Supersized iPad Rumored for September 9 Event

Reports say Apple is working on a 12.9 inch iPad.
0:52 | 09/04/15

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Transcript for Supersized iPad Rumored for September 9 Event
In today's tech finds a supersize iPad two online tech reports say apple is planning to unveil a twelve point nine inch tablet at next week's product event. The iPad pro would be more than three inches bigger than the current iPad and good news if you love and Google your latest ailment. Google is adding hundreds of health conditions to its database more than 900 making it easier to find information about an illness one in every twenty Google search as health related. Samsung wants to help you get a good night sleep. The company just unveiled its new sleep sensor tracker slips underneath your mattress and monitors every aspect of your sleep including how long it takes you to fall sleep. And how much time you spend in a deep slate. You sure we want to know these details. I don't think so give up next recording your dream but what we're battling. There's your tech upgrade.

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{"id":33534151,"title":"Supersized iPad Rumored for September 9 Event","duration":"0:52","description":"Reports say Apple is working on a 12.9 inch iPad.","url":"/Technology/video/supersized-ipad-rumored-september-event-33534151","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}