'Democrats overreached on this': Chris Christie on Mueller hearings

The Powerhouse Roundtable discusses the Mueller report, election security and the Democratic debates on "This Week."
15:02 | 07/28/19

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Transcript for 'Democrats overreached on this': Chris Christie on Mueller hearings
I read the Mueller report the day it came out, and I concluded first that is a man who has broken the law and he should be impeached. He said everything that he said in that report, and it is that there is no exoneration. Mueller said that there's enough evidence to bring charges against the president after he's president of the United States when he's a private citizen. That's a pretty compelling thing. Democratic presidential candidates weighing in after the Mueller hearings. Let's get some analysis from our roundtable. Matthew dowd, your big takeaway from watching those five hours from Mueller after he faced both the judiciary committee and the intelligence committee? What it looks like happened, anyone with the blue Jersey on watching those hearings was like, impeach the guy. Red Jersey on, defend the guy. With most independents in the country not watching it. Not observing it. The second thing is, I was incredibly disappointed in the coverage of it. I thought there were substantive things that Mueller testified to that was very important. Most of the coverage was about optics. What I have learned in life is, many things are entertaining they're not important and things that are important they're not entertaining. To me, if any viewer out there wants to know what's going on, what happened, just read the report. I know it's hard, it's 400-plus pages, read the report. Because there are serious allegations and problematic things in that report for the United States. I give back my time to Matthew dowd to go another two minutes. One of the things that Matt brought up, it was pretty striking to see the divide between the Democrats and Republicans. Neither side frankly talked about the Russian attacks on our democracy. Democrats seemed most concern with bringing out the evidence on obstruction of justice. Republicans most concerned with investigating the investigation. Well, I think the problem was it was hyped so much. The movie version of the book. Lot of people were expecting more fireworks. Look, he showed up and, you know, he had problems remembering whether or not he met with Rosenstein. Problems remembering details of the report. Is how we believe we should go toward with impeachment. It got less ratings than Cohen did in his hearings. I don't think it moved the needle one way or the other that Democrats wanted it to. Given the fact that Robert Mueller was so reluctant to appear, given the report itself is in ways more damning that the testimony delivered on Wednesday, was it a mistake to push him to appear? Not a mistake for him to appear. But he should have had the entire legal team up there. You would have the entire legal team in their view. You walk away with two things, one, keep coming after Mcconnell on that election integrity bill. Number two, the attorney general was a total disservice in the way he interpreted this report. We all know this having worked on many investigations. If the testimony is more than two months from the report, which is what Barr tried to do, it actually loses its entire velocity and that's what happened here. And unfortunately, you got a shot clock, 24-second shot clock, we're down to three, four seconds on the impeachment issue, and I think the clock is return -- running out on that effort. Did the attorney general make a difference politically? I don't think so. In the end, Democrats over-reached on this. I think they over-reached on obstruction. And I think if everybody would be a lot smarter if they focused on what Russians D and continue to do, any number of times, my part has been the national security party since Ronald rgan and we should have more conversation by members of both of those committees about what we're going forward in terms of what Russia did. Listen, I'll answer the question that you asked Rahm, too, it was a mistake to bring Bob Mueller forward. Bob Mueller is a patriot. When Mueller said I don't want to come. He stood behind his report. The report was vivid and detailed and laid out all the facts he found. When he said he didn't want to come, there were reasons he didn't want to come. I think we saw them on display at that hearing. I think the Democrats made a huge mistake by doing it. Because what they did was empower the president to go out there and say, nobody cares and it doesn't matter. Nothing that Jerry Nadler will do will change that dynamic. We're getting into the campaign now. People want to settle this at the ballot box not in the house. How do Democrats walk this line, many are for impeachment but they don't want to obsess on it, don't want to overtake the entire election debate? I think you proceed the way you are. The issue now doing all of this work and not moving forward is, people know now he did things. If he didn't go after it, there's no accountability. Congress's job to hold this president accountable. We were talking earlier about the election and the fact that there were a lot of folks in the wave of this election specifically elected because the American public wanted trump held accountable. You have to move forward. I do think it was a mistake to have Mueller testify and second mistake, like, it was going to be a movie, if we're going to produce a movie, let's get lin-manuel Miranda Shonda Rimes on it, two-hour special. But he said he's not exonerated. He said there are at least ten times of obstruction. He also said that he could not prosecute the president because he's the president. If he were not the president he could be prosecuted. I think that was all compelling. He said he could. Which is compelling consider the fact that a lot of his co-conspirators have been prosecuted. And when you look at the thing, all of that ground, he should be held accountable is something that Chris Christie and Rahm said, which was that Russia attacked our election. There's vast amount of evidence. Within the time of 48 hours of that, the election integrity bill was stopped in the senate by Mitch Mcconnell. Think about this metaphor. If Japan attacked us, when Japan attacked us in World War II and pearl harbor and we did nothing in response to that, that's problematic to begin with. If we warned that Japan was going to attack us four years later and we still did nothing about us, it that's unconscionable. It's not just an election season perhaps. What's ironic here, you have a situation is because of the law you can't prosecute a guy who broke the law and that's the irony of this situation. The fact is in this case, senator Schumer has to keep coming after this because Mcconnell has unease in his caucus over election security. And you keep coming at this and it also sets up the Russia case because they're not stopping. Once again -- They're not waiting for us to have a nominee. I think they also need to hold silicon valley accountable in this. It's absolutely petrifying to control and access Russia has over our technology. Senator gabbard is suing Google for suppressing her campaign ads because she was the most googled candidate at the time. I the we should have jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg in silicon valley, what safeguards have you put in place? Russia is influencing our election and using the most lethal weapon possible to do it. It's kind of stunning that you don't see all 435 members of the house and 100 senators united in doing something -- Because so many of them are completely distracted by the stuff that we have been talking about all morning this morning. They're not focusing -- it doesn't help their electoral chances. Neither side thinks this move their electoral ball down the field. And on the Mueller stuff as well, I thought the silence from all the democratic presidential candidates was deafening. After the Mueller hearing. I think that tells you what a nonevent it was, what a mistake it was. It didn't move the ball. Those presidential candidates would have been all over it and talking about it and they were not. Sorry, on the election security issue, you're right. Everybody should be singing the same tune. What we know that is, one, senator majority leader's compromised based on money he's taken recently from organizations that make and process voting machines. Not only that, but we know that the Republican party is afraid that without Russian interference this president can't win -- That's ridiculous. That's the kind of stuff -- that's why things don't get done. Because people like you say things like that and in private, somehow that's moved the election. There's no evidence of that. There's no evidence of that. I want that conversation to continue between now and election and it will guarantee the president's re-election. I can't believe I'm acting like the middle child here. But what chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi should do, a single letter go out to the CIA, FBI, election security and what they think the Russians are doing. As soon as we come back from labor day, you put up another vote on the floor. Chuck forces the issue in the senate. Make the Republicans continue. President trump doesn't want it. Make sure that they have to continue to vote on the same issue repeatedly which is about the security of the election. That's all and good. Mark Zuckerberg has to pay $5 Fine. I do think these people should be held accountable in this as well. No disrespect to our government -- This election bill, the reason why Republicans aren't doing this is because they're afraid of the president. If the president said I want election security, I want to protect us from Russia, they'd fall in line. But they are afraid if they vote for this bill they're questioning the president -- I think that's probably -- Let's talk about the debates coming up on Wednesday night. Preview of what Joe Biden could preview of what Joe Biden could be in for, he's going to be between kamala Harris and Cory booker. Take a look. I'm disappointed that it took Joe Biden years and years for him to say a mistake. His police department was stopping and frisking people, mostly African-American men. If he wants to go back and talk about records, I'd be happy to do that. We could be seeing another race debate coming up on Wednesday. Since the last debate, some polling information backing it up this week, it seems that Joe Biden has stabilized his position and kamala Harris has gone back. She's in the top tier right now. What are you expecting Wednesday? I expect fireworks in Detroit. And I expect -- particularly, you got Cory booker on the same stage. They're actually on either side of him. That's going to be a great little clip of his reactions to what they say. I think Joe Biden would benefit by just focusing on trump and not trying to kind of respond to these attacks from Cory booker and kamala Harris, because they'll come. He needs to prepared to defend his record, he has a challenging record on racial issues and on women. I think he needs to focus on -- On racial issues? Oh, yeah. We were talking about busing and we were talking about his relationship with segregationists. Cory booker is now talking about the crime bill and the impact on the African-American community. It's a challenging position for him for him to push back on Cory booker and kamala Harris it looks like he's having a fight with what the black community really believes. I think the Democrats should spend more time saying how they're different from Donald Trump than how they're different from each other. The most amount of energy is, how are you going to hold trump accountable? It's not the differences but how are you going to hold trump accountable? And this is incredible to me, that Joe Biden -- Joe Biden, I have watched him my entire life is now being questioned about whether he's racist or not? This shows how far left the democratic party's going. And why people like Rahm are concerned, talk about going off a cliff -- you know that this is not the way to win this election. You're too smart, you know that. That kind of stuff, booker ending the love campaign now to come after Joe Biden as a racist -- Here's what happened in Miami, you can't have it in Detroit. We can't have Miami 2. You can't win the primary that forecloses the general election. Neither president Obama nor president Clinton, they were able to win the name nomination -- we have a 20-point advantage over president trump on health care. We're talking away about private health care, the first thing we're going to give undocumented people the health care. How about the 35 million Americans who work, who are one illness away from financial bankruptcy? Focus on them. They're going to vote. If we do that, we won't give away, which is why president trump is trying to cover himself because his record on health care is about taking health care away. He has the largest cut in -- medicare cuts for all is his position. Largest cut of any president ever proposed in the a budget. What are we doing? We're talking about taking people health care away. Giving it to ill leem ill grants and talking the open borders -- The big problem is, not for Joe Biden. Joe Biden is back where he was in March. The biggest problem that faces the democratic party is Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders got 66% of the vote in New Hampshire and now polling at 15%. He's dwindling. Guys, we're out of time. Sorry, guys. I have to cut it off.

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