Treating PTSD With Virtual Reality Therapy: A Way to Heal Trauma

Skip Rizzo is a clinical psychologist who uses virtual reality to help treat patients.
3:00 | 09/30/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Treating PTSD With Virtual Reality Therapy: A Way to Heal Trauma
Sort of small arms fire up their life started looking up. Turning billions. I think let mr. engages on that in the back behind us what they have learned from VR. The centuries uniform wearing remnants of soldiers. And the soldiers on the ground everywhere and is very kind of surreal kind of an adult might anomaly there. Can you do your world and engage in the environment as if it's a real thing. It's evocative book emotions. Design team. Who vocal groups. A the power VR is nothing short of a paradigm shift in how we consume media you're in the story. You're in the world. And that is when all of you are it is important for psychology for treatment. The use of you are actually helped me get Jimmy passed sticking point my mind there's a purpose accurately delve deep into what was bothering. My symptoms when the contest for payments that entire gamut as starts enforcement nighttime when not being asleep never got to sleep deep enough for eyewitness had nightmare comes this the next day your ability. Lot of anger issues. Avoidance of my past things that happen her dangerous situations. Well first don't know ultimately has and its enforcement and need help us that if the big problem for myself and other vets is us this thing Moroccan TS. I was looking for alternative. Start asking around her bosque is worth the virtual reality. We never know what's going on in the world imagination some people aren't grid. It visual imagery. So would be our diocese allow us with people in. The context in which there was trauma. And we're able to gradually help them to grow win and confront. These staff while a clinician is right there with the news. Whether women are all okay. That's the patient. Is nearing their birds the clinician has the control panel. Where they can control. Days the ambient sounds. An explosion in the distance a helicopter flying over. All the elements that are reminiscent. For that patient of them prominent. Every little thing us all to be one normal person's life experience sightseeing. But helicopters will yards on coverage shooting percent of you know marine shooting resilience. Three and getting killed in. Seeing them attack us. So you see it you'll process that you put your way in starting games morals here. Trying to save your life you're missed the same time we're never gonna replicate any exact simulation of what officials went through what we don't need true. There's all this week hit the high notes and get close and off. Haitians were in her own members there are expert from the food and jobs are gonna face your game. News burning. When victims all on the road to pull them out right now but if you can hang in there and get through it. It's better. When creating. A self hopeful. We're giving clinicians at school that may extend your skills. So really open a door and let me -- begin mining process. This is really on the Puerto my progress and it's really been beneficial. The unique way to unlock the things in your mind pushes down because darker place and that's the end is there. Good job.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Skip Rizzo is a clinical psychologist who uses virtual reality to help treat patients.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Technology","id":"40445167","title":"Treating PTSD With Virtual Reality Therapy: A Way to Heal Trauma","url":"/Technology/video/treating-ptsd-virtual-reality-therapy-heal-trauma-40445167"}