100 Days until 2014 Midterms

ABC News' Jeff Zeleny on the key factors that may decide November's 2014 midterm elections, just 100 days away.
1:42 | 07/27/14

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Transcript for 100 Days until 2014 Midterms
First 100 days what is it about the number 100. Builds on the steps we've taken over the last 100 days presidents markets today marks our hundredth day of working together for the American people. Sitcom stars celebrated -- hundred episodes. That's a lot. 100 days from Election Day Republicans are absolutely giddy about it I don't know how good is going to be but I think it's going to be good enough the GOP hopes to pick up six senate seats and win full control of congress. Complicating president Obama's final two years in office so he's not officially on the ballot but -- shadow hangs over every race -- with Obama and 96% of the time. -- cast the deciding vote for Obama care 97% of the time. Percent -- time. But Democrats are pushing back as protectors of the middle class I need somebody to represent my mind middle class families. In the middle of it all the big names of 2016. Are making their debut at. As power brokers I'm pleased to be here to -- a fellow physicians bored right -- and senator Elizabeth Warren warns about thinking too far ahead we got an election coming up. -- 14 November. Just a few months away that's what we need to work Republicans are as optimistic as they've been in years. -- house majority safely in hand. Control of the senate within reach but Democrats say it's too soon to count them out 100 days as an eternity in politics. For this week just felony ABC news Washington.

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{"duration":"1:42","description":"ABC News' Jeff Zeleny on the key factors that may decide November's 2014 midterm elections, just 100 days away.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"24732914","title":"100 Days until 2014 Midterms","url":"/ThisWeek/video/100-days-2014-midterms-24732914"}