Dan Pfeiffer on 'This Week'

White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer on fallout over the new book "Double Down," Healthcare.gov.
3:00 | 11/03/13

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the race. The only day that counts is tuesday, november 5. Our message will overcome the financial advantage that he has and the interest group and power structure behind him. That was my next question. Is it the money or his message giving you the hardest time at this point? It has been the money. Has a lot of institutional power behind his candidacy. Our message, at the end of the day, is going to carry the day on tuesday. You have been hitting him hard on the union issue. Do you think the message is hitting voters in boston? We are both for unions. I voted for contracts with 34 city unions. I want everybody to have the ability to save. We are both role -- both pro- union. We need to make sure we will benefit all of the people of boston. He has a track record of being on the union payroll for $175,000 per year. Filing legislation on the union's behalf. That raises a question of independence. You have to guard the fiscal health of the city. Welcome back to "on the record." -- he has the overwhelming support. He has been a great advocate for labor. I understand why a lot of rank- and-file union members are supporting him. The question is independence. The goals that he has filed our bills that would badly damage the fiscal health of the city. Had his bills become law, it would mean cuts to many policing programs, schools, libraries, parts. The mayor has to guard the fiscal health of the city for everyone. Do you think that is the critical issue in this campaign? That is one of the critical issues. There is another piece. I have a track record as a reformer. The next mayor has to be ready to take on some pretty eight decisions. If we will he run -- really want to close the achievement gap thomas we need some bold leadership with a big vision. -- Achievement gap, we need some bold leadership with a the vision. You have always predicated your campaign on education. You have mom's in the stroller brocade not the -- stroller -- moms in the stroller brigade knocking down doors for you. I have jumped in on the tough battle on education. I took on the school assignment issue, which has divided the city and driven families from this city. I'm told a coalition -- I built a coalition. I took on the teachers contract. This is a clear difference between representative wash and i. It is not ok to have one of the longest -- this is a clear difference between representative walsh and i. I have gone to bat for english language learners and students with special needs, a large percentage of our students in boston public schools. Representative walsh has not led on this issue. Critical difference between us. Let's shift the conversation to casinos. You stated you would not vote for a casino in your own neighborhood. That is where you sit, right? I probably would not. You would like to leave it to the voters of east boston. They would have their say on tuesday. As a leader, shouldn't you give them guidance on where you would stand? I understand you do not live in east boston. As the mayor of boston, perhaps they want to hear what you have to say. There are times when the mayor has to stand up and say what he means and a time when he has to say it is the community deciding. No one in east boston is asking me for my opinion. On both sides they have said let us decide. I will let them decide what is best for their narrow lead -- their neighborhood. Their are a lot of arguments that the people living over there are going to know on a level no one else does. As understandable as that is, the whole city of boston is affected by what may or may not happen. I am deeply concerned by what happened with caesar's. I have expressed that concern publicly. The people of boston know how i feel about that. If I am going to be mayor, have to be ready the day after that vote to have been economic plan that will help east boston grow without a casino or deal with the social impact that comes with a casino and how we will develop the east boston waterfront, where we should be shifting the focus of east boston. You considered him a friend before this election. If he wins, what gives you confidence he will make a good mayor? Marty is a good man. He cares deeply about all people in boston. He would bring a great compassion to office I have seen him display many times before i was in office and since. My concern is that he lacks the independence that a mayor is going to need to make tough decisions for everyone involved. I want to go and make those big decisions. I want to change our schools to close that achievement gap. I want to make sure everyone lives on a safe street and create jobs in communities that face big disparities. I want to take those decisions on. I am independent. I am a reformer and someone who dives in and is not beholden to anyone. We have a quick pop chris for each of you. -- Pop quiz for each of you. , We will observe the 50th month of president kennedy -- next month, we will observe the 50th anniversary of the assassination of president kennedy. Who was the secretary of defense during that time when we were on the brink of war? I will guess robert mcnamara. He serves with president johnson as well. What was the name of the failed clandestine ein mission that kennedy hoped would oust castro? -- Clandestine mission that would oust castro? The bay of pigs. That film runs 26 and a half seconds on film. What is the name of the document of record. The us approved or film. -- Zapruder film . You are 343. 3 for 3. We are back with our

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{"id":20769894,"title":"Dan Pfeiffer on 'This Week'","duration":"3:00","description":"White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer on fallout over the new book \"Double Down,\" Healthcare.gov.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/dan-pfeiffer-week-interview-nsa-spying-obamacare-20769894","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}