Solar Powered 'Soofa' Smart Benches Will Charge Your Phone

The technology is being installed this month in parks throughout Boston.
3:02 | 07/01/14

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Transcript for Solar Powered 'Soofa' Smart Benches Will Charge Your Phone
Yeah. Really hadn't practiced today and I'm Methodist Souza a solar powered -- where you can charge your phones. W I'd be able to put -- my -- my phone long and you can see some -- aren't there isn't anything. Hammering out I asked to go on land and -- I don't know. And then you will see a map of all the fences which are distributed in Boston Cambridge and them very easy. Each tammie Souza which actually each one of them has the name. And then you -- -- on them and see how many people are using now many people. Are charging their phones how much. And renewable energy does that park actually January. How's things away for us educate them public on the environment. -- -- -- we have to see if they get into the habit of checking the -- quality and other things we can do unless you help us live with what we're trying to do -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As funny solar power is -- removed from last. The latest on the -- -- you don't see it great and so for -- I think one -- -- -- -- -- -- bring -- down to the ground and -- -- okay. There's this time and it did this solar panel and then just comes up for myself single actually counseled his plan -- while has. -- is the excuse of following their mother -- the phone that. -- -- -- First time we really have pools which are accessible for every. So what -- want to point out it's funny says the law. And where he used the courts -- in this part is actually three creek treaty pregnant I'm the -- -- We have access to TV -- machines and so we can basically just go ahead and friend of ours we need and this is now accessible to. Every one. And we can really start making things are really we're coming from this maker movement where we start putting things together and everything has actually made locally but -- from -- and Massachusetts for example. We're creating a space in the -- buildings out of space -- not a Roxbury. -- people the opportunity to build from music creativity to hopefully create. Great things -- united and look at parks and thank you for being. Here and a blossom -- first because you know -- technology policy changes definitely when it comes to top watch your kids used to -- CN that it went to wood chips and now it's a phone. And is really its you know its innovation it's a different avenue station. But you always have to innovate and in public spaces it's really exciting and we're excited -- -- really. To really bring possibly believe this morning for a century where all the changes in technology. It seems than what we stay ahead of the curve into wanna continue sale of the craft congratulations -- and as a woman owned business.

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{"id":24384881,"title":"Solar Powered 'Soofa' Smart Benches Will Charge Your Phone","duration":"3:02","description":"The technology is being installed this month in parks throughout Boston.","url":"/Technology/video/solar-powered-soofa-smart-benches-charge-phone-24384881","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}