Congressman Nunes Says He's Not Confident We Can Track All Americans Who Travel to Syria

The chair of the House Intelligence Committee discusses the latest on the fight against ISIS.
6:12 | 09/27/15

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Transcript for Congressman Nunes Says He's Not Confident We Can Track All Americans Who Travel to Syria
high-stakes national security meetings in New York at the U.N. This week, and we're joined by congressman Devin nunes, chair of the house intelligent committee. Good morning, Mr. Chairman. You listened to ambassador power's interview. She seemed to think that training of Syrian rebels is not working but the anti-isis campaign is working, do you agree? The congress has been very skeptical of the administration's plans and policies that they have been laying out for several years. Reluctantly we approved this training operation last year. And we have been trying to have updates upon updates. And every time the news is bad. And what's happening here, it's a lot like a Vietnam containment strategy. They have had a containment strategy for Isis within Iraq and Syria, and it's destined for failure. It's failing on every single measurement you look at. So, do you trust the intelligence you're getting there? Right now, an investigation into intelligence that central command is putting out, some of the analysts there apparently complaining that central command is painting a rosier picture. This is the military, this isn't a political body, are you trusting that intelligence? Well, when you look at what's happened over the last few years and you look at what happens when our members in congress we go to these places, we meet with analysts on the ground, and I will tell you it's been a little alarming what we see on the ground and then when you look at the final product and what the president has been saying, you look at the policies he's been implementing, it really makes me wonder, is it the analysts getting the information wrong or is it being politicized? What do you think we should do with the Russian military buildup in Syria? This is what happens when America doesn't put forward a strategic plan to deal with. Isis is on the move in Syria. Isis and Al Qaeda are on the move in Syria. I think Putin is -- has now moved in thousands of troops, a different woman, whether from China, Vietnam or Iran, you name it, and putting their photographs up in the window of the U.S. Mission to the united nations, so that when the leaders walk here, for the general assembly, they see these individuals and they're reminded, again, human rights isn't an abinstruction. But the voices of very real women. Fighting corruption and expressing themselves and calling governments out when they're not performing for citizens. So, we think this is an important way of reminding leaders that they could start if they want to empower women by actualeasing women who want to improve their communities. Thank you for joining us. Next, pope Francis in America, the last leg of his trip happening now. Don't forget, the Iranians are working directly with the Russians and with Assad. And there are reports this morning that the Iraqis are working with the Iranians, the Russians and sharing intelligence with Syria, do you know whether that's correct? I think it's long been known that many within the Iraqi government going back to Malaki, worked closely with them. The Iraqis were going to look to Iran for help. But what about the Syrians, are they sharing intelligence with the Syrian government? Well, I'm not sure what the Syrians -- what intelligence they would have, but clearly, it's in their best interest to work together, because they want to go after Isis and Al Qaeda affiliates also. "The New York times" is reporting this morning that 250 Americans have tried to get inside Syria to join up with Isis, that's up from a hundred from last year. Are you confident that we can track all 250? No, I'm not. The FBI director came out several months ago saying he has investigations going on in all 50 states. This long has been concern about fighters that go into Iraq and Syria, get trained and have a western passport and get back either into Europe or the united States. You believe a they could get back in the United States? Absolutely. I believe they're getting back into Europe. Let's move to cyber security. President Obama and China's president xi jinping took steps toward a cyber agreement. A promise not to engage of theft of intellectual property. Look, we know the Chinese, the Russians, they're committing cybercrimes every single day. Going out and stealing information for economic purposes. So, we know that's what they're doing, they're going to continue to do it. I don't think there's anything other than just words on paper and I doubt that the Chinese are going to stop what they're doing. And Mr. Chairman, John Boehner, you have been a member of the speaker's close-knit group, what's your reaction? I was a little surprise. I think like most of us were, but being speaker is a very difficult job. It's also very difficult when you have the largest majority in 80 years that the speaker led us to, but at the same time, you have one of the most left-wing presidents with president Obama in the white house. It makes it very difficult for things to get done. You can understand why you see the left, who has president Obama in the white house, and you have the right who believes that, you know, we have a super majority, or 247 members in the house, they want to see things get done. Will things get done quickly? Look, hope springs eternal. All right, thank you very much for joining us, Mr. Chairman. Up next, pope Francis, his dozens of airplanes and, the

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{"duration":"6:12","description":"The chair of the House Intelligence Committee discusses the latest on the fight against ISIS.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"34082220","title":"Congressman Nunes Says He's Not Confident We Can Track All Americans Who Travel to Syria","url":"/ThisWeek/video/congressman-nunes-confident-track-americans-travel-syria-34082220"}