Cokie Roberts on Norquist: 'The Emperor Has No Clothes'

ABC News' Cokie Roberts questions Grover Norquist's political power.
2:08 | 12/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Cokie Roberts on Norquist: 'The Emperor Has No Clothes'
Drawing the line on tax rate increases in Grover Norquist has come out hard again of course thing Democrat and Republicans have to stand by the pledge. If the Republicans. Luz in such a way that they've got their fingerprints on the murder weapon. Then you have a probably -- bush couldn't run again in 92 successfully. Because he had his fingerprints on a very bad deal which -- that on spending and that on taxes and -- -- Is he right at those politics. You know I think not actually but I think you have to remember our fingerprints aren't on this if we. Cooperate with the president and make 80% of the bush tax cuts permanent for 98% of the American people that's a victory now lost. And then we're still free to try and fight the fight over higher rates offering revenue which is speakers put on the table. Politically to me that seems to be a much superior position and a messy deal at the end where it looks like we -- I think really the opting to take the initiative and actually again move the discussion. And what do what I want and what you also avoid there'd been something else -- I think some Republicans are worried about not 92. But 1994 when the government -- Newt Gingrich was -- Right that's trust me talk Republicans that is what there were -- have no matter how this shakes out if we go over the fiscal cliff we are blamed I hear that over and over. I will -- look for something to what Tom is saying which is it is amazing notion to think that the Democrat just elected democratic president. -- necessary in order to make permanent the vast majority of Bush's tax cuts those are tax cuts. That repealing those tax cuts are demonized by the Democrats they weren't just the tax rate cuts on the operate up their -- -- cuts across the board the idea that most of them could be made permanent. But bush could have gotten that done 2004 after being -- what you think Republicans. Should take a victory lap in that regard even -- find it. -- skeptical of. Raising the time it is really politically Smart to do this -- you know but it's also politically Smart to cut the knees out from under Grover Norquist. Mean this guy is you know who is -- he's -- I'm Malek does not hit a lot -- -- -- the play -- yeah man that -- greater -- somebody's annual Edinburgh has obviously has no clothes.

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{"id":17861706,"title":"Cokie Roberts on Norquist: 'The Emperor Has No Clothes'","duration":"2:08","description":"ABC News' Cokie Roberts questions Grover Norquist's political power.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/cokie-roberts-norquist-emperor-clothes-17861706","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}