Breaking Down Brand New ABC News/Washington Post Poll

2:25 | 09/11/16

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Transcript for Breaking Down Brand New ABC News/Washington Post Poll
Warning on this fifteenth anniversary of 9/11 the deadliest attack ever on American soil. We all remember where we were that traumatic day and today we remember and honor the thousands lost that morning. And thousands more who sacrificed their lives in the wars that followed. That was the moment of silence at 846. The time when that first plane hit the north tower of the World Trade Center. Bells tolling across New York City across the country. And the names of the fallen now being read by family members of the victims but later in the program were to go to the Pentagon also attacked that day. President Obama will be there on the formal grouping that you live. But now we move on to the politics of the moment in our brand new poll from ABC news in the Washington Post. The top line Hillary Clinton has a five point lead in this four way race 46 a 41 over Donald Trump. Gary Johnson will return a 9% Green Party candidate Jill Stein at two. At five point lead down a bit firmer eight point lead last month. And Clinton now holds a ten point lead among all registered voters. Polling trump back big questions about whether he's ready for the job could miss up by twenty points or more on qualifications. Consistency and temperament. Cohen has the edge on issues too but that's tight a low single digit advantage on the economy terrorism and immigration. And questions about honesty are helping keep this a relatively close race a record low 35% of voters find her honest and trustworthy. Even fewer 31%. Trust trop. But right now trust backers are more passionate 40% of his voters are very enthusiastic compared to 36% for Clinton. And live Alice brain wanna Donald trumps key advisors Rudy Giuliani of course he was mayor of New York during the 9/11 attacks and he appeared on this week just. Days after. We do not want these cowardly terrorists. To have us in any way Alter our American way of life this may go on for some time. We have to end terrorism I believe United States government is committed to that. And it's gonna require us here in America to go about our way of life and not have them and perilous.

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