British prime minister responds to London Underground terror attack

Prime Minister Theresa May condemned a bombing that took place on a London Underground train as "cowardly."
3:21 | 09/17/17

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Transcript for British prime minister responds to London Underground terror attack
there is breaking news on the terror attack in London. A subway explosion that left 30 injured. A second arrest overnight. A 21 yeel man in London. Op top of the teenager also in custody. Yis Chris claimed responsibility for the take. Britain on the highest state of alert. Braced for more. The major warning the public to remain vigilant. The attack at H height of rush hour Friday morning. Just after I landed in London for my interview with prime minister Theresa may. We reported on "Gma." Speaking with two eyewitnesses. Just a few hours later, I arrived at 10 doing street for my conversation with the prime minister. She joined us in Winston Churchill's bedroom after a sere is of briefs and also tweets from president trump. He tweeted that the people were, the sights of Scotland yard. I don't think speculation is good. The police and the security agencies have doing the work necessary to discover the full situation I'm pleased to say, our emergency services were on the scene of the take immediately. And, once again, I admire and that therm for their professionalism and bravery. The rest of the city has car rid on. You said in the wake of the other attacks, enough is enough. Things need to change. It's time for some embarrassing conversations. What did you peen by that? It is necessary for us, to look, as we are doing, at whether our police and security services have the powers that they need. We review after any incident takes place. We have had sadly a number of terrorist attacks. Do they have to powers they need? The exercise is being done. I've given them extra powers. We look again, but one of the issue that we really need to be arding, I'll be raising this, when I'm at the united nations, is the question of the use of the internet by terrorists. For terrorist planning. And also, the the -- using it for the ved of extremism. Of hatred. Propaganda that can inspire and incite terrorism. Are you going to need companies like Facebook and Google to do more? We're talking to them about doing more. Companies have come together and formed a global forum to look what they can do to deal with this quickly and in a better way than they do at the moment. We're working with the companies. In president trump tweeted this morning that the solution is a bigger, tougher travel ban. That's an idea you have been against. Sit something you would reconsider? I think what is important is that we're able to have the powers to look into people, to identify people who may be wanting to cause us harm and are plotting to cause us harm. And to be able to take the necessary action when people do cause us harm. As it happens, here in the United Kingdom, when I was home secretary, I banned more extremist hate polluters from coming to the uk than any home secretary before.

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{"id":49907132,"title":"British prime minister responds to London Underground terror attack","duration":"3:21","description":"Prime Minister Theresa May condemned a bombing that took place on a London Underground train as \"cowardly.\"","url":"/ThisWeek/video/british-prime-minister-responds-london-underground-terror-attack-49907132","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}