How tech can help restaurants and stores open safely

Advanced technologies are being developed to reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19 as the U.S. reopens.
7:24 | 06/10/20

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Transcript for How tech can help restaurants and stores open safely
As we continue to live in a world with corona virus nearly every state is taking steps to return to normal. Businesses that suffered major losses during shelter in place are able to reopen again and when we view it won't be business as usual. What does that actually need and most importantly will it be safe. This is all restaurants and stores will reopen during the pandemic. I'm Riley when the digital trends and this is what comes next. Where we highlight the potential technology to get us back to business and back to life. You remember what it was like to go do your favorite restaurant with friends and family. Even with states opening businesses back we still won't be able to eat the way were used. But technology is giving us some creative alternatives. Who doesn't like the if both Neil into handcrafted art form. But the handcrafted art can make some customers nervous that's where robots come. Mocking makes sushi making robots that not only speed up preparation. Also reduce the human inner action. The robots can make a right Sheen. Rice balls and cut sushi rolls they usually jets have a special crap robotics can't entirely replace yet. Until things are back completely normal you're next California Earl may be navy and served up by a robot. Robots are just making sushi for us now. They're making coffee to. A handful of cafes like this one and South Korea. Are using robotic Reese doesn't servers to aid in social distancing Joseph lovers can first place their order through a kiosk. And then a robotic arm behind the counter starts making your coffee. The harm then hands off the 32 and economists are being robot that uses self driving tack. To deliver the order to you and your friends act your table. The system can make up this sixteen different types of copying and can complete order of six drinks in about seven minutes no human interaction needed. At all. Those big abides in this belt names on your coffee cup. Research shows germs can live on some surfaces for a few days so your waiter may not be handing out any. Physical me use for the foreseeable future some restaurants are Pristina their website and updating their online menus so they you can pull all the menu on your well. This way you can still enjoy and Eli your favorite restaurant while minimizing your wrists. In anticipation of re openings to ploy is released a bunch of new features on its app. That replicate the assembly line experience you're used to seeing in the restaurant. You can customize your yield to the fine if he'd tell as if you're talking to one of the employees. More Pinto beans. Like right let's check in light bright want walk flight right and yes it's still extra. Restaurants are also entertaining the idea auto math. A restaurant of the future idea straight on the 1950s. These are walker type systems where diners can pick up yields without interacting with any one. In the modern auto Matt you order your food before hand. And once it's ready you either get taxed or go into the restaurant and Skinner Smartphone to unlock the locker with your news. It's like the Amazon locker of rats from if you choose the read once you've placed it. Yellow wants a few minutes away from being ready and green once that's done. Temperature scanning is already being used in large places like airports. But he can also help keep people safe while dining now companies are exploring adding temperature scanning through employee time clocks. This way when the employee comes in to work before they punch and it and healthy employee is safe to work. If not. The system can send an alert to the manager to make the appropriate adjustments. Restaurants are also reproducing metal detectors that check the temperatures and yes at Brooklyn chop house customers walked through the scanner deceived their temperatures above 99 point six degrees Fahrenheit. If it is because world in motion by an employee to another scanner that managers temperatures a wrist. If it is still above 99 point six after a second scanned the customer will be asked to leave. Temperatures scanning is becoming a norm for not only restaurants but other industries like retail as well. All our name and on facilities across the country. Have started this in their employees temperatures when arriving for work and other businesses are adopting that act and I these temperature kiosks. These thermal imaging disk in temperatures and an agent at a remote desktop oversees all of this information to adhere to that FDA guidelines. Making sure employees. And shoppers Thursday. If and when we get to a point where we don't need temperature checks these kiosk and still be used to monitor staff changes assist employees with there HR needs. Distribute work equipment and interview potential employees. Retailers aren't stopping it temperatures acts they're using tact in a variety of ways to help keep shoppers safe. Supermarket giant Kroger recently announced it would be using technology called Q vision to limit in store traffic. This eliminates having an employee hand count plea gatekeeper for how many people can come in to us the war. You vision uses infrared sensors and predictive analytics to monitor the flow of customers in and now. Others are using facial technology to practice they social distancing. Retail services company in dime is working on a device called Smart down. Looks like a normal don't security camera the contract shoppers and real time an alert customers when they're getting too close to one another. In the retail space eyewear company war B Parker has implemented virtual trial that's. Within their app while browsing for frames you can virtually try them on using a our. You can swipe right or left to try on different pairs of frames you can change the colors. And look at the camera from many different angles to make sure you liked the look and fit of them. Both locked down cash may no longer be seeing dollar bills are well known Petri dish for germs. Many stores across the nation are no longer accepting cash payments for that time been and even your credit or debit card can carry germs as well companies in the past have been resistant to implementing forms of contact with payments because. It expensed that the put into place. But many stores are now in urging an camping out their use of contact with payment to help customers feel at ease when shopping. Apple pay Samsung and many other forms of tap and pay in mobile wallets. Could become the new Norman shopping. These are going to look a little different until we're back to life as we once new technology can help us feel a little bit better about shopping inning going out sort favorite restaurants in the meantime. These statements support your local businesses on our next episode will take a look at how gyms and salons will use tech to keep you safe. This is what comes next until next time I'm Bradley win with digital trends and things for one.

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{"duration":"7:24","description":"Advanced technologies are being developed to reduce the risk of transmitting COVID-19 as the U.S. reopens.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"71177732","title":"How tech can help restaurants and stores open safely","url":"/Technology/video/tech-restaurants-stores-open-safely-71177732"}