Technology Show Highlights Innovative Gadgets

ABC's Tina Trinh checks out the latest consumer electronics and tech gadgets at CE Week in New York City.
2:40 | 07/09/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Technology Show Highlights Innovative Gadgets
Apple watts getting a lot of attention right now but there are plenty of other Tories out there. That any gadget Milliken get into the latest must have tech peers on display here in new York and ABC's tech contributor Tina trend shows us what's hot. We're at the elite in New York City and of the coolest consumer electronics and tech gadgets are right hand side let's go check amounted to. He and wherever. I'm. I think he's. The orange uses infrared and temperature sensors along with an egg seller rom or to attract hard rain activity and sleep. Resulting in custom recommendations for your overall wellness. And it. That's a lot of processing power packed into one little band. Greedy printers are also proving that good things come in small packages this system might grab a 3-D printed that measures just over seven inches on each side. One of the first and treated with say if you wanna make up portable. Reading Brenner the daughter in that all of the pieces of bacon and compact as possible. Until where he appeared before teeing off its new printers went commodities are super he's friendly. We try to make it really easy so once you buyer on team come home set it up its Wi-Fi connected city run through our set of software once again tonight wireless network. That'll get you writes in the new matters store which is an online marketplace full of principle 3-D designs. Those designs he's wirelessly to Monty and start bringing automatically. You know and milling chirping sound like. I'm battery gets up right when it's about the diet no more this is Chris disconnected battery and get this in the last four. I hear. The battery is Wi-Fi enabled and it turns your regular smoke alarms to its smarts when you're not at home that alarm goes off what you want and Alan it again you know. Even musical instruments are getting smarter check. Only Siebert and an entirely new kind of synthesizer keyboard with keys that you can really dig into and even weasel around much like. Let's say Jeff that could do with a guitar. Is in the volume knob on his fingertips on the strengths that physically change the camera. This gives you more of your own voice because are able to bring her on techniques to these expressions just one more reason why the latest tech toys. Music to art years. Teaching ABC news. Which when you on the piano. As debacle is critical I was to have that would house thing you know we're knows he's good at I would stick with it. Must be getting older moment zero what foods local or do you if you if that's buddy you so that it would be.

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"ABC's Tina Trinh checks out the latest consumer electronics and tech gadgets at CE Week in New York City. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"32321574","title":"Technology Show Highlights Innovative Gadgets","url":"/Technology/video/technology-show-highlights-innovative-gadgets-32321574"}