Biden has 'mandate to bring us together and move us forward': Sen. Chris Coons

Democratic Delaware Sen. Chris Coons is interviewed on "This Week."
5:11 | 11/08/20

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Transcript for Biden has 'mandate to bring us together and move us forward': Sen. Chris Coons
Refusal of Democrats and Republicans to cooperate with one another is not some mysterious force beyond our control. It's a decision, a choice we make, and if we can decide not to cooperate, then we can decide to cooperate, and I believe that this is part of the mandate given to us from the American people, they want us to cooperate in their interests, and that's the choice I'll make. President-Elect Biden in Wilmington last night. We're joined by twoen who he wants to cooperate, the senator from Delaware Chris coons who holds Joe Biden's old senate seat and senator Roy blunt. You heard President-Elect Biden talk about that mandate for cooperation. Some meat on those bones. What's the first piece of legislation? Can the president get what he wants from a closely divided senate? You just heard Rahm, Yvette and Heidi about the democratic party as well. Well, George, thanks for a chance to be on. It was an electric night last nigh the joy that I sa both here in Wilmington and across the country reflects the optimism that we will be able to come together and deliver the relief that the American people and deserve from this pandemic. I think that Joe Biden as President-Elect, and forgive me, it still makes me smile just to say that, that Joe is going to be able to pull together leaders in congress to deliver the relief that we need and deserve, and one way that president trump can show some graciousness in the next 73 days during the transition is to publicly support a significant pandemic relief bill. We've had record new cases all this past week. It's past time for us to come together and deliver the relief the American people are waiting for. Are you concerned at all that if a smaller package is passed during the lame duck session, it would make it more difficult to pass the kind of bold package that President-Elect Biden would like to pass once he is president? Well, frankly, the only way we're going to pass a big or bold package either in the transition period or in the coming year is with bipartisan support. So I expect that we'll hear from vice President-Elect Harris and from President-Elect Biden outreach to Republican senate leaders, as well as to members of the house and senate, governors and to the administration. I don't think that passing something that is strong now undermines the opportunity to pass something broader. We, frankly, don't know where this pandemic is going right now, but it's not going in a good direction. Joe will be announcing his ndemic response plan and team in more detail tomorrow, because he's getting ready to act as president on January 20th. How critical are those Georgia runoffs to enacting the Biden agenda? Well, there's four different senate races that are not yet called, and as you pointed out, there's two runoffs in early January. And all eyes will be on those seats because they'll determine control of the senate. But I'll remind you, Joe Biden just a a commanding majority across the countrythe electoral college. If we'd seen all of those states come in on one night at the same time, we'd be remarking on how all over the country from states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, to states that Democrats haven't won in decades like Georgia and Arizona, Joe Biden won 75 million votes in the popular vote, and he's got, I think, a mandate to bring us together and move us forward. I think the American people have chosen unity over division and hope over fear, and that gives me optimism about what we can do in the months ahead. You've been mentioned as a possible secretary of state in a Biden administration. Are you interested, number one, and can the President-Elect afford to in a closely divided senate have senators join his cabinet and face the possibility at least of special elections in the future? Well, I was just re-elected to the senate from Delaware and very much look forward to serving the people of Delaware. Hopefully by delivering some progress towards bipartisanship on a harris/biden agenda. But if asked I'd be honored to serve. Joe is someone who's long a leader in foreign policy and I've served on the foreign relations committee a decade and there's a lot of hard work to do to re-engage with the world and restore our place of leadership on the world stage. Your GOP colleague from Missouri Roy blunt is up next. What's your message to him and other Republicans who still haven't acknowledged the President-Elect's victory? Well, I thought former governor Christie's message in your roundtable was an important one. If Republicans are going to support president trump in his resistance to accepting the outcome of the election, the president needs to show some facts, not just angry tweets. Senator blunt and I have worked well together on a wide range of issues from national service to behavioral health. He is someone, although a strong and committed conservative, knows how to work across the aisle and deliver results for his state and our country. I'm hopeful we can rekindle that spirit of working across the aisle in the coming congress.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"Democratic Delaware Sen. Chris Coons is interviewed on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"74091084","title":"Biden has 'mandate to bring us together and move us forward': Sen. Chris Coons","url":"/ThisWeek/video/biden-mandate-bring-us-move-us-forward-sen-74091084"}