Donald Trump: 'I'm Not a Debater'

The GOP frontrunner explains how he plans to tackle Thursday's first Republican debate.
9:00 | 08/02/15

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Transcript for Donald Trump: 'I'm Not a Debater'
Donald Trump who joins us. By the phone sir thank you for joining us. Out. So while we get to the debate in a moment but we have this news this morning did Joseph Biden is looking into running what what's your assessment would he be harder to beat then Hillary Clinton. Well I think it's a real possibility because she like she did was absolutely in my opinion illegal I don't think she's going to be allowed to run if they have they prosecutors sort of beyond horrible because if you look at General Petraeus what you get is nothing compared to what she's done it. This slices in ruins at what they've done them is incredible and and very very tough and what she did this far worse so I think she's got a big problem with the emails and obviously are numbers are going down drastically. So somebody like Ike could probably go ahead and do very well it maybe went. Okay Lou let's get to your big moment you ever debated before or are you ready for for this debate. What would you consider a win. Well I'm not a debate these politicians I don't say they're all talk no action they debate all the time they gladly debate every night at a debate that built type I've created tremendous job took that to great company. I do a lot of things and maybe my all life is a debate in a way. But the fact is about a debater and debt they are without being shut out the vote took we'll see what happens who runs. Okay you you obviously haven't been afraid to attack your opponents on the campaign trail not gonna be on the stage whenever he going to be. On your punches are. I don't think that would be throwing punches about looking to attack don't forget every single. Act. And we attacked I've made was a counterpunch they attacked me first that I hit them back in May be harder than they had made that the factors. That I'd been attacked. Pretty viciously by somebody's guys ask. I have a lot of respect tried numerous people on the stage I will tell you I have great respect for some of the people on the stage that I I have been attacked and I got approached I didn't start the. It will look let's get some of the more recent ones that are that he saw Jeb Bush while you were in Scotland. Gonna dismiss jury arises as a phenomenon. And then I got Rand Paul who said that it nearer surge in the polls his quote a temporary loss of sanity. Well I mean he may say daddy you know he's very weak in the military he's very weakened defense and I think that's probably hurt very badly I think he's a nice guy have contributed a lot of money to his cause weight because a rather as a doctor and he goes around it and that takes care of some very seriously ill people in and helps them out and I I have that a lot of contributions so little little bit surprised here and say that in maybe it was built up by the press but I would say that I was a little surprised to hear rant saying that. But if he feels that's that's okay with me. Okay slowly gets you've been very harsh your assessment of Jeb Bush especially below us. Back what you wrote in your book the America we deserve you said. Of Jeb Bush he is exactly the kind of political leader of this country needs now and we've very much need in the future he's right tough and principled. And not just Jeff Boschee of Hillary Clinton you said Justin 2012. She's a terrific woman works hard I think she does a good job. Torched attacking you Sims most underrated guy in American politics Rick Perry. You said is a very effective governor Texas is lucky to have them. I mean how about ninety declared Hillary the worst secretary of state ever attacking the worst governor of New York ever in the he said Rick Perry's. Too dumb maybe to be in the debate. It's a very simple answer to that eight was a businessman and all my life I've made a tremendous fortune I had to deal with politicians and I would contribute to them and I would deal with them and assert we have not gonna say bad things about people. Because I needed their support to get projects done I needed their support for lots of things or it may I may have stated their support. Put it another way at least. A ludicrously horrible things have been government regulator Sarah Jessica active support org is this project toward this development to a system is just so why should I should that almost everybody and I contributed to people because. I was a spot this is that I built a tremendous company and I did that based in relationships now no rocker businessmen not somebody that wants to make our country great. And the tone is too weak you know they're telling media and jet. I understand what he's saying he's set the tone the tone and Elliott Dix except worked with to sort of drop what we need a tough start fourteen heading up people. Indirect evidence be heading Christians that the world is growing. Opponents are hating anybody and it yeah. But you know what that Toyota has to be tougher. If we're going to stop violations if we're going to clean up the border and stop what's happening at the border which is a disaster which I was very proud to have brought up. At took a lot of heat the first week bell every woods apologizing to me because they see that I was right. But we need tougher job we don't have that told anymore we it is strong talk. And we need tremendous enthusiasm. And as you understand jet doesn't have to that's strong talk Eddie doesn't have that. Level of enthusiasm that you need to make our country pretty. I feel strongly that as a businessman I support everybody I took this is everybody and I did very well doing. So let me ask you about something you weeded. Last year you said of Brock Obama. Sadly because President Obama has done such a pour job as president. You won't see another black president for generations. What did you mean by that. I think he's been a very poor approach president I think he has had done a very poor job as president. We have eighteen trillion dollars right now in debt and going up rapidly. One minute the world is is that we don't have victories anymore China is killing us and trade. Mexico is killing curse at the border and also killing concentrate Mexico's so unbelievable you can access and correct. You look at what's going on with Japan and you look at what's going on with Vietnam you look at Saudi Arabia makes a billion dollars a day and we defend that we get not. I understand your critique the why do you say that means we won't see another black president for generations. Because I think that he has sat and very poor standard I think that he is a very low bar and I think it's a shame to the African American people and by the way. He has done. Nothing. For African Americans you look at what's gone on with their income levels you look at what's gone on with their US aren't sort that he would be a great cheerleader for this country isolated to a fabulous job. For the African Americans. Citizens of this country he has done. Not think they are worse now than just about ever. Meet they are at stake is bank. They have problems now in terms of unemployment numbers look at their unemployment numbers. As you have here you have a black president closed end very poorly. Sort of the African Americans of obstetrics and I think that I won't win the African American vote and I think I would Hispanic and abuse either recent polls that came out giants. You'll see that because I'm leading into Hispanics. Ari what we're almost out of time I wanted to throw a couple lightning round quick questions to get a sense of neutral presidency would look like. First of all Supreme Court Hoosier model for a Supreme Court nomination. Well I have a number of people that I like but but I will say this witnessed such as Supreme Court I'd want. High intellect and I watched very conservative I would like. Really high intellect and very concerned if that's. Would president trump authorize waterboarding and other enhanced interrogation. Techniques even torture. I would be inclined to be very strong when people are chopping off other people's heads and then we're worried about waterboarding and we can't because I have no doubt. That that works I have absolutely no doubt. Not to mention waterboarding which was such a big subject I don't I haven't heard that term many here now because when you CD other side chopping off heads. Waterboarding doesn't sound very severe. OK I only get a sense we're trump cabinet looks like some very quickly. Brought a couple named secretary of state -- we've seen who to consider. I wouldn't want to put any names out there right now I think it's far too early delicacy and certainly look at the field and there's certainly some tremendous people that we could put it. But it would be somebody it's very strong very Smart as you know what else would be important very energetic you'd be a lot of energy. In Los running mate Sarah Pailin said some very nice things about you said nice things about her when you consider hers a possible running mate. I don't know if you want to just sit and that the answers you know I I like Sara Taylor a lot I think Sarah Sarah pal has gotten very unfair press I think depress distributor very unfairly. But I would pick somebody that would be a terrific you know you have to view it as really won't be a good president if something happens. But I would get there are many many people out there that I don't beat Derek. Last question very quickly Wright's previous chairman of the party said that all candidates should pledge not to run as a third party. If they don't win the nomination we take that pledge this morning we've pledged not to 13 party candidate. I will tell you I am leading in every poll and in some cases by a tremendous margin of people a little bit surprised but I'm not surprised and people that nobody are surprised because they see what's going on with this country. If I'm treated fairly by and and don't win but if I'm treated fairly by the Republican Party. I would have no interest in doing that if I am not treated fairly by the Republican Party I do very well might consider that. Act I would certainly not give that up. OK Donald Trump thank you for joining us gates thank you very much.

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