Bill Kristol: 'President Trump Has to Be Better Than Candidate Trump'

ABC News' Powerhouse Roundtable dissects the first week in politics after a historic presidential election.
14:50 | 11/13/16

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Transcript for Bill Kristol: 'President Trump Has to Be Better Than Candidate Trump'
Regular people who are gonna want to. And that new car smell her. There are dressed up about love but that it doesn't have this book has much mileage as many. Pres Obama win in two years ago when I guess they got that as bad as new car as you can imagine. Coming out of this election let's talk about what happened what comes next with a roundtable joined by the editor the weekly standard Bill Kristol Republican strategist Mary Matalin. Democratic strategist CNN political commentator Ben Jones and teaching event of noble editor and publisher of the nation a merry let me begin. We view you know what a shock to so many people but should more have seen it come. Yes. And prayer the bells of lesson been disgruntled conservatives who have watched the last successive. Tsunami in mid terms and such warm and Republicans were given majorities in both chambers and did little with that this was. No surprise to us also it's in the sense media saying this about themselves. I drive to my kids' school in upstate New York through rural Virginia. Maryland Pennsylvania. New York charm signs everywhere. You can't you just have to get out of the bubble and you had to quit listening to your stuff people are really hurt Gary in this is though. Had mrs. Clinton listened tour husband instead of her boss she might could've stopped this. Rust Belt redneck revolts which is he himself is calling himself where he was Bill Clinton was giving the Clinton Campaign. The best advice and had she taken it I think she could have mitigated her losses but I still think trump could would've won. Clinton Campaign says we heard your friend all through this week now they were deep try to do that they wanted to do that they were black McCain's call me. Look there's but the lot of things that I think you've got to deal with Hillary Clinton it was she's yet to put down a rebellion in her own party. The say it's in his rebellion into debt to put down the truck from rebellion and then try to govern so she was gonna have a very difficult pathway going forward anyway. The thing about this trump. Phenomenon. Is that there's a lot of good stuff in it. Near the ever anti elitism that concern for working class jobs but it's just marbles with all this toxic stuff. The misogyny other than outright bigotry and so now people are left try to pull this apart if you just say that the book that got a good step and you don't acknowledge that type of stuff you're wrong. If you only look at the toxic stuff. You don't wreck recognizes going to be some good stuff here for infrastructure whatever you're wrong is that you'll now have to do big reset but this live big wake up call to the entire establishment including the Democrats did not just because of about the. Of the feeling we're seeing people in the streets. We've seen people industries because this last week George was. A week of grief and mourning and despair for Manning. But it's now time to organize and move forward it's time for deep thinking reformation of the Democratic Party. It's also time to hole Donald Trump accountable to what he governed all night. Thought the next morning after the election there was a little swim in the paper 2000 workers who can be laid off Lordstown Ohio in Lansing Michigan what's he gonna do. So I think this was a change election. Is David Axelrod said it was a primal scream. By many who feel that a discredited police failed them economically politically we need to find. A new way for there are key ways progressives can speak I would say one thing people need to do in this is how Roosevelt's new deal began. Let us go back to cities and states where we can. Build emblematic progressive reforms like the fight for fifteen minimum wage paid sick leave things that improve the conditions of people's lives and make drive them into a national message. Well that's everywhere that's for the opposition is gonna try to that would focus of the focus going to be now on Washington in a real consolidation in Washington now Republicans in control of everything. But when you look at the key question to continue talks but what is president electron. Going to do it's hard to clean them. From his campaign the coveted the promises vague and sweeping the big and places also contradictory times where are the clues. They're and I think he will do something on immigration he will try to renegotiate trade deals a little bit. There are few things from pretty clearly do begin to structure program that'll get bipartisan support for. Republican congressman senators albeit a very interest in place where they have to support. The president ought to present what will be president trump when they when they agree with them. Try to guide him in certain ways I think oppose them on some things. It'll be an unusual dynamic it won't be like the rallying behind President Obama 2009 or behind President Bush even at the beginning of his presidency. We can Clinton in 93 when he got his budget through a partisan vote I think it'll be a very in unusual dynamic it's been an unusual election the may think we just want for the you know I was never trumpeted turn to house. Never dynasties is really the theme of this election to think about Donald Charlie sheet Jeb Bush and beat Hillary Clinton and whatever one thinks about a truck wetter weather but that's just change and defeating bush and then Clinton but everyone thinks about trump. That's pretty impressive but I think that. If you want to understand where that grassroots progress has moved moves going to be first of all. Incredible concern for the most vulnerable. You have guests 7000 or more dreamers who who who signed up for doc trouble have their names their addresses there is very is huge concern. And with its gonna be a moral line drawn around the. Dream big and that's going to be -- a big challenge for present electronically mr. Paul trying to say this morning that they're not looking at a deportation force. Does he signed an executive order that takes away those protections for the dream rich. If he does there will be a mass let me ask. And Macedonia has. Snack going to do that was anywhere singing is gonna do is roll back this he had. The executive orders that were unconstitutional. The one I was listening dreamers didn't but not it's not queue the star the regulatory ones because he wants to grow the economy. The crown with Keith Ellison's message and what you dollars thing. And I would and I respect what you're saying because we have been there. Is in the learning this campaign is that Barack Obama always one astronomically on his own but he is completely. Devastated the party's last of the senate the house thirty governorships over 900 legislatures. There. Yeah isn't there. We thank you felt very that's not wanting you just said is the best case to keep healthy keep Nelson is an organizers organized event he's he's one of the only Muslims are within congress a you have a big thing went there and Athens made opponents say there protests over donors. Is now has over his messages voters over donors it's going to the grassroots. It's connecting the movements of our time to know what's going on. And in cities states and inside the beltway the movement to win the energy are really good bridge was also ahead he's also Smart about rebuilding power. I gotta gotta gotta put us to do this because they present a lecture yes that's like after. If you wanna tell more about the opposition in the second but let's let's move your foot is a little bit more. I did on trump what it is going to be vital moving forward one reason we have trump not the only because it was great rage and anger in this country. Is the media. The media is gonna need to be more fearless more courageous despite Trump's threats vs the media and need to hold them accountable we need more watchdogs not lap dogs and a trumpet minister. I'm not a normalize. I'm right grip but what's more important and immediate. That's is there's singled obamacare which was present Obama's signature domestic achievement that one Republicans house and 24 attorneys had it when Republicans sentence when he fourteen. And if you look at polls for all the talk when immigration and even trade Obama care. Was extremely important issue for for tomorrow voters in 26 the united Rudy Giuliani was right a late rally look like us you can't premiums the numbers started moving away Hillary Clinton at the moment those that are permanent and maybe some choose to that but let's look at what Donald Trump is now saying. He say he wants repeal and replace obamacare is also sing may be. But if you have a preexisting condition of bail of westerns that doesn't work it doesn't mean I don't know the actual yeah actual Republican a conservative think tank proposals to replace obamacare. All have. Give over hope all have a preexisting condition provision in done somewhat differently from president Obama's let's talk to be easy this is the main problem. You Ariel subsidies you have to get any tax credits instead of a huge bureaucracy this is the question for me if president of president Charles shows up with you know cleaver and just as I can get rid of all these regulations I can get rid of obamacare no problem at all and that would be a mistake. Now the first legally you it's hard to do these things he needs a lot of competent yeah let me get a lot of this only this lawsuit has contempt for he needs. He's hired a well Larry question legal knows what is the core promise that he asked to deliver on to those voters who came out. In first and foremost and one out of five voters voted on this and 70% it is that people voted on issues. And they thought the media was inventing the controversies is not like they didn't home accountable. The us Supreme Court is number one. I repeal and replace CS standings and he said he is going to have a transition element for those states I think in Florida gifts you know Republican governors who have put in some form of it. They have to be a transition through it. There they beauty for trump is that Ryan at all had worked on all this legislation he is going to be able to hit the ground running they're not. Palace he walks he's he's disdain he's had the good judgment and common sense to give back about these people who read the legislation ready. Progressives having challenged him. Part of that is that you now heavy a lot of progress as we feel that. 5060 million people voted to endorse the toxic parts of Donald Trump. That certainly we dour in the country you'll surrounded by people who. You know are proud to be you know a part of this all right thing anything as an all right take over as the progress are overreacting to that. Under reacting though to the with the real threats are in the real opportunities. If trump throws between million people off health care that's going to be but if you hear this badly and is very hard to hear what right. Bob then that's had a huge advantage in the mid term trust if trump goes after. Out of state as child fails frankly to stand up right now. For the Muslim community right now Muslims are being bullied. What women wearing a job to being bullied and people are saying trump trump when they're doing and immediately tremendous opportunity did this week to come out and say I don't want that can keep it if you build some these moral tests don't think he pulled over going to be people who want to play our own. And political costs and I also think we need to hold them accountable. One of the reasons he won but he wanted to drain the swamp rate of corruption inside the beltway no more deal making. His transition committee on ethics. Is a rogues gallery of lobbyist he's appointed a climate denial list that is friends partisan movement in this country. And that's not left or right. That is human beings vs physics but I'm just saying we got a hold trump accountable I disagree with Mary I think medium accountability will be critical. It too many rallies where you sold. Treat rope journalist we got time to wavering or word and I'm not saying we don't trying to find a way to find opportunities. Infrastructure and all of that. What her original. It's a cousin Evelyn Cole finally caught shopping is more important that all of us is more important and niacin it is that the draw and he if he behaves well. Personally and morally I agree with man on this to be distance if you disassociate himself. From forces that he unfortunately coddled and even Foster belittled his campaign if he is responsible about the way in which she goes about his policy. Initiatives and immigration obamacare trade in other areas he has a huge opportunity is the truth is that a lot of this stuff isn't that. There's like he did good how are now that he repudiated them there he had to be there only answer as I think president president's office we've got to the candidate try it. I'm yes OK OK well wait a minute but one area. It's amazing bill will look not. Like and I think this is hopeful. This is not a popular position but it is not pro trump. Or pro Putin to argue that this country needs a better relationship with Russian to partner with Russia the results Syria crisis to combat terrorism even climate. And I will say the Donald Trump speaking of and what Ben said he did swat. At the failed neo con orthodoxy is of our times which failed us in Iraq and in discredited camera honest moment wins people always. Man. He has to my mind were tracked injured white clashed with what you just said no that we did not shouldn't focus totally on the tax bill. That mama okay what you should and you bring you don't raise lockout you re. I'm not. That's not the path for progress since we've all agreed at the outset of the show that the path. Which is Ellison's message you say is to go back to the Rust Belt and I salute rednecks and you're not gonna get there with climate change and that wooten and its ability islands South Carolina who run hotels who understand their self interest they will be overrun by. Rivers and water if they don't deal didn't. Deal with climate there was. Is that attitude needed to challenge to the village what would I I'd sit tight and I stand by it I sit out that race was a part. In there was a part that all right part of the party of white clashed and in view is the whole quote you would agree when I sit still so I don't take that back I. Enlisted in January what I tell the kids run Italian nun and a black man in America who went to Yale who's written books and served and I might not W ninth generation American ma'am I'm the first one might be in the won't comment writes I'm a ninth generation American and so we have not escaped because I went to Yale uses all the great little polite and I didn't know what I'm can be and I. I'm glad you're so don't say that to me to my face I guess that more tired I sit behind act could be. All of that and I spend more time than you have try to be a racial rekenthaler in this country and really you know I don't know it's. You don't know anything while we got what do you popularly known I think about me that I do know at any thing that parents and teachers your dad you're great this other than this. George there's a problem there we have right now. It is in fact the case that there was a populist revolt in this countries both see Enders in trump. But one of them was marble through with this all right stuff if someone like myself who's married to a white woman who spent my entire life building bridges can't point out. The ultra right white flash reaction without being accused of being a racial pulling this is could have a big problem. And I don't think anybody I don't and essential decency. Hey guys you know why healer. I grew out of torture the topic a horrific brutal campaign he has spoken sanity. To power. And we are those who hey my name's heat isn't about apologies. You don't know anything about me don't wanna talk about my healing and I would say there are ways to get to reconciliation different from calling that focusing on the toxic elements as you get eternal election. And I guys are about welfare about W Kessel talked about it outside the region that was your time Thomas Tom Friedman.

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