'I think there's a deal to be had' on 'true' infrastructure: Sen. John Barrasso

Martha Raddatz interviews Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., on "This Week."
6:37 | 05/02/21

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Transcript for 'I think there's a deal to be had' on 'true' infrastructure: Sen. John Barrasso
Now let's bring in Wyoming senator John Barrasso chair of the Republican conference good morning sir. Let's go back to president Biden's speech on Wednesday you hammered the president's two trillion dollar infrastructure proposal as did senator Tim Scott during the GOP response and Wednesday. What's the biggest sticking point for you. Well it's the trillions and trillions of dollars of reckless spending when I look at physicists is staggering amount of spending like someone with a new credit card. And these are for things that we don't necessarily need we certainly can't afford but they're gonna delight the liberal left to the party it seems to me that this is a cradle to grave. Role of government. Whether it's paying for child care for everyone college free college. For everyone and ultimately someone's going to have to pay for this is almost creating an addiction. Just spending switch either massive new debt to China as well as massive taxing probably the largest tax increase in fifty. Years and anybody that says this is going to be on just. 1% or big corporations mean that's just phony math Americans understand. It with this kind of spending in this kind of borrowing and taxing. Everyone is going to get hit in their wallet. Our new ABC it's just poll shows more than half of those polled willing to raise taxes it's it will help the economy. I think people take a look at this and say what is the impact on me and when the Biden administration says is just going to be on the wealthiest are just gonna be on corporations but it's going to be seen. Anybody that earns a paycheck. Small businesses families people are going to pay troop. Expenses in their life with cost of living going up and whether that's gasoline prices grocery prices. And I will tell you Democrats are also getting concerned Martha about the all of this spending. And borrowing realizing that they're going to be held accountable in the 20/20 two election and some Democrats. Publicly but most privately are saying this isn't sustainable we cannot continue with this kind of reckless borrowing and spending especially with the taxes. Coming out of a pandemic. An an and on your point about Democrats reportedly Biden and top Democrats are willing to make concessions or break the plan into chunks. And are contemplating senator Shelly market Kato's counter offer of 568. Billion could you get behind doubt. Well oh. Yes we are working closely with the administration we at four overs to presented this plan. Of the other day it is focused on core infrastructure. Roads bridges. Ports airports waterways. Things that people think of when you think of infrastructure things it will get our economy firing on all cylinders. The problem is of course president Biden's proposal. Only 6% of the money actually goes for roads and bridges and they are more money for electric cars than they do for all of those other things. Senator Allen senator right that is if there there at the 6% for roads and bridges triggers UN other GOP we are leaders have cited. Has been fact check multiple times the total amount for what you would call traditional infrastructure roads bridges rails airports waterways public transit. Is more than 25%. Of the Biden planned so do you want more. Well what we're working with them is Shelley talked to. President Biden Thursday I've been working regularly with with the other Joseph couldn't powerful children Washington Joseph mansion. And world while focusing on core infrastructure president Biden calls it hard infrastructure as opposed to soft infrastructure so I actually believe there's a deal to be had if we leave out things like the green new deal and recyclable cafeteria trays and climate justice. Because 502600. Billion dollars of infrastructure is a massive amount of infrastructure we go to start with the core. That we pass when I chaired the environment and public works committee which was. Planned the past 21 to nothing I voted for Bernie Sanders voted. For it it focuses on. Building. Faster better cheaper smarter it focuses on the things that people think of his core infrastructure that president talks about his heart infrastructure. So I RA BC its hosts Paul also it says 67%. Of those polled said Republican leaders in congress are doing too little to compromise with Joseph Biden. You are a Republican leader so. Are there places where you could compromise. On the president's agenda where you see a good opportunity to meet him and Democrats in the middle even beyond this. Well a couple of things you know with corona virus relief we did five bipartisan. Bills each of which got over ninety votes and there when president Biden came into office gave the good speech about unity on inauguration day. Ten Republicans went to the White House to meet with him on another corona virus package and we made a really good faith efforts she ignored all of it. They did this to budget reconciliation. By the slimmest. Margin of votes ignored Republicans we want to work together where this administration on true infrastructure. And I think there's a deal to be had. Well we'll see if that happens. Within your party former president trump continues his attacks on leadership you work closely with including Mitch McConnell including a Liz Cheney there and now Wyoming. How damning damaging is that what the president is doing she door party. Well president trump has a remarkable. Record of accomplishment. In his administration. Working together president trump along with leader McConnell in the senate we were able to confirm. Three justices of the Supreme Court conservative justices. We are able to rebuild the economy cut taxes eliminate regulations rebuild the military it was the strongest economy really. And that's not go back to Mitch McConnell enlisted. Some people are trying to get Liz Cheney out. But we need to get beyond all of this and focus on the 20/20 two elections so that we can win back the house win back the senate yet united on the things on which we agreed. And then successfully. Stopped the our extreme efforts at this Biden administration. And those that are taking the country toward socialism. Okay that question not exactly answered that we appreciate you coming on this morning senator.

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{"duration":"6:37","description":"Martha Raddatz interviews Sen. John Barrasso, R-Wyo., on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"77449641","title":"'I think there's a deal to be had' on 'true' infrastructure: Sen. John Barrasso","url":"/ThisWeek/video/deal-true-infrastructure-sen-john-barrasso-77449641"}