Biden 'didn't want to stand on the stage with my father': Eric Trump on debate

President Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump, is interviewed on "This Week."
13:50 | 10/11/20

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Transcript for Biden 'didn't want to stand on the stage with my father': Eric Trump on debate
It's been ten days since the president announced he had been infected with coronavirus and six days since his doctors have answered any questions about his condition or his treatment. While his physician says the president is no longer contagious, the American public is still in the dark about basic questions such as when the president last tested negative for covid and whether he is now completely in the clear of the disease. We do know at least 34 people tied to the white house have tested positive and despite that, hundreds of trump supporters crowded together on the white house lawn just yesterday and tomorrow the president is scheduled to hit the campaign trail again in Florida. The covid outbreak isn't limited to the white house. The CDC forecasts up to 20,000 more Americans could die from covid by the end of the month. Our brand new ABC news/"washington post" poll finds two thirds of voters say president trump failed to take appropriate precautions against the virus. What's more, a whopping 62% of voters say they don't trust what he says about covid-19. We had hoped to talk to Dr. Fauci about the outbreak at the white house and across the he was more than willing to join us, but the white house wouldn't allow you to hear from the nation's leading expert on coronavirus. In fact, they wouldn't allow any medical experts on the president's own coronavirus task force to appear on the show. This morning we'll be joined by Biden co-chair Cedric Richmond and Eric Trump on behalf of the trump campaign. Eric, we start with you. Thank you for joining us. I'll get you to respond to "The New York Times" story. Let's start with the rally at the white house. I've got to say, the president, your father, certainly looked to be himself. Are you -- any concern about him getting back out on the campaign trail? Jon, my father is doing great. I speak to him every day. He sounds great. He's a true warrior. He's working incredibly hard. We should talk about that. Everybody who attended the white house event yesterday had their temperatures checked. It was outdoor. They were wearing masks. Now we get that out of the way. I see hundreds of protests across the country that you guys unfortunately don't cover oftentimes where people are literally burning down cities. They're burning down cities. No one is wearing masks. They're never condemned. A beautiful protest by African-Americans, Latino Americans going to the white house to support law enforcement in this country is criticized by ABC. It's an incredible thing. They took every precaution. Temperature checks. Masks. Outside. It was a beautiful event. Why is it that it's only trump events called out? Why are these protests we see all over the place -- New York, Portland, Seattle. I see them everywhere. Antifa is going wild. No one ever talks about them wearing masks. Yet a beautiful protest in front of the white house to support men and women in law enforcement becomes subject of an ABC show at 9:00 A.M. On a Sunday morning. Eric, to be clear I'm not -- Let me finish. I've lost a lot of faith in the media. I really have. Eric, to be clear I'm not criticizing. I'm reporting the fact. Actually I did notice something I've not seen at the white house until yesterday. That is an event where most people are wearing masks. Is that an admission it was a mistake to have activities at the white house including the Amy coney Barrett with people not wearing masks? I got to say people were wearing masks yesterday at the white house. Jon, everybody -- you know this. You report from there every single day. Everybody who goes within 500 yards of the white house is tested every day. It's a different apparatus in that machine. Again, I find the hypocrisy so crazy. You see these massive riots and protests in these liberal run cities and no one is wearing masks. No one cares. No one cares. The media doesn't talk about it. How many have we had in New York and Chicago? The media never talks about that. When you have peaceful trump rally at the white house in support of law enforcement, CNN cuts away. MSNBC cuts away. They don't want to show the support. It's just -- it's mind blowing to me. I mean, we have covered the protests. I see a lot of protesters wearing masks as well. On your father's condition, when he spoke to rush Limbaugh, he suggested there was a moment where he thought he might not make it. How bad did it get? Yeah. Listen, that first day he got hit hard, Friday. As a son, it's never fun to watch your father fly off to Walter reed on marine one. It's a day no son wants to remember. It's no fun to watch. I'm telling you I spoke to him three times the next Saturday. The guy sounded 100%. It was amazing. It goes to speak to how good some of the vaccines are. What my father did on a vaccine front, no one could have done. No one could have done. Biden was calling my father xenophobic. For shutting down America from travel to China. The virus came from China. My father started day one creating this vaccine. He worked to push this vaccine. Now my father just took it. You see how well -- Wait -- It's an inspiration. As Americans -- Can you clarify that? You said your father just took a vaccine? When he was in Walter reed, the medicines he was taking. The therapeutics? Friday he felt horrible. I spoke to him on Saturday. He sounded tremendous. It shows the power of medicine in this country and how far we've come on covid in the last six, seven months. It looks like the debate commission has said there will be a debate on October 22nd, an in-person debate. If you look at the first debate in Cleveland, you and other members of the trump team were violating the rules that the commission set in terms of wearing masks in the hall. We even saw Karen pence at the vp debate get on stage without a mask. Given the concerns, will you commit the trump team will abide by the safety precautions the commission put in place at the next debate? Will you be wearing masks? Jon, I'm happy to wear a mask. I'm happy to wear a mask. What's interesting the real story should be how Biden backed out of the debate that's supposed to take place in Miami Thursday. He didn't want to stand on the stage with my father. That should tell you everything you need to know about him. My father wants nothing more -- Well, I mean -- Biden wouldn't show up. The only thing he would do is he would do a zoom call. My father is a traditional guy. He didn't want to do a glorified conference call for a presidential debate. To be clear -- I'm happy to wear a mask. To be clear, it was your father that pulled out of the debate. The commission said it was a virtual debate. It was your father that pulled out of the debate. Are you ruling out -- is a virtual debate something you won't agree to at all? The next debate has to be in person? My father wants to stand on the stage with his opponent. That's how debates have been handled in America for the last 200 years. You stood there and debated somebody. My father doesn't want to do a glorified conference call. He wants to stand on the stage. He wants to look somebody in the eyes. Biden's not willing to do that. Biden is willing to go to Pennsylvania or some state and do a town hall standing on stage with three or four people. He won't stand on the same stage as my father. My father doesn't want to do a conference call debate. He wants to stand on the same stage as a person. Gotcha. That's been done forever. My father is still willing to do it. He wants to do the debate in Miami on Thursday. If Joe wants to accept, he'll be there. Vice president pence when he debated kamala Harris said it was a privilege to be on the stage with her, recognized her history-making pick as Biden's running mate. The next day your father said she was a monster. Why? How is kamala Harris a monster? Why did he say that? Well, you know, there are a lot of stances she takes are mind boggling. She's come out and called to abolish law enforce. She's compared I.C.E. To the kkk in senate hearings. She's wants to demolish law enforcement. She wants to take away 180 million private health care plans. She wanted to limit the amount of red meat Americans could eat. Eric, political differences. You mischaracterized her positions in that litany. Political differences are one thing. A monster? Calling the democratic vice presidential nominee a monster, your father did, how is that -- I don't get it. Jon, you're dealing with a person who is willing to lie every day. It's amazing -- Who? One day they're calling for -- kamala Harris and Joe Biden. Let's abolish all law enforcement. Then they get to Pennsylvania and they no longer want to abolish law enforcement. They -- Eric, I'm sorry. They haven't called for abolishing law enforcement. Let's stick with the facts. Let's move to "The New York Times" story. It's a big story in the "New York Times." Let's go back to that. Biden wants to defund police. He wants to reallocate funding for police. He's clearly stated lots of times he doesn't want to defund the police. Let me ask you about "The new York Times" story. Their investigative series on the president's tax documents. They write, quote, over 200 companies, special interest groups and foreign governments patronized Mr. Trump's properties while reaping benefits from him and his administration. Here's some of the specifics on this graphic. Five members of mar-a-lago offered ambassadorship. One company granted ten new federal contracts worth $1.3 billion and the president would ask what guests at his properties wanted from the government. Let me ask you -- lots of specifics in this story. You guys didn't respond to "The New York Times." Here's your chance. What's your response? My response to that is we lost a fortune. My father has lost a fortune running for president. He doesn't care. He wanted to do what was right. The last thing Donald Trump needs is this job. He wakes up in the morning and he has to fight you and the entire media andhe Democrats and he gets punched in the head every single day. He wakes up and he fights for this country and fights against the lunacy of the radical left. He created the greatest economy. He created the most jobs. He rebuilt the military. We're no longer getting ripped off by Mexico and China and we're no longer getting ripped off in terms of health care. Eric, back to the story -- Jon, he doesn't need this job. My father has lost a fortune, an absolute fortune doing what he does. Compare that to Joe Biden -- Back to this story. How is it appropriate -- Let me finish. Answer the question, please. Please. Go Google Biden's house right now and tell me if you think that a person who has been in government for 47 years, 47 years, can afford that mansion on the water in Wilmington, Delaware. They can't. Eric -- I would ask you to -- Will you address what "The New York Times" revealed in their investigation which is all these companies and individuals who have spent money at trump properties that have gone on to get big government contracts and other favors from the trump administration? How is that not at the very least a huge appearance of a conflict of interest? We're a hospitality company. We have tens of millions of people staying at our properties every year. "The New York Times" is absolute fake news. All they want to do is take down my father. What's interesting about "The New York Times" -- I'm glad you mentioned them. Every single day, every single day starting literally the morning of the debate they've dropped some story that they've been sitting on for literally the last six months or year of two years to influence the election. It's horrible. I mean, you know, the media is gone in this country. The media is gone in this country. When I hear the tone of this conversation -- I mean, the media has become the activist arm for the democratic party. Nothing is fair. Eric, we're asking legitimate questions. One last one. "The New York Times" report said that the president owes some $400 million. Don't the American people have a right to know who he is indebted to, who the president of the United States owes money to? Can you clarify that for us? Jon, it's in his financial disclosures. You know who the money is owed that's another democratic talking point. You know who -- I don't -- On a proportion of his net worth my father has low leverage. "The New York Times," if you want to bring them into this, they came out and said this the other day. If you own buildings, if you own real estate, you carry debt. That's what developers do. That's what business owners do. They carry some debt. As a proportion of his net worth it's incredibly low. We have a phenomenal company. There's nothing new about that. It's the same debt he got elected on. It's all fully disclosed in his financial disclosure forms that you have access to. Eric, thank you for joining us. I appreciate your time on this Sunday morning. Thank you.

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