ONE Campaign Tackles African Poverty

Nigerian recording artist D'Banj and Dr. Sipho Moyo, Africa Executive Director for the ONE Campaign, discuss the upcoming U.S.-African Leader's summit.
3:43 | 08/03/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ONE Campaign Tackles African Poverty
everything that you want to be ? Africa get something much attention right now. There's the man they call Africa's Bono. Nigerian superstar d'banj. He joins us now with Dr. Sipho moyo. The executive director in Africa for the one campaign. Thank you for joining us. One of the goals of the video was to get african countries to invest 10% of national budgets on agriculture. Why is that the key? Well, good morning, George. Good morning. For me, coming from Africa, it is so key for us to know what we have. And if you look through, when I was approached, I wanted to start the campaign. Ten years ago, the african leaders called me and said, 10% for agriculture. Of the annual budget. Why? Agriculture has been seen to be the fastest way of eradicating poverty and creating job creation across Africa. By the time we finish this, we have 1 million or 2 million african youth saying we want to support agriculture. How do you get it done when so many african nations are suffering? I think we have struck a chord with agriculture. We polled nine countries. Citizens in nine countries about what their real priorities were. One thing we heard is it's important for the leaders to invest in agriculture. So I think this whole campaign really struck a chord. Because this is coming from the citizens. The pressure is coming from african citizens. It's made this a very different kind of campaign. And one which they will keep commitments on. I think that is really what it is. You have citizens saying to the leaders, you need to keep this commitment. And that's what is going to make it stick. And d'banj, what would you hope to hear from president Obama at the summit this week? For me, first of all, the theme of the summit is why we're here. It's investing in the next generation. I'm glad I'm privileged to be from the next generation. Using my music. Using our music, which, ten years ago, we had no record label, no industry. Because we believed in ourselves and what we had, we continued and now the music industry is the biggest export from Africa after oil and gas. I will just say that president Obama should please help us. Make sure that the african leaders, what they're permitted in the summit, make sure they implement it. Because we have what it takes to unravel the wealth in Africa. On that theme. George, if I may come in there. It is exciting because this is about investing in the next generation. Looking for it and hoping that the key discussions will be around agriculture. That is the biggest potential for moving the most number of people out of poverty. At the same time. As well as talking about energy. That is holding back development in Africa. The lack of energy really holds back and, you know, hampers education, health, and particularly the agriculture. It will help if they can focus around those two conversations and investing in those issues in order to unlock the potential for economic advancement. Good luck with that. Thank you both for joining us.

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{"id":24825800,"title":"ONE Campaign Tackles African Poverty ","duration":"3:43","description":"Nigerian recording artist D'Banj and Dr. Sipho Moyo, Africa Executive Director for the ONE Campaign, discuss the upcoming U.S.-African Leader's summit. ","url":"/ThisWeek/video/campaign-tackles-african-poverty-24825800","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}