks. And if you play its parent before right now we have a lot of the Hud elements turned off that you lights turned off all that stuff that's in their looting. Meeting the bodies of monsters and stuff that's all in the game we're just making it museum Walters but he knew. Unseen hunting bow. And I. So did you have this fit this game that. That they're ineligible played and hat what's how do you adapt that to a system like the please bear or lake. Again a meeting that wasn't originally designed for. The problem I mean it actually worked out pretty well our our studio of the first was just first and foremost interested in in trying VR for ourselves we start putting together rooms. That experiment with VR. Actually had one designer had walking me through a game before this and it was just incredible to be immersed in that experience. Instill the actual dog bit please dog meat was licking my hand in the room a land back and it took me out of it but we've come a long way from there. And obviously been able to successfully adapt follow four and Styron to be our. And it it's just it's very pretty Slaton the ground all that you can't take having weaknesses. Accomplice out with. And if you want to play for hours you don't always have to stand up with the move we have free movement with. With the move controller but LC could use that dual shock so if you want to just sit on the touts. And that's out have somebody be your guide to your cheese it groups could be doing that and just look around in the world. So get out he's also the start the senate that we're kind of seeing out here for some of the folks at home there it is again placing of it over there. Here's some cameras right over there on top of the cameras normally have. And then what are these. Yet so so we've we've got the PlayStation four pro we have the PS VR which has. Breakout box on top of the PlayStation as the PlayStation camera. And then the VR headset and movements or that you. Or that you do one of nature's a year and a look in. This way. Davis well right there you're. And then remember two use the activity camera with this circle the next button on the on the right and torso. Go out again that detail. And when you look nearly eight in the future of where the gaming interests gone UC lot of folks and it's it's multi played a lot of folks. You're mobile and the are yet and then the VR is like that's that's heat these guys republic with all upcoming. Yet I mean we're we're going big we have we have. A lot of games coming up this although we have three already planned for review are with with Styron doom and follow or. And so this is coming. Mid November and then sit and tamper with this those well this is certainty. It again just a book keep going down there you feel some wraps that's let geez why those Steve currently. He's dead he's just he's not giving you a loving look I've really a demonic status they where where's W one B Allen left button on. Right and move controller you can hear dragons. Oau in the low that Steve grow the stuff on gun for hunting Nazi in this one because. Honestly the dragons who's the right time definitely. Unquote that this alliance. There ain't. I. On its awesome I had no idea it hammers anyway I got moved around that but that was really fun to. You're seniors here hope its it's that old variety there needs a cat so. I can tell about this movement. So this is can it. This is a common practice with controls and the arts called told courting or warping. Basically when you hold up button. For the audience based C where you are going to go next some kind of hopping around yet so it it it works as your movement also pendant. Doubles as are jumping as well so if you were being to ascend to higher Roth. BS sending using. Using that. But we do also often offered PlayStation four tool saarc and of a free movie using. The move ones as well. So what little is different about the Arthur long absence. We also have some really cool stuff with how you select. Your skills in the game. If fans remember they would pull open go to the heavens. To select different skills you're actually now literally looking up. When you level into the heavens to select base not right now but. So when you're upgrading your. Destruction a restoration or other abilities. You would be looking to the heavens it also creates a new world map it's this it's the map you know from sky room but it displays in front of you calico a war room. Map that you might see him like scifi movies are Star Wars and something. Eat. And so this congress so. For folks who are new to scatter arm will look what's the story what's what's going on. In the rose colored. Socially editors Aaron is the northern most province of Tim real. There was a few hours literacy prophets did it's are you wanna go back to back pull your flames. Oh yeah you know I have to fire powers Lima where no one minor neck the flip again so. Press. Go if that again venues. That you could even dual cast it. You know that usually get it you're talking willing which announced on an. Here are. And then just head back to that big web. And burn it down that's it's like an ominous. That leads. Now now we're still working on so get telling Margaret's Harriman and what's going on because it it tasteless and that the deficit into possible war. Yet that the king a sky harvest has been killed and there's a Scotto for storm cloak and he's fighting the materials and your kind of calf strain in the middle as this what would you recommend doing this. Do your dragon shot with these square button on the there you go that blows nice. Nice. Oh what. It's officially dead what. Now is definitely didn't know is definitely. OK. Let that there are no further consequences that. This is an activist. It IRA is so again becoming more about this rhododendron. Yes so inspire me your and you're an civil war and but but. Our types of games it's do what you want. These we won so. You could be fighting dragons you could be tart partaking in the civil war you could be going to. The college of winter hold to learn about magic could become a vampire werewolf. Hundreds of instances there's there's it it's seemingly endless and actually I didn't realize that it actually tango forever if you keep doing certain cross over and over. Can tell you little bit the behind the scenes because. Love how this game it's made his is just incredible achievement but then adapting to a whole new medium and telling. A similar but in many ways the story how was that processes behind the scenes of getting this game mean we are. Well we we we knew that we wanted to invest in doing more content that was BR and and an open world games are kind of the bread and butter of that he gave serious of really we wanted to see how we could do it so. Aaron being probably one of our most popular and follow for they are first foray for the studio wouldn't that be are. Ants at that fire during a news he can't treat it that's a low. Public they're all around if I have over. OK I'm just does in the isolated it wouldn't do it you're like. You look like you're a pro wrestler coming into the ring right now arms Sosa's these cells are already they can a team predate then I'm gonna switch to some sorts. Social that is. An excellent sort of right hander didn't have anything keep yeah Peter Pace fire lightning in your left hand eyes tired insolent well. That area this is this is set the trap that the trap yet so okay I don't wanna encounter got it. Ullman doom is going to be at the games that's who wish. Moments. Also and so the again doom is PlayStation VR and five. December 1 follow or is alive December 12 Styron is PlayStation BR November 17. And for all those titles were looking how we can support among other VR platforms in Tony's. So you have mostly come on up ahead so what's the kind of design perspective of how you build a game in VR as opposed to late. I think and been the main thing you're looked. King had is. The experience or just immersing them in the same experience. But adding mechanics that the kind of cater to two. You know the things and DR that work best like what you're swinging armory here you know we have to account for that and and put a new design mechanic. In for locally owned assets and I'll blow somebody. As a leader that this one. Everything is on fire now. Bona. All right here on the greatest sportsman history pretty good so again the games coming out. In they delivered November 16 seventeenth seventeenth. And then hope Unscom over his or her still. Up unexpected. Never surprise us but. You're not known and everybody in the world should know your godly on the fact that it's now your very good but your also god you're unstoppable man unstoppable so. Again thank you so much for coming on and and that there's been a ton of fun but does that gaming and and that's when it's the right camera there are police are chemically please. To my left that's who let's curator ready yet how aren't there is great a pet so coming out. Members of team. But does that brings you skyward again for VR replaces your perfect that they be so much for coming got it and I expect that you. You know every guy right there virtual handset and multi. Daycare.

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