Cokie Roberts celebrates 15 years of 'This Week': Nov. 17, 1996

Roberts remembers the first episode, hosted by David Brinkley, that aired in 1981.
5:11 | 09/17/19

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Transcript for Cokie Roberts celebrates 15 years of 'This Week': Nov. 17, 1996
David of course has been the one constant here over the last fifteen years he's been hosed ringmaster and the lion Tamer of this often unruly circus. After David joined ABC news from NBC the idea was to create a new kind of Sunday morning show. That first program in November of 1981. Was not exactly one for the record books. From ABC. This week when David Brinkley. David Brinkley and a cast of thousands here that firstly it seemed everybody what appear on the premier broadcasting. Good morning we're glad to have you with us we have a new Sunday program for you which we hope you will find useful. We will look at what has been happening what is happening now and what we can see happening next week. Including this week the success or failure so far of the Reagan economic program. And a certain indiscretions by the president's budget director David Stockman. A little more serious perhaps than if Federer White House dinner he had sipped coffee out of a saucer and even the peas with a knife. Everyone showed up except player to star attraction. The most important guest decided to stay home that Sunday morning. Stockman was committed to be here with us on this program today and answer questions about his persuading congress to pass the Reagan economic program. While he himself believed it would not work. But on Friday he backed out said he would not come we will nevertheless go ahead with all of this anyway. Not exactly an auspicious beginning and not exactly rave reviews. Good first instinct said the Washington Post clobbered by bad second thoughts. But coverage change to few weeks later. An exclusive interview with Moammar Qaddafi made headlines when he denied reports of Libyan hit squads at work in the United States. Why does the president the United States take these reports so seriously. But it does is because he's he's ignore that. Locating these formation now this week with David Brinkley was front page news. As the program took me James so eventually get our Sunday morning family exhibitors are almost the beginning there was saying I am going that the guests. Fault divorce rate but you might have been anti bush insider I religion but not the question is not that well the very primary that that but I guess it has the question you're right you but they whatever answer you want advice listing is you wanna ban abortion ad that Sam Donaldson's question. In contrast to George will and I flew urbane philosophical. I disagree with Sam who describes the public attitude and possibility that the Republicans will do better than some people thought to Reagan magic I think it's American maturity. That's the basic beliefs that these problems are intractable have a long pedigree and I'm gonna take a while to work out and they've heard nothing plausible. From the other side of what that was a complaint against Jimmy Carter. I added to skirt to the mix in 1987. The cover photograph on Vanity Fair magazine. Demi Moore and an advanced state of pregnancy. It has. I'm offended is he's seen Mecca lady on the front of the magazine is never saluted I find it terribly. Salutary but then. And even at a pregnant when this is the most beautiful pregnant person I have ever seen in my life I feel a little better pricing appears. Let Smart so presiding over this family of course David Brinkley. With his unique style and wit first as for the news since the Sunday morning papers there is and that it. So we'll be back with today's program than a month. Name me another television anchor who would announce that they just isn't any news it's Damon charm and grace quite Simpson's sexual Estandia. Change the way sending warnings downs this he could start by complementing someone's attire. Mr. Kaufman you're looking pretty spiffy down there in prohibition that blue blazer thing in Oakland have been heavy roses nice and warm there. Thank you bids for its beautiful if they are and in it by making a well real guests think he would come out okay. Still appear thank you we're running out of time. Thank you very much mr. Brady thinks new England's pleasure to have you both coming at. And there about live coveted they've got as David isms coming next our discussion here or perhaps at times Lewis jordin rambling. Then there's David unfailing. Ability which he's even tried do. Unsuccessfully. To rub off on us don't let me just say that I believe this time we still spent less money on politics and Elijah mayors in this drive on you know all of you especially Google in a controlled got thanks everybody thanks very much we will welcome. By the thought of everything that time is thank you all very much. And if something strikes in funnies we and everyone else will surely know. We'll be back with a few words about should book this is the truth. A few words about some people who watch this program stark naked. It from the floor.

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{"duration":"5:11","description":"Roberts remembers the first episode, hosted by David Brinkley, that aired in 1981.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"65647244","title":"Cokie Roberts celebrates 15 years of 'This Week': Nov. 17, 1996","url":"/ThisWeek/video/cokie-roberts-celebrates-15-years-week-nov-17-65647244"}