Bill Richardson on Syria

Says U.S. military strikes on Syria are "in the cards"
3:08 | 05/05/13

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Transcript for Bill Richardson on Syria
The president right after -- -- to -- ruled out putting US boots on the ground in Syria but the pressure is building for more military action. Yes and I think he signal that he's ready to use that military action we can't have boots on the ground. But I think potentially some kind of option like air strikes. -- against some of those weapons sites to protect the rebels -- in the cards in my view. Now I think what happened within Israel is Israel's also sending a signal to Iran. To Hezbollah but possibly to us to. That the situation right in the Syrian area is getting very very tense but I think in the next few days my view is that the president will opt towards some kind of limited military option sentiment is that something she did. But Israel is acting in self defense clearly Iraq Brandon shipping out. More precise guided missiles through -- so the less stable Syria is the more dangerous it is for Israel. I think we've probably stood at seven taken too much of a passive or at least an unclear stance on this for too long that's created more instability. I think the president needs to make it clear what we will do when he's already tried to do that with his bright red line which he hadn't followed through on -- -- I don't know what his steps should be right now but clearly his indecisiveness has destabilized. And probably brought Israel and -- -- clearly also -- to the public not right brushing. And that is that -- a huge problem -- look the president doesn't know what to do need to does anybody else. And so what you have is a lot of people criticizing the president for doing nothing and then when you ask them what what should happen account. Dance all over the place. But with the public being so completely. Disillusioned. With American wars abroad that have gone on for so long you know that. These wars in Afghanistan. Iran and Iraq have cost every American family something like 45000. Dollars not to mention of course the lives. And that it really takes a whole farm policy option off the table. When Americans say that they don't. Want to have our troops engaged in another war and that's a problem because we need to have every single option available. In a very dangerous world. One of the big questions -- -- is how effective actually arming the rebels can be what kind of consequences that could create those weapons on the wrong hands. That's right so to -- -- much of what has been -- here. It his policy ranges from incoherent to feckless he's -- -- his red lines he's reversed his opposition. Two army in this -- the rebels he doesn't know who they are. We don't have good intelligence. Because of the effects of those policies that his policies dismantling our in our security infrastructure so this is all playing out. What -- yes it is difficult to know what to do -- -- transition. -- something we know not do is what he has done which is issue. He's read write lines and then walked back from -- has.

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{"id":19112928,"title":"Bill Richardson on Syria","duration":"3:08","description":"Says U.S. military strikes on Syria are \"in the cards\"","url":"/ThisWeek/video/bill-richardson-discusses-syria-week-roundtable-19112928","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}