Dem lawmaker: Trump's been looking for immigration 'fight' since declaring candidacy

The Powerhouse Roundtable debates the week in politics on "This Week."
6:40 | 06/17/18

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Transcript for Dem lawmaker: Trump's been looking for immigration 'fight' since declaring candidacy
The images of children. If you're a Republican house member ia moderate district, you're on your own. This preside is not going to do anything to help you show your constituents that Y care about those kids. The other problem is that those images are heart-breaking. As much as Donald Trump wants to tell us he had the biggest crowd on inaugural day in the history of the world, he's showing us to our own es that he's making the United States do sometng completely immoral. A Matt, the president said he doesn't wan those kids to be separated. October 7th he sent a letter to congress to change the licies. Bannon fully embraced it. This is Obama's policy. It's absolutely not. It's not true. It absolutely is. It's true. Come on. E attorney general -- Let's get the facts the table. George bus signed a law in 2008 on unaccompanied minors. It's a flores decision frothe 1990s that says the kids can't go with the adults to the adjudicaon process. I hate the policy. I want them to change it. But this is the rule of law. The president doesn decide what laws he follows and what laws he don't follow. And what happens in all the year since then is that the parents were freed to come back for their hearing. It takes five to ten days to adjudicate whether or not someone is here to be a political asylee if they're not a political asylee they can go back wh their children to their home. Otherwise, we have to goough E process. You want to change the law, it's fine. You don't get to decide which law. Obama followed the this law. All those photos you're seeing -- It's true. It can be done differently. You're trying to tell me that Donald Trump, the all-powerful Donald Trump couldn't stop this from happening ihe really wanted to? Hen you're the president -- And more importantly -- Lindsey graham says all would take is a phone call. The congress changes the law. E president executes the law. I get it that Obama did water he wanted. That's the way separation of power works. If you criticize trump, you're criticizing Obama. You'rgoing to the border after the show to take a look at all of this. What was your reaction to what you heard from Steve Bannon? Oe we finish up today, we'll head visit with our colleagues. Michelle is leading an effort in southern California, as well. I think the policy is disgusting. There's no reason the children should be treated this way. Tearing apart children from their mothers, families, you're hearing th cry and scream. This is not American. One of the concerns we have is how house Republicans seem to walk away from a piece of legislation that would allow us to address this and to fix it. And very -- remember, los corbello, the gentleman O went to visit with speaker Ryan. Turned his back the vulnerable Republicans coming forward. This is horrific. This is ugly. I think this will be devastating toouse Republicans. That maderomises to their constitutes. Greta? It's terrible. It's horrendous. But let's not -- I tnk Republicans and Democrats both have a lot ogall blaming each other. I mean, it's really disgusting. They all want to be voted to come to Washington to solve the problem. Theye all going to solve the problem. They come here and fight. President trump has the house, the senate. But not a filibuster-oof senate president Obama had that, too. In July 2010. I went to American university when he gave his great migration speech. Let's not have the tears from the O parties. About how horrible the other party is. They all say they can fix it. They ought to X it. It's disgusting that all they do is point fingers and blame each other. Amen. There is no realistic chance of congress passina fix to this. It's part of the immigration legislation that will be on the house floor next week. The prident on Friday said he was against the plan. Later in the day tried to clean it up. I talked to leadership. They think the damage is done. This was already tenuous. The moderate bill. It's pretthard line. That's right. Even though the president says th now. It's because people like Steve Bannon, on TV, a lot of reblicans are raid the president will change his mind again and say, wait a second, this is amnesty. Not something I can support. Ittrikes me that this is thfight president trump has been looking for F a very long time. Virtuallyince the moment he declare his candidacy. A fight over immigrati. A fight over the border. These re-world circumstance makings it more complicated. If they worked together and stopped pointing fine. If they actually sat down and did their jobs, itead of coming to Washington to fight -- right now, rt of the problem is there is no bill that this president will sign. That's part of the problem. I don't buyhat. It's absolutely true. I don't B that. If you -- First of all, he can't decide what he's for and what he's against. The house Democrats and reblicans, senate Republicans, senate Democrats did their jobs, what they all claim they would do if they came to Washington, if we put them in office, and actually D fix these problems, and put a strong bill together, a president would sign it. Whether it's president trump or president Obama. The president we have. I thinkhat the president has taken some tremendous steps. Which would upset a lot of people I work with on the conservative side. They're worried. The president took steps to say, look, I'll go towards U if you go towards me. The problem with immigraon, it always becomes this huge comprehensive bill. I would advocate more for fixes -- fixing things we know are problems. We know the idea of separating kids from parents is a problem. Nobody les it. It doesn't make anybody comfortable. I hate the policy. The president said in october he wanted to change it. Change it. Why don't we do things that make sense to both sides? Why don't we get moving and get these things done? Matt, the president could pick up the phone and stop it today. N he can't. Because you're the legislive chamber. The one piece of legislation that cou move through the floor is the one that Speake Ryan just abandoned. Democrs and Republicans did get together to begin to address the issues. It's the vulnerable Republicans that T are turning their backs on the process. You know what, it's -- look. I hate hearing -- ve been in Washington too long. All the Republicans say how awful thdemocrats are. The Democrats say how awful the republans are. I think the American people are probably pretty sick of this. They want us to fix things. Thewant you to do your job. Amen. Iant to turn to North Korea and first by playing this

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{"duration":"6:40","description":"The Powerhouse Roundtable debates the week in politics on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"55960435","title":"Dem lawmaker: Trump's been looking for immigration 'fight' since declaring candidacy","url":"/ThisWeek/video/dem-lawmaker-trumps-immigration-fight-declaring-candidacy-55960435"}