DNC Chair: Trump Should Distance Himself from Alt-Right's 'Renaissance of Racism'

The Democratic National Committee chair is interviewed on "This Week."
7:45 | 08/28/16

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Transcript for DNC Chair: Trump Should Distance Himself from Alt-Right's 'Renaissance of Racism'
Have a good weekend. We turn to the Clinton campaign, facing the fresh questions about the Clinton foundation. Let's bring in donna Brazile, interim chair of the democratic national commit too. You heard what govern E Christie said. She started it. I want to say something very personal. As you know, Louisiana has undergone a lot of flooding over the last couple of weeks. I want to thank the American people for their generosity and support. So many victims of that terrible flooding. 'Re all think of them. 53 years ago, Dr. King led a historic March here in Washington, D.C. A March for jobs and freedom. A March to raise expectations that this country can live up to its ideals. As I have watched this debate, this conversation about bigotry, racism, I find it all misplaced. First of all, Donald Trump has not held an necht the black community. Not gone to a black church, as Hillary Clinton has done. He's not gone to historical black colleges. He's not met with the mothers of children who have been slain and killed from violence in the country. As Hillary Clinton has done. So, I'm not here to talk about bigotry in the sense that I don't know what's in Donald Trump's heart. I hope that it's a heart of compassion. I can tell you about Hillary Clinton's heart. This is a woman who, after law school, went to my native south. Went down after granl waiting from Yale law school to help poor kids. To help disabled kids. This is a woman who has shown over and over again in her career that she will elevate this conversation and more importantly, she'll get things done. This week in a speech, she really excoriated Donald Trump, tying him to the so-called "Alt-right." Saying his campaign is make America hate again. A video showing white supremacists backing Donald Trump. With a tag that if he wins, they could be running the country. First of all, it was ken Melman, the chair of the republican party over two decades ago, a decade ago, who apologized for the offensive way that republicans ran campaigns dividing the country. There's no question that Donald Trump has said things that are very unsettling. I mean whether it's comparing Mexicans to rapists, demonizing muslim-americans. Excoriating the federal judge, who was handling the case. But she's tying trump to white supremacists. I'm getting there. There's no question that Donald Trump hads had ample opportunity to distance himself from the racist language that comes from his supporters. Look, I know you can't choose his supporters. People may have embraced him. He hasn't embraced them. She he should distance himself. This alt-right movement is disturbing. It's like a renaissance on racism. The day we observe the 53rd anniversary, we should denounce the racial conversation. He had more than 13 million voters in the primaries probably many in the general election. Are you saying, is Hillary Clinton Clinton saying the core of those supporters support bigotry? First of all, Hillary Clinton, who got over 15 million Americans who supported her, Donald Trump has tried to spread this, what I call this -- this so-called "Venom." No one is demonizing or saying anything as intemperate as Donald Trump has said about blacks living in squalor conditions. Hillary Clinton is talking to

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{"duration":"7:45","description":"The Democratic National Committee chair is interviewed on \"This Week.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"41700046","title":"DNC Chair: Trump Should Distance Himself from Alt-Right's 'Renaissance of Racism'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/dnc-chair-trump-distance-alt-rights-renaissance-racism-41700046"}