Estonia's President Hopes Trump 'Would Be Well-Briefed on Foreign Affairs'

ABC News' Martha Raddatz spoke with Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves on Trump and Putin.
11:53 | 08/27/16

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Transcript for Estonia's President Hopes Trump 'Would Be Well-Briefed on Foreign Affairs'
As president person like asking about your meeting with vice president by this week and what you discussed but no I heard Vice President Biden thing. Don't worry about what you're hearing from certain presidents of and it. Well. Even by vice president number times. My term is. He was. Exceptionally. Warm and kind and reassuring. I guess because of the nervous some of the rhetoric that's been going. Around didn't as it always goes around during elections. But it was very very very powerful signal it US commitment. Two security in Europe. Well I never I Percy didn't have many doubts this the in the US is always lived up to its treaty obligations. Yes we do and we have tree view like NATO and you have to really very. About. Political rhetoric that much. And those that meeting and certainly didn't on the part of Estonia the country that is one of the few that. Does its full share. Over 2% of GDP to defend we are committed to. Where plea to view. Meet we do meted and so. We actually also were not that weary here's. So. Rhetoric. Lying around so when you first heard the rhetoric and we want to answer and that when you first heard the rhetoric from Donald from about NATO and and maybe we'll help but maybe we won't these countries that haven't paid out what you. Well I mean and the main problem for off so it's is that people don't know anything about your. So I guess. Just. Do percent. And Afghanistan. Article five suddenly. Small country and looking at in terms of for cap but I mean we have one of the highest casualty rates. People go there so. I mean so often you have to people pay this image of something in this case. Over Europe doesn't pay well there are Europeans don't. In NATO that don't meet their obligations. And there are those who do. Want to make sure people know what's what. I want to ask you about about Vladimir Putin of ways and and Russia's actions that would have a lot of I'm really provocative things happen to me the whole scene right here you know what have you seen change. With Putin in Russia. I would actually say that in the real major change that was unfortunately. Forgery too little attention was the 2008 invasion George via that was really that with the birds destruction of these. They post world ward two understanding. You don't invade countries today and on chain borders. But the real the real. Dramatic case the annexation. Base they. Crimea. Your numbers through. Russian. That means the it what what. We shouldn't get too bogged down in this issue. Well. There plays that it has changed the landscape. Seven years the fundamental assumption that no one will do this. The she the the nail on the head the you. Perdue. Military thing we've. Or forty years Rico of the east Europeans that they were crazy and that they were paranoid and. That rush is just another normal country. And now we have to admit that these Europeans were right. Do you think that this intensive. At this point there's no rhyme or reason or logic to it and perhaps keep everyone off balance and thereby have missed it. Advantage that okay we don't know we have to deal with them is after all you're dealing with a country that's very small compared to the big players. I mean you've. UK and Germany together larger. Rush you can ever imagine them playing spoiler. Syria. He's Cray or with all of the various incidents here in our region. Mean I guess the world this thing that would be something like this somewhat figure Germany's postwar. Germany that had been today. An aggressive country that then became the liberal democracy and is now. Very strong member of the liberal democratic community in the world. Just didn't happen went the other way. But when you see what what who has been doing. Vaccine your way 350 kilometers from Saint Petersburg. How concerned do something could happen. You know we're. A more right about some stupid accident and rather than conscious. Tend to do anything. This is this life be in NATO is very different from not being in NATO in this if you're not in NATO you might expect for you would you don't know what. But in the case that NATO because neither the cars than they don't know what to expect should they do something and that's a big difference. But I do fear something silly I mean we've. This past number. A US naval ship was buzz. Or that was. Ordinary routine US flight in international airspace with they did a barrel roll around. Me though you do those kind of things there's always a chance for. A and that's an accident. Not to mention what's going on in the area right now retinal rep and also I mean if you think of the our you know there may seventeenth. Civilian airliner that was shot down. Building some 300 people mean that we just pure stupidity. You think he stay. Well. It's hard to save different people have different analyses. I would I would. Ma I'm leaning toward the direct and actually he's. Consciously things like this not craziness but rather keep others off. To have here freezing. I think it's more that that very. Tactical approach things I don't see this. Given especially. Severe economic problems the country's facing. That it's more of an ad hoc let's try this list right. I just went about our domestic politics who was accused of concern to John McCain and well I would certainly hope that he would be well briefed on foreign affairs. So that. He knows. Who does what I would be very that would be my me. My way made I mean way in terms of US domestic politics. They say about that in terms of what we've seen this knowledge of foreign affairs. Now. Well I'm told is improving. Very diplomatic have you. You you've got to rather famous little Twitter war with someone for only new Afghan and NATO comment. Yet while I for that's sure to this day of weather was actually the an American who did because. Focus I don't. Britain weird I mean bad grammar that was all point of it. That grammar telling me to write it in my own language. Which is not really an issue for mostly. I mean it's wrote one week that say that's correct it is the it is spelling. Since. Most Sony's knowing. People don't knows you know you or you're. But what have I mean news the fact that you complete disappear. Based on that. I think this shows you the person whoever was. Was part of what has been already noticed this your own campaign that Russian trolls are trolling for one candidate. Because it wasn't mean their words he used they weren't quite there were an American. You know. That's something Australian. I just ask you convert any of these exercises today the exercises with the US Estonia is involved in that how important those exercises. Extremely. I mean you have to when you have. When the world a sentence. The aggression around you. Then you have to have real exercises and that's we've been saying this for years. Other people are. During the real thing then we better practice artifacts. As an exercise. It's 700 miles term here to the that's out these they're doing the real thing. Not an exercise. And there's cutie. And firing rockets. Law while that a flying in. In Ukraine but but then further Syria. I mean you need to do need to practice them in its defense something that requires. Lots of work. It and I think some of our viewers would be surprised that I'm talking to the president's done in her passion you were educated in the US correct it would use something briefly here. Your story in. Well I mean like if that's. I'm trial of the refugees who escaped Nazi and Communists. Occupations. And and then my parents. Move to the US. And injured. Columbia University that the main. I mean in my linguistically formative years. You list. I've gotten it in my New Jersey accent and kick out. Of course at at and you're just ended up here and here political story. Well. I mean I was. I was asked by the president and my when my predecessors. Perspective of a Democrat they like president came at an athlete due to company workers Sonia. The ambassador do you. And then was called back here to be part minister for me yours and different parties while it president. And I've been doing this for. Here is almost near term limits I'm out in six weeks. Thank you so much or appreciate it very much really appreciate your time.

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{"duration":"11:53","description":"ABC News' Martha Raddatz spoke with Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves on Trump and Putin.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"41691275","title":"Estonia's President Hopes Trump 'Would Be Well-Briefed on Foreign Affairs'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/estonias-president-hopes-trump-briefed-foreign-affairs-41691275"}