What to watch in gun reform debate after Florida shooting

ABC News' Jonathan Karl and Cokie Roberts, former Mitt Romney adviser Lanhee Chen, AP Washington Bureau Chief Julie Pace and Univision's Jorge Ramos discuss the biggest political moments of the week.
12:07 | 02/25/18

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Transcript for What to watch in gun reform debate after Florida shooting
when we come back. What a nice picture that is. Look at that. I would love the watch that guy speak. Oh, boy. That's so nice. Oh. I try like hell to hide that bald spot. Folks. I work hard at it. To the trump having fun with himself. A light moment in a tough week. Let's talk about it with Jon Karl. Julie pace. Jorge Ramos. The author of the book "Stranger." And Lon he Chen. The formand our own coke Kie Roberts. I was struck by Dana Loesch. We may not know where he's going to end up. She's probably right. That's the thing that is different. We have had outrage. Victims very impactful. Now we have these students. Clearly a lot of momentum there. We have had that before. What we haven't had is a president that nobody has any idea what they're going to do. The president has been telling his people, his staff, that he's serious about rising the age for rifle purr dhass to 21. Talking about universal back fwroupd checks. Those are two things the NRA is dead set against. Will he actually stick to that going forward? I think will are reasons to doubt that. He's hinted in the past he would do something and hasn't. The fact that he's not reliable on it means that Republicans in congress can't decide where to go. They sit there and say, if I do this, if I take this stand gebs the NRA, does the president have my back? They don't know the answer. I think the other big difference is not only these fabulously articulate kids. The fact that a lot of businesses are cutting relationships with the NRA. First of all, who knew they all had them? Made me want to become a member, if you're getting all these discounts. The big thing would be if the banks get serious. We have not heard hutch from the Republican leaders in congress. We haven't. That's been striking. Congress was out of session. This will be an spornt week. They'll be back in Washington. Asked about the proposals that the president has been floating. The Republican heart party is nervous anytime trump gets involved in's issue because he changes his mind so frequently. They don't want to end up backing something that puts them at odds with the NRA. Some at odds with their constituents. There seems to be a disconnect with the kids we're seeing. I spoke with some of them. You live in Florida. Yes. The sense of urgency they have, I don't see it in the press. There's a huge disconnect with what they want and -- Your governor has made a bit of a move. Not necessarily. The same talk we have been having for the last 25 years. We live in a country are more guns and that people. We have done nothing about it. The sense of urgency we see in the kids, I don't see that. Is there a danger for the Republican party holding the line completely with the NRA? I think there is. The danger we run into, George, is that we're going to engage in policy change for the sake of change. Rather than evaluating somewhat going to get to the heart of the prop here. I agree. We have to do more on background checks. The kinds of weapons. Who can purchase them at what age. We do something to act out than to address the problems. I don't know if our political system is capable. In recent years, cokie, we have seen people waiting this out. The kids are angry. They don't want to hear, I co-sponsored a bill. If the policy doesn't change, I think it affects the politics. You have two factors of energy this year. This one now and the women. And the two of them. They go together. And they go together, absolutely. Moms and I think that -- that that's going the change the political calculation. I have been covering these debates since before columbine. The paducah and pearl shootings. Since then, two dead cade ps. A weakening of gun laws. The strengthening of the NRA. Four mons after sandy hook, an assault weapons ban came up. 15 Democrats voted no. It got only 40 overall votes. Is this different? Talking to Republicans in congress, there's absolutely no sense of urgency on this. They think this can be waited out. It only happen IFS the president makes it happen. Meantime, the president, in some ways this has overwhelmed some other progress. The background clearances. In the wake of the rob porter episode. I was struck by president trump on Friday saying his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, will have to abide by the policy. It's up to John Kelly to decide. Kind of putting a bull's eye on Kushner. That's right. The spt the one person who could take care of this problem unilaterally. It was an open question when we left on Friday about what would happen with Kushner. His lawyer went silent. There's a lot of dynamicings in the white house in play. Kelly tried to reassert himself after the rob porter situation. You can't overstate how much chaos, con dpufusiconfusion, drama this is. When you ask the white house has the clearance been strip frd Jared Kushner? You don't get a clear's. They say the memo from John Kelly applies to everyone. Including Jared Kushner. The president has expressed frugs trace on this at Kushner, not Kelly. This is all against the backdrop of the Mueller investigation. We don't know who else might be in his cross hairs. The most important thing that we have to remember, all these mem memos, have to do with politics. At the end is what matters twhat xhuler up vest fwags is going to say. Was Donald Trump elected in a way that was not fair. Was he campaigning wrong? That's the final question. The rest is just words. We have this democratic memo rebutting the idea that there was inproe pr impropriety in the Carter page hire. Was there any vulnerability in Republicans to take up the fight here? I don't know that they have a choice. I think that is part of the problem. This is all about where the president stands. And rbs in congress know that. Even if rbs in congress who are up for election decide, look, I don't want to be associated with the president. They're not going to have a choice. This is their fight whether they like it or not. Political documents raised concerns. They don't really have a link, necessarily, directly to what will happen with respect to a trump, Russia investigation. They should pick up the fight against Russia. And leave trump out of it. Look, the Kremlin interfered in our democratic process. And we spent the last laugh of the last century fighting that. That would be an easy fight to take up. Exactly. It's not like anyone is going to stick up for Russia. The challenge is, how deeply can they w5ed into the issue before getting backlash from the white house. The house investigation has been overtly political from the Republicans and the Democrats. Richard Burke trying to be a bit above politic. He has a good relationship with $% mark Warner. If there's going to be any credible report that comes out of congress, that is still an open question, sit not coming from the Houts. That was true with watergate. You look to the senate the to be more sober-sighted in these kinds of situations. The house intelligence committee. Getting into the kind of partisanship they have got spoon. They were never seen -- Those two memos read like cam pain documents. Ee weeks ago, we were talking about immigration, DACA, dreamers. It's disappeared. We did learn that this week, president trump, had quite a cop fronation with the Mexican president over the border wall. The wall is trump's new toy. He wants the toy for krits mas. He won't get it. Mexico won't pay for it. Kopg might not either. Exactly. So, $25 billion for the wall for what? It's a husless wall. Because, 45% of immigrants come with a Visa or by plane. That won't change. Absolutely anything. Trump had the opportunity to get a little bit of that wall. Maybe 300 miles for DACA. And, um, I wonder if this week he's going to do that. The next deadline is March 5th. The president is making it sleer he's not ready too move on this. I was in the cabinet room when he said to the Democrats and Republicans, you all come up with a solution on D, a ca even if I don't like it, I'll sign it. It went down in the science. The president threatened a Vito. DACA, immigration, the gun lobby. President trump is in a unique position. We're going to do a trade. A little bit of the wall in return for dacca. The president is the only one to take the lead. He can't punt this to Paul rooi and Mitch Mcconnell. And the president who killed DACA is Donald Trump. The last word today. Thank you all very much.

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{"duration":"12:07","description":"ABC News' Jonathan Karl and Cokie Roberts, former Mitt Romney adviser Lanhee Chen, AP Washington Bureau Chief Julie Pace and Univision's Jorge Ramos discuss the biggest political moments of the week.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"53344447","title":"What to watch in gun reform debate after Florida shooting","url":"/ThisWeek/video/biggest-political-moments-week-53344447"}