TechBytes: Apple, Amazon Music

Apple is expected to unveil a health-tracking app at its annual developer conference.
0:55 | 06/02/14

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Transcript for TechBytes: Apple, Amazon Music
In today's tech sites it's the David apple fans wait for all year. The company's annual worldwide developers conference kicks off -- later on. He expected the upgraded software for all of its devices and a new health related iPhone app. Samsung has unveiled a rugged new version of its flagship Smartphone the galaxy S five activists water and dust resistant. He'll be available exclusively from AT&T. And Amazon is expected to launch a new music streaming service for prime members this summer. Buzz feed reports that the service will debut in the next two months. And remember MySpace long -- clips to buy it FaceBook or MySpace wants you back. It isn't shying away from a little blackmail. It's emailing last users -- decades old photos of themselves. Along with a link to their profiles those are your tech bytes that Lindsay --

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{"duration":"0:55","description":"Apple is expected to unveil a health-tracking app at its annual developer conference.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"23956837","title":"TechBytes: Apple, Amazon Music","url":"/Technology/video/techbytes-apple-amazon-music-23956837"}