Sen. Tom Cotton on Wolff book: Trump has 'been active, engaged and effective leader'

Trump ally Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark), responds to the new book "Fire and Fury" and discusses border wall funding on "This Week."
3:00 | 01/07/18

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Transcript for Sen. Tom Cotton on Wolff book: Trump has 'been active, engaged and effective leader'
cotton. Republican of Arkansas. You heard senator Sanders call H Ima pathological liar. You have seen the quotes in the Michael Wolff book, as well. Your cheegs in the past, like senator corker, has challenged his stability. Lindsey graham called him a kook. Some are suggesting that behind closed doors, those sentiments are felt by Republicans. It's a big effect to tell the books. You WRE one about the Clinton administration. Your book was truthful. Looseness with the truth is an elemental thread of the book. The media made similar claims about presidents bush and Reagan. They all have in common they are Republicans. When I have been around president trump, he's been active, engaged. Leading the fight against ISIS. Turning the economy around. You worked with the president this week on immigration. You heard senator Sanders tal about the Democrats' demands on DACA and the border wall. They won't go along with the border wall. The president says that's a bottom line demand of his. Is there a way to solve the problem? I hope so. The president has said all along, president Obama acted illegally by giving them legal status. In addition to funding, we have to take steps O against unskilled and low skilled immigration. One of the unheralded accomplishments of the first year of the trump administration that gets overlooked with the growing stock market, for instance is that wajs for people who work with their hands and their feet, the kind of jobs where you have to take a shower after you get off work not before you go to work have increased at the fastest pace yet. There's a reason for that. It's the growing economy. And that this administration is getting unskilled and low skilled immigration under control. We need the to continue on those efforts while finding a compromise on those people brought here as young children and young adults through no fault of their own. I hope the Democrats will come off their unreasonable negotiating position and be willing to compromise. Senator dick Durbin. His reaction to the $18 billion for the border wall. He's saying it's a nonstarter. Not close to a compromise at this point, are we? Well, George, as you rightly side, those are democratic demands. And senator Durbin's dream act would cost $26 billion according to the congressional budget office. Senator Durbin should reconsider who is making unreasonable, costly demands. The southern board sir a huge magnet. Are we going to have a government shutdown at the end of January? I don't expect to have one. I don't want to have one. But in the Democrats want to shut down the government because they can't get amnesty for illegal imimmigrants, they'll have to defend that to the American people. They know amnesty without reform is not popular. Let me ask you about north Korea. You saw the president's tweet about the nuclear button. Ambassador Haley says it shows the president is forthright and strong. Are you hopeful about the talks between the north and south Koreans this week? George, my understanding is those talks on Tuesday are primarily about the upcoming olympics. I don't know if they'll go beyond that. But, president trump's statement didn't come out of the blue. Kim Jong-un is the one that raised the issue of a nuclear button in his new year's day speech. For 25 years, we have sat around and allowed to Kim regime the make any kind of threats they wanted against the united States. Donald Trump's statement reiterated a point of strategic deterrence. We don't allow other countries to hold us as risk when our arsenal is the largest and strong nest the world. There is talk that the president might ask you to join the administration as the CIA direct sner. That's time I checked, the CIA has a director. He's doing a jood job. I'm honored to serve in if senate for the people of Arkansas.

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{"id":52190963,"title":"Sen. Tom Cotton on Wolff book: Trump has 'been active, engaged and effective leader'","duration":"3:00","description":"Trump ally Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark), responds to the new book \"Fire and Fury\" and discusses border wall funding on \"This Week.\"","url":"/ThisWeek/video/arkansas-sen-tom-cotton-52190963","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}