Cokie Roberts Says It's 'Fact' Bernie Sanders 'Could Be the Democratic Nominee'

The powerhouse roundtable discusses the week in politics.
13:58 | 02/07/16

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Transcript for Cokie Roberts Says It's 'Fact' Bernie Sanders 'Could Be the Democratic Nominee'
collection agencies to collect taxpayers and they may call tax payers. In the future, when people are calling, people will be more likely to fall for that scam. Doug: Since October, thousands of people have lost three $6 million to telephone scammers. If you have any questions, you can call the irs directly. How are things going in new Hampshire? Ok. It is pretty, pretty, pretty good. Antoinette: Who is who here? Bernie sanders going prime time, taking a break from campaigning to make his debut on "Saturday night live" yesterday. Doug: Sanders for training a passenger on board the titanic. The two here arguing over who should be allowed on the lifeboat. We need to unite and work together if we are all going to get to this. Sounds like socialism to me. Democratic socialism. What the difference? Huge difference. Doug: I love how he just lays right along. Sanders is the third presidential candidate to appear on "Saturday night live" this season. Danielle: It is a dry forecast for today with sunshine and temperatures warming into the low 40's. Snow chances on the way up and continuing into Tuesday and Wednesday, but does chances go down from storm system number two, which is weaker and more offshore. All eyes focused on this one because it is developing and will track up the east coast. And it's expected to make its way toward us. Here is the latest timeline -- delayed until 9:00. The last one really kept it flying around. By 11:00 or 12:00, it is in Worcester, so that should be ok for most of you. They ride home is a different story as you see the snow is flying everywhere and some bands setting up across the coastline. So we expect some heavier bands continuing into Tuesday morning and we begin to wind down at 7:00 or 8:00 in most locations. When all is said and done, expect between two and four inches. Then you get farther to the south and from plymouth down along the south coast and parts of the cape could see seven inches or more. We are talking 10 inches to a foot of snow in some locations depending on where those bands set up and become ocean enhanced. We have very strong winds and that could lead to piling up the water. Coastal flooding could be an issue and lead to power outages. We are talking 45 mile-per-hour wind gusts on cape cod. 35 mile-per-hour wind gusts in and around Boston. Because temperatures are right around freezing, I expect there to be power outages as it will be a heavy and wet snow. North and west, temperatures are cooler. We are watching high tide at 11:00 with a coastal flood watch. Then once this winds down on Tuesday, another storm system is following close behind. As this one tracks closer to us, that track is farther offshore. It is a weaker system and there could be some showers along the coastline. Conditional snow showers on the Wednesday with an arctic front dropping in on Thursday turning up the wind out of the north and west. That arctic front of in cold air for next weekend. Doug: Thank you very much. When you think of a student council president the first thing that comes to mind is someone who is popular, outgoing. Antoinette: But this week's a+ got the job even though she was shy and felt out of place. Reporter: At the podium giving a speech, she exudes poise and confidence, but the high school senior said she was pretty shy before joining the student council. It has been how I found my friends in high school. Reporter: She found her calling in student government. When you draw up your forces. Reporter: High school was not the easiest transition after a boating crash when she was a child. I was in the hospital for four weeks and then went to rehab for another three weeks. Reporter: It's not an easy thing to talk about but overcoming the injuries and trauma made her who she is, a leader to her peers. He makes our lives easier and manages to keep us under control even when there's a lot of stress and duties happening. She's willing to get the extra work done so that she can learn. Reporter: Juggling her presidency while maintaining a 3.9 gpa. Just a few reasons at least go field deserves this a+. Reporter: She has already gotten into her dream school and plans to double major and wants to be a museum curator. If you know an exceptional student, submit a nomination right now. Doug: I love your pieces because I see kids that are so far away from what I was at that age it is just awesome. Reporter: They are great kids and it is nice to meet them and shows what a great future our kids have. Antoinette: The final face-off ahead of the first in the nation primary. Doug: The gloves coming off in the debate. We have more of the big hits right after the break. Antoinette: Commitment 2016, don't forget you can download our mobile news at to get a head Antoinette: Klement 2016 and the final face-off between republican candidates did not disappoint. Doug: Nikole Killion's live in New Hampshire with some of the most talked about moments of the evening. Reporter: And there were plenty of them, but the candidates are returning to the campaign trail after taking the gloves off last night in the last debate on ABC news before the New Hampshire primary. There were tons of fireworks and then it -- a particularly explosive exchange between Marco Rubio and Chris Christie. Governor Christie: That is what Washington does -- the drive-by shot at the beginning and in the memorized 25 second speech that is exactly -- Your state was hit by a massive storm and they had to shame you into going back. This notion Barack Obama is -- doesn't know what he is doing is reporter: Not true. That back-and-forth went on for a while. It was wide ranging as the -- as from Isis to the latest threats from North Korea. Doug: Somali officials confirming it was a bomb that blew a hole in a jetliner forced to make an emergency landing on Tuesday. The transport minister announcing investigators suspect a suicide bomber was tied to al-shabaab extremists and may have been setting off the explosives. Six people have been arrested in connection with a blast. Antoinette: Heavy snow weighing down tree limbs now being blamed for a second deadly accident in Canton. A man was killed after a branch snapped and came crashing down on him. Doug: A woman was found dead inside a burning home and north andover. The victim is a professor of merrimack college. No word yet on a cause. Antoinette: A violent home invasion under investigation in Lowell right now. Two armed suspects were arrested. Both of them were injured during the confrontation with police. Doug: Munson police issued an arrest warrant for the rat. Antoinette: That guy. Here's the wanted poster. They say they were pumped by punxsutawney Phil and issued a warrant. The road in predicting an early spring this year but it doesn't seem to be the case. We had the storm on Friday and then more to come. Danielle: We are watching that winter storm watch in effect for pretty much all of the east coast and Massachusetts. In that area, you see anywhere from four to seven inches of snow. You could see anywhere from seven inches plus do to ocean enhancement. This is continuing basically through Thursday morning winding down before the Tuesday morning commute. They Monday ride home from work will be a snowy one. We are talking about the potential for power outages. Antoinette: Here we go. Doug: We are ready. Rates

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{"duration":"13:58","description":"The powerhouse roundtable discusses the week in politics.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"36772941","title":"Cokie Roberts Says It's 'Fact' Bernie Sanders 'Could Be the Democratic Nominee'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/cokie-roberts-fact-bernie-sanders-democratic-nominee-36772941"}