Weiner Sexting Scandal

New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner?s campaign manager resigns.
3:18 | 07/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Weiner Sexting Scandal
Good morning, and welcome to "this week." Sexting scandal. How many were there. Six to ten. Breaking overnight, anthony weiner's campaign manager steps down. Is his wife's support enough to save the candidacy? Important insight from judy smith. Dirty little secrets always come out. She inspired the hit show scandal. Plus there they go again. That's being a dead beat. The speech was all fizzle and no fake. Back to the brink of the fall? We take that on with treasury secretary jack lew and our powerhouse roundtable. And george will and jeremy from espn on baseball's black eye. All that ahead this sunday morning. Hello again, let's get right to the breaking news in the new york mayor's race, anthony weiner's campaign manager quit after the new revelations that weiner's sexting continued even as he plotted the comeback run for mayor. Abc's jeff is here with all the latest. Campaign manager is gone, but weiner seems determined to stay in the race. Reporter: That's right, but despite the setback, anthony weiner just taped a new campaign commercial and insists he's staying in the race. Even as the humiliation threatens to consume his candidacy. It was the latest blow for a campaign that looks like it's on the brink. I have to hope we get back to the issues that people care about. Reporter: The famously brash new yorker struggling to halt an unending barrage. Mocked by late night comics -- he's out on the campaign, it's the tour de pants. Reporter: Check out the new yorker magazine. His former colleagues taking shots. It's so disrespectful of women. And what's really stunning about it, they don't even realize it. They don't have a clue. Reporter: Everyone, it seems, is piling on. Let me finish my thought -- Reporter: Even at his campaign events. This was at his most recent stop. Had I conducted myself in the manner in which you conducted yours, my job would have been gone. Reporter: Others showed up to tell him to drop out. Degrading women, and i wouldn't vote for him either. Reporter: It can't seem to get much worse for weiner. All sparked by the stunning and bizarre second revelation of sexting. It is not dozens and dozens, it is -- it is six to ten, i suppose. Reporter: Then his wife's uncomfortable defense. I love him. I have forgiven him. I believe in him. Reporter: And capped off by a sexting partner going public with steamy photos on tmz. He's responsible for his down fall. Reporter: Despite the calls to step down, he's staying in the race hoping new yorkers grow tired of it all. It's not up to you to decide, or me, voters are the one who is make this decision. Reporter: His biggest challenge is forgiving and forgetting takes time. He falls sharply in the polls. There's 44 days left until the primary. Now with his campaign manager throwing in the towel, he's left to call his own shots.

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{"id":19796393,"title":"Weiner Sexting Scandal","duration":"3:18","description":"New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner?s campaign manager resigns.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/anthony-weiner-sexting-scandal-discussed-week-19796393","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}