David Plouffe: Early GOP Convention in 2016 a 'Huge Mistake'

The "This Week" roundtable on Cleveland's big week winning the 2016 Republican convention and LeBron James' return.
5:28 | 07/13/14

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Transcript for David Plouffe: Early GOP Convention in 2016 a 'Huge Mistake'
I have to talk to you about Lebron James. I want to show an except of the essay. My relationship with northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball. I didn't realize that four years ago. I do now. My presence can make a difference in Miami. I think it can mean more where I'm from. What difference is this going the make for the Cavs? They go from a 60 to 1 shot a month or so ago when the season ended, to the favorite to win the title. That's how much the market moved. It's great for sports and the rust belt. The great Lakes states where the weather is not as good and the economy has struggled. You talked about the convention going there in a couple of years. To see someone who is as big an individual star as we have in American sports to say, I want to go back to my hometown and win. If he's able to win, and as you said -- '64 was the last time Cleveland had a stature. If they win, they'll build a statue of Lebron. He'll be a forever hero from where he's from. That's at the end of the day, going home what it's all about. No question. Meanwhile jourks Lebron James in Rio today, right? He's here. Vladimir Putin is here. The host nation, the three heads of state, the host nation and the two nations competing. All female heads of state. A who's who of vips here to watch. Stops the world. Mike, have fun today. We'll be watching. Let's talk about this on "The roundtable." Ana Navarro, I have to start with you. Can you contain your Cleveland for a second? How are they taking it in Miami? You know, I think everybody is disappointed. Saddened. But I think we're also grateful for the four years Lebron James gave us. To tell you the truth. It's brought out the classiest and best of Miami heat fans and the organization. When you compare it to how Cleveland behaved toward Lebron four years ago. We've been grateful, thankful. Gracious. Thankful for four years of excitement he brought us. That's a fair point. I agree with you, David. I saw the tweet about Lebron's essay. Line for line, pitch perfect. It was pitch perfect. It was moving. It was unusual. Here's someone not doing it for the money. Seems to have learned from it. And the way they did this. The discretion. The whole process had. It was almost flawless. Maybe they should do it for the vice presidential selection for '16 for both parties. He was a cocky kid when he left Cleveland. We turned him into a gracious, elegant man. He said that. He said Miami was like college for me, which was very interesting. I think it's been a terrific week for Cleveland, even before he made this decision. The republicans decided to have the convention there. We saw pictures of Cleveland that looks a whole lot better than it used to look. It started me looking into what is going on there. The Ohio unemployment, 5.7% in may. It's in good shape these days. And to showcase that in a week like this really does help that city. Signals the importance the republicans put on the city of Ohio. They could move the convention to Miami now. I hate all this good-natured sportsmanship. The people in Miami are being so gracious. L Lebron, gracious. What happened to old-fashioned American sports? A real hatred of the opposition. We saw that in Ana's tweets before. Let's look to bill kristol for morale. She's just cleaned up her act here. David, I think it's clearly smart of the republicans to go to Ohio. They need to win Ohio to get the white house. You believe this whole idea that it's twinned with, moving up the convention to July or June is a mistake? I think it's a huge strategic blunder. The two things you control in a campaign, the convention and the selection of the vice presidential nominee. Both of those things will be over before the summer. And? The democrats, they haven't made their decision yet, hold their convention at the end of September -- I think they're learning the wrong lessons from why they lost. They said it's because the money. It wasn't. The president got outspent most of the summer of 2012. I think it's a huge mistake. I think it was smart to go to Ohio. We ran for governor of Ohio twice. We're happy for the people of Ohio. The problem with the electoral college is, the republicans still have to pull an inside strait to get to the 270 votes. It's always fighting the last war. The republicans thinking, if we had ended the primary sooner, get to the general election pot of money sooner, we would have had a better shot. They were not going to win that election any way. And they'll have a tough time the next time. The longest running primary battle in modern times. 2008, obama-clinton. A lot of the republicans thought, boy, this is going the hurt the democrats in the fall. They're wasting all this money. They're antagonizing supporters. I tend to agree with David. The republican national chairman does believe, too many debates, too long a primary season. Too much damage down in that season. End it quickly. Get on with it. There's truth the that, too. They were not just too many. They were ridiculous debates. I think we're overthinking it. I don't think too many people are paying attention to the conventions. As they used to. I'm not sure it will make that much of a difference. I think it does. If we went through this twice, it matters. Says the guy sitting on a big pot of money while Romney was dying in the desert. We'll be back with Martha

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{"id":24542437,"title":"David Plouffe: Early GOP Convention in 2016 a 'Huge Mistake'","duration":"5:28","description":"The \"This Week\" roundtable on Cleveland's big week winning the 2016 Republican convention and LeBron James' return.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/david-plouffe-early-gop-convention-2016-huge-mistake-24542437","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}