'Biden is goading' GOP to debate higher taxes on the wealthy: Rahm Emanuel

The Powerhouse Roundtable breaks down the latest news on "This Week."
14:29 | 05/02/21

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Transcript for 'Biden is goading' GOP to debate higher taxes on the wealthy: Rahm Emanuel
America's movie. Moving forward. We can't stop now. We're competition with China and other countries. To win the 21 century. We're degree inflection point. We should be expanding opportunities and options for all families not throwing money. At certain issues because Democrats think they know best. President Biden and senator Tim Scott delivering their addresses on Wednesday. Here to discuss that and more former New Jersey governor Chris Christie. Former Chicago mayor Rahm Emmanuel ABC congressional correspondent Rachel Scott an audit Cornish co host of NPR's. All things considered good morning to you all. And rob I want to start with you we're just over a hundred days and to Joseph Biden's presidency you gave his speech on Wednesday an A what does he hope to do in his next phase of his presidency. I get. Martha I gave it an a because they think it was authentic to his person. And he which is very important this time his decency his common sense and is approach and it and being approachable. And I do also believe because the agenda is right for America at this moment investing in its people. And investing in its country both research and development infrastructure educational opportunities and it's probably popular is you've seen. I also think the reason it worked is because it basically has up ended and flipped the switch on how Republicans attack. Republicans historically go after democratic presidents by either attacking their character. Or the character archer of them as Democrats and Joseph of Biden's decency. Comes through and makes that take that off the table and in addition to caricature his tax and spend as you noticed not a lot of the Democrat a Republican criticism. Is about what they're talking about the spending but they left taxes would for the third rail off to the site and president Biden is goading them. To come full word. And try to have a debate about higher corporate corporations paying their fair share wealthy people paying their fair share. And that to me has worked extremely well now the other thing that that's left. Is he's focused on jobs and investing in America Republicans are left with the culture war and in 2018 election mid term. Joseph Donald Trump was totally focused on the culture war. The border left the economy off the table Democrats photos focused on health care we've run this issue before so we focused on where the American people live their lives. What they urgent it is which is what Joseph Biden's doing. And the Republicans cited such tried to sidetrack aren't either sexual orientation gender or race. I think that's a good terrain for the Democrats going into the mid term. And Chris I I I think as senator Brosseau used your line about the speech about credit card I think that it was fifteen year old credit card. Holder. Joseph Biden so what are your expectations based on what Roger set. Well you look it what's happening here in and injured C a lot more focus on. That the huge increase in the family business tax. That Joseph Biden is proposing that any family tries to pass the business or farm down through their through their son or daughter. Or grandson or granddaughter market pay huge new tax and going to be forced to potentially sell their farms sell their business. To pay that tax they're not gonna watch that a when they see the stock market. Tank if he actually is able to double the capital gains tax they see that didn't edition. And maybe in some instances destruction. Of their 401K they are ray and wondering Howard later retire or how they gonna pay for their children's education. Believe me they're not gonna care how amiable Joseph Biden is at that point. They're gonna they're going to be very very angry. Not to mention a public you've got an economy that's already growing. At near 6% GDP. He wants to put another six trillion dollars in bad economy. We tell you what's gonna happen we're gonna have wild inflation in this country as well. So it's five were fourteen weeks into the by the administration. He is Bob Klain to roll in terms what comes out of his mouth. But he's not playing to roll to be a unifier and a moderator through the wild liberal agenda that he's put forward so we're gonna see. Bravo with have to have some patience. And I have patience to let these policies which I believe are wrong headed to will be proved to be wrong headed. Play out over time and then the game people Joseph Biden will look like the isolated. Joseph Biden. Okay RD yard you can take out honor if you want but Biden spending plans and he let out Wednesday due total over six trillion dollars. And would fundamentally reshape federal social and economic policy. It it looks like he does want to be a transformational. President. I don't look at Biden through the lens. Sort of perception and political perception but. What he went through with the old bombing years right where did he also came upon a crisis that administration came upon crisis. And critics on the left has said that. That that's solving of the economic crisis at that time really only help the top of the economy it left a lot of families out in the cold literally in terms of the housing crisis. And so now let's look at facts on the ground the stock market is doing well you have families who are in a pandemic realizing that sort of what can happen if there are safety nets are taken away. And you also have you know the country has minted billionaires over the last couple. Of months. So you as an American person read as a citizen. John Russell was right you have to say what is in this for me if there are policies that are in it for you like. Universal pre candidate. That's going to be hard to tell those folks know you don't deserve that no you didn't go through a hard year be home with your kids all the time no you don't deserve support. I'm it'll be interesting to see a Republican Party that has really weakened its deficit hawk. Arguments. During the trump years combat that with an argument about spending. And Rachel we've talked about his lack of bipartisan support before but it does look like he is now signaling that he's willing to make concessions. On the infrastructure plan. You have but I did think it was interesting that while the president said that he wants to work with Republicans on this he also said during his speech Wednesday night that doing nothing. Is not an option here and so now we're seeing the White House and latest very familiar strategy where they're taking his proposals. Out on the road and are trying to sell them directly to the American people now the white house of course argues. Of these proposals do you have up a bipartisan a popular support among the American public. But even the public is also signaling that they want to see president Joseph Biden. Compromise you go in our latest poll today a slight majority 51%. Say that the president is. Compromising at just the right amount here and so. There are inroads being made our discussions that are happening I talked to senator showing more capital she told me that she talks of the White House. Pretty much every single day but the bottom line here is that. There is a debate over what exactly is infrastructure and Republicans had told me that bet that the price tag on this and those tax hikes are just an OnStar that. And rob Biden also seems to be gambling that acts have believed polarized country. Really is ready for a new era of big government financed by a big tax increases that's a pretty stark difference from the two most recent democratic administrations. Won't. Marva I think when you gotta go back and let's just take a look at the last hundred days both from the relief bill but also that this is investment the American apparently plant. There's a consistency here it has wide support among Democrats very deep very popular. Egg over Ramallah a majority of independent voters and a slice maybe 20% to 5% depending how you measure of Republicans. That's like consistently from pre K to free community college to broad band to striking are in for transportation roads rails and runways. It is popular what he's offered innings also offering I think there are two ways of paying for one. Those who are doing very well corporations and very wealthy individuals that's why Republicans are really taking on that fight in the second. Which always gets lost and this is where I think they're gonna find the revenue to work out infrastructure. Is the tax get those who actually have an obligation pay an art of cheating on their taxes. And that's where you're gonna find a revenue for what I think its traditional. Infrastructure and broad band this could be a dual track care. And I do think in this case that consistently. The president's agenda and then him personally. Is widely popular with and keeping Democrats energized and committed to a home. Independence. Loyal to the agenda as well majority of them and about 20% of the Republicans who don't want to be associated with the trump Republican Party. That is consistent and that is a real good. Shield in protective as well as an offensive weapon into the political agenda which is why Republicans are running to cultural issues away from the economics. And Chris legislator take that on. While you ever heard me Mets who want cultural issue tonight. You haven't heard him actually last Wednesday night when the president made his speech. Or a Sunday before that so rob sets up straw man so he can knock it down but let's let's listen what Ron just said. Get ready everybody free new weaponized. Aggressive in your face in every aspect of your life Internal Revenue Service. We that's really bring people together that's a really uniting force for the American people because everyone loves the IRS so let's have them in every Askgreta group like to see pickets squeeze another nickel out of your pocket. I'm for Joseph Biden to spend I'm sorry that's what this country's all about and am so when you look at exactly what's going on here. What's going on is that Joseph Biden ran as a moderate uniter. And he is now governing as it Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren. Way out socialist liberal. And so I'm willing to let that take some time for the American people habits and give the American people are still focused on Covert on the pandemic. And as far as that bill goes the president's getting a little bit better Bartlett you know he had to cope with ninety relief bill were only tempers and the money was spent on health care. He's now proposed an infrastructure bill. We're 2425%. Is actually infrastructure were applauding that because the first bill was so bad. That he's got a circled the truth to the American people. And he's got to start governing like he ran not like Elizabeth Warren according sitters who rejected even by the Democratic Party. And audio I I want to ask you is there a risk that that Biden is pushing too far too fast. I would say that politician who introduced DFD into the political lexicon is not the person to ask that about. His lessons from his previous administration experiences to that the honeymoon is short bipartisanship can at times has appeared to be a mirage. And he's got an ascendant wing of his party that doesn't see government as the boogie man and the markets as the cure all. So there's a lot pushing him in this direction. And to be on as having covered politics the last couple of years I'm always surprised your politicians talk about. All the bipartisanship. That they engage in because I think to the average American they don't hear that. You don't hear that in the rhetoric and they don't hear that in the actual votes when it gets down to it. So I'm not sure sort of how those arguments land with regular people because that's just not the politics we've been hearing the last few years. And and polling certainly seems to back that out an N Rachel at Ron touched on this but. But can he keep moderates and progressives. With his within his own party. Unite it. This is a massive challenge and the president even admitted that his own party is splintered look I was talking to senator Elizabeth Warren. She's that if he was delighted to see some of these progressive push is like child care. Included in somebody's White House proposals look at what I went to go talk to senator Joseph Manchin he was emphasizing bipartisanship. On the next legislative push is an eighteen told me that his overall price tag makes him uncomfortable. So we talk a lot about the split air in the senate 5050 Democrats can't afford to lose a single vote if they decide to go at this. On her own but they also have these very slim and narrow majority. And the house as well right now they can only afford to lose two votes that may change a little bit with his upcoming special elections. But not a lot of wiggle remember it in. Are thought to thought I had GAAP go ahead of that entire. One of things that we haven't mentioned here yet is very import is going now into the agenda but into the elections. Is you have a growing economy unlike what happened for President Obama and President Clinton economy didn't take off until later on in the second half of the first turn. It is growing at a very rapid pace that his. Both forward momentum to his second down payment on that investment is in credibility about how to move the economy keep investing in Americans. And third when you have that type of growth you're gonna watch New Jersey and the Virginia governor's race right now it's keep which are usually the early warning signs. That is tilting of blue in both states which is a good sign going into the mid term and I'm sorry as of former congressman. Lot of members of how things that are gonna look at the mid terms as they make that calculation so president Biden is having an economy that is strong. And getting stronger which gives credibility both for the second installment of the investment in America and Americans. And also credibility as a goes into election which did not happen bowl for President Obama. And President Clinton which is why the agent to flip back on them that they were going too far I think the American people are support somebody who's got a record early out. Approving how to move the economy fast and furious. Anne and Chris Semitic act we have about thirty seconds stick to wrap up police reform can he get chip that true. If he works with senator Tim Scott. Observation that you work with police not against them to bring reform. And that you work with the communities to make sugar police being policed effectively fairly and justly. It can be done we didn't and insurers he marfa. I'm that we worked with the camp and city people. To get reform done in the city of camp that at all crossed New Jersey in a bipartisan way it can be done in Washington I think Tim Scott and Joseph Barton of the two keys to that. Because the out buyer from both sides will not be helpful okay thanks very much Chris thanks to all of you know.

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