'Beginning of the end for this show trial that we've seen in the House': Sen. Ted Cruz

George Stephanopoulos interviews Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, on "This Week."
10:30 | 12/15/19

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Transcript for 'Beginning of the end for this show trial that we've seen in the House': Sen. Ted Cruz
Going to be director of the FB. So here's what route you still every politician. If you get a call from somebody suggesting that a foreign government wants to help ease. By disparaging your opponent. Tell us all the calls it. To the members of this committee. Any threat. Or effort to interfere with our elections from any nation state. Or a non state actor is the kind of thing the FBI would want to know. That's the FBI director Chris re back at his confirmation hearings in July 20171. Bring in now senator Ted Cruz Republican senator. From Texas I want to pick up your member of the Judiciary Committee that have to confirm. Christopher raised their seem be consensus then. That accepting foreign help in an election is wrong. It during the hearings house Republicans defended president trumps your quest for foreign investigations into Joseph Biden the Democrats. If it's wrong to except for help an election wasn't right to ask for. Well look there's the there's a there's a difference between foreign interference of the kind Russia did which was hacking into the election creating fraudulent pots. Act act actively trying to deceive people and law enforcement investigation in the cool but. In the corruption waiting week cooperate with law enforcement countries all all over the earth and then and 1 of the central issues right at the heart of the of this. This does discussion Izzo is on the face of the transcript was a Lansky. What president trump is asking for his assistance with the US government would investigating corruption that is. Inherently within the authority of the president Department of Justice to do and then and that that is their responsibility to do. Senator cruises as you know when that phone call the president never mentions the word corrupt she talks Democrats tricky talks about the Biden's and back in September. You actually said yet you wish to present in going down that road to look into the Biden is a call for investigations into the barn so what's changed. Well look what what I said is there's an appearance of impropriety in that appearance allows political opponents to exploded to turn into the kind of circus we've seen. But what I also said is there is it is real prime facie evidence of corruption eat you if you take for example the Biden's. We know that Hunter Biden Joseph Biden's son was receiving up to 83000. Dollars a month to serve on the board. Of the largest natural gas company in in Ukraine Greece and 83000 dollars a month that's a million dollars a year that's nearly ten times as much. As ExxonMobil pays its directors and end. Hunter Biden look at I'm from Houston I know lots of people who serve on the board of natural gas companies he you know what they tend to have. That it that they tend have a background in in geology a G of physics that they attended knows something about about actually drilling for natural gas on her body had none of that experience. But his daddy was vice president of the United States and and we have Joseph Biden's on the film. Publicly and proudly bragging. About how he threatened Ukraine with withholding one billion dollars in foreign aid. Unless they fired the prosecutor that was potentially prosecuting. Breast mother company on which his son sat. That's that's not just a little bit of evidence of corruption that serious Ellis and center as I know the president was perfectly within his authority to say you need to investigate that. Well as you know there there have been investigation of the no evidence of wrongdoing the prosecutor was not looking into. And Joseph Biden and Marie Osmond the time. The second president by whose who's investigating get it when you might say there's no evidence of wrongdoing under Biden hasn't testified on its face. There's a lot of smoke there I could whether that was corrupted the end of the day I don't know but there's more than enough evidence to investigate. Corruption. And that investigation apparently is continuing now the president's lawyer Rudy Giuliani reporting back to the white asked president wants him to report to senators. As you heard chairman outer says that's a crime in progress. So look it. Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff. Brace but in fact they say if you investigate what happened with Hunter Biden that's a crime in progress they have zero evidence you brought up the inspector general report listen. Two things happened this week of great consequence number one the inspector general report which is unbelievably damning. Of the department of justice and FBI the abuse of power that occurred there is stunning. But number two we actually saw the House of Representatives articles of the impeachment and their entire partisan case collapsed. For weeks and months they've been promising evidence of criminal conduct they abandon all of that admitted that the evidence doesn't support all of the all of their their attacks that have to have happened before. I think this is the beginning of the end. For this show trial that we've seen in the house I think it's gonna come to the senate we're gonna have fair proceedings and then and then it's not going anywhere because the facts aren't there. Well just because than you think there's nothing wrong to do with the president continue to ask. And having his personal or continue to ask for investigations and Joseph Biden Democrats. I think it is perfectly within the authority of the president to investigate. Corruption. And to investigate corruption with allies where doing it. Every day and by the way we did it every day at a Barack Obama to Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. The US Justice Department cooperates with the Justice Department's you know when I was at DOJ I'd I flew to Rome to meet with the Council of Europe to meet with Justice Department's all throughout Europe. Off focusing on cyber crime that's a big part of how you enforce the law now. I'm not suggesting. That that that that you could cook up fraudulent attacks on on your opponents this would be a very different allegation if someone was sake if the president had said. Please get a cop something that isn't real that that would be qualitatively different. That's not what the transcript says the transcript says investigate what happened find out what happened. And and and the house Democrats they don't want to find out what happened they stopped Republicans from calling hunt Hunter Biden they wanted no witnesses. Who would say anything to disrupt their narrative and it's a one sided partisan narrative. That the that I think a lot of the American people are frustrated with an and a ready to move on. House Republicans were in charge when the Biden revelations the first meeting did you chose not. A to investigate also are you mentioned the just part William Barr the attorney general. Told NBC news this week that he didn't have an on his priority list even though the president wanted to investigate this as well but I do want to move on. To this to the senate senate try you heard. Both both chairman and Nadler and I chairmanships respond to senator McConnell and Lindsey Graham seemed this week and I do want to put up the impeachment out to be dealt you're going to take. Before any potential senate trial. And it says I solemnly swear or affirm as the case may be hit an all things are pertained to the trial the impeachment now pending. I will do impartial justice according to constitution and the laws so help me god. Aren't the comments from senator McConnell and senator Graham indicating that they would be in violation of that Al. Well look I I fully intend to followed by oath and end but but the Joseph Silva a senate juror. It has some similarities to a criminal trial but it has some differences as well the framers understood that impeachment particularly the impeachment of a president. Is inherently a political exercise. That is senators are not required like jurors in a criminal trial to be sequestered not to talk to anyone not to court it there's no prohibition and by the way. Pass trial if you look at the Clinton impeachment trials and senate Democrats we're all talking with the Clinton White House you look at this impeachment trial the house Democrats are all talking with a senate Democrats. These that this remains a political process the framers knew what they were doing when they put it. Into the political branches but they're also legal and constitutional standards to be followed and and you know George if you go back 34 weeks. You never there was another 34 weeks ago where every house Democrat began saying the word bribery over and over and over and you have surely centered on your show. The reason is the democratic campaign committee did some polling in the focus groups. Told them bribery polled really well the people thought oh bribery is bad so that their talking points that everyone used were bribery bribery bribery. We'll fast forward to this week this week they've abandoned bribery they don't alleged bribery there's no article of impeachment on bribery instead what they're arguing. Is they can impeach. With zero evidence of a crime they don't have to prove any criminal law was violated and after broke any federal law was violated. That's approved the president has at a speeding ticket. What where are seeing now they've abandoned that whole allegation of bribery in the end and this is fundamentally. Political opposition the base the far left of the house Democrats hate the president. And they're mad at the American people for electing him as this trying to undermine an election. And it's why it's not gonna go anywhere in the senate it's not gonna go anywhere in the senate because the facts don't back them up her Gloucester rhetoric. Differ from Schiff an abnormally we didn't hear was actual facts because the witnesses did not demonstrate. Any law was broken and and that doesn't meet the constitutional standard for impeachment which is treason bribery or other high crime and. Required and I had converted to require crime as you know that the final question are there 51 votes in the senate. For the quick trial would no witnesses. Well listen I think they're 51 votes in the senate for a fair trial what we've seen in the house what was it partisan show trial it was one sided they deliberately they didn't allow the White House cross examine the witnesses. They didn't allow the Republicans the minority call any witnesses. The senate I'm confident is gonna do much much better would have a fair trial we're gonna respect due process I think that means we allow both sides present their case we should allow the house managers. To do their very best to present their case. But you can be sure we're gonna allow the president to defend himself as well and that means I believe. If the president wants to call witnesses that the president wants to call. Hunter Biden or wants to call the whistle blower the senate should allow the president to do so we need didn't insure that we're respecting due process. Having a fair trial listening to the facts and evidence and and I am confident that once we do so. That this this show trial from the house that proceeding will be over. And and believe it to the American people tip to tip to have the choice to select to our leadership day cruise thanks your time this morning. Thank you George.

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{"duration":"10:30","description":"George Stephanopoulos interviews Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"67740715","title":"'Beginning of the end for this show trial that we've seen in the House': Sen. Ted Cruz","url":"/ThisWeek/video/beginning-end-show-trial-house-sen-ted-cruz-67740715"}