Texas Middle School Students Discover Asteroid

Rural teens win right to name asteroid "Madisonvillehigh."
1:28 | 12/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas Middle School Students Discover Asteroid
Welcome to Madison -- Texas -- area foursquare miles population 4000. We're analyzing our hands are images for today that this high school classes put Madison build not just on the looking on the -- Small town Hassell on the face every and nine enormous universe. Back in 200898. Graders here identified in new asteroid in between Mars and Jupiter and kids are now years and -- Smithsonian's minor planet center is now tracking the asteroid. It just named it Madison -- high. The -- of middle school kids. To come in before school starts can really be excited about a program that you know something that was worthwhile is everything okay on the chart. His students identified the asteroid by going through thousands are pictures like they acts. There is -- fifteen minutes apart -- live together you can see objects hurtling through Spain. You can see when she puts the image in. Motion that you can see that it moves illustrate why. And so therefore is is most likely an Astro. Name recognition is just the beginning for these students they still search for asteroids in class. And many plan on pursuing physics and is drawn. But again I -- and names to be their head engineer of a satellite against his base -- advice to others. Get involved do anything you and take our opportunities you can't don't let people tell you that you can't do anything just -- -- from a small town.

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{"id":17896990,"title":"Texas Middle School Students Discover Asteroid","duration":"1:28","description":"Rural teens win right to name asteroid \"Madisonvillehigh.\"","url":"/Technology/video/texas-middle-school-students-discover-asteroid-17896990","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}