Twitter's Timeline Changes

A new timeline on Twitter will show recommended tweets at the top of your timeline.
0:52 | 02/11/16

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Transcript for Twitter's Timeline Changes
It today sect bikes tough times for Twitter it's having trouble attracting new users but it's also rolling out new features including a new timeline. That shows you the most popular tweets first and if you don't like can't. You can turn head off. The federal government has taken another step toward the truly driver less car it now says that the computer. That controls a self driving car will be considered. The driver good new is for companies like Google currently developing such technology and most of us never read software terms and conditions and. Here's like Shah a case of the folks at Amazon's not gain a clause that would allow very lumber yard program to be used. In the event of a zombie apocalypse. But don't worry. It's just a bit of fun that. Was had by the lawyers developers an obvious fans of the Walking Dead. This books think get out of them. But it might happen right those your tech by a good.

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{"id":36855907,"title":"Twitter's Timeline Changes","duration":"0:52","description":"A new timeline on Twitter will show recommended tweets at the top of your timeline.","url":"/Technology/video/twitters-timeline-36855907","section":"Technology","mediaType":"default"}