Florida shooting a result of 'abdication of duty': NRA

NRA national spokesperson Dana Loesch tells ABC News' George Stephanopoulos the focus in the aftermath of the Parkland shooting should be local and FBI authorities.
11:14 | 02/25/18

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Transcript for Florida shooting a result of 'abdication of duty': NRA
activists on both sides. Starting with the national spokes person for the NRA, Dane Ya lash. Let's begin with president trump. He says the NRA is ready to do things. He wants to raise the minimum age. Will the NRA support that? They have made their position clear. That's a no. People are trying to find daylight between president trump and 5 million law-abiding gun ore owners all across the united States. These are things he's discussing. Think it's great that he, as president, had individuals, con stinch wents, come into the white house. He had the listening sessions. Nothing has been proposed yet. That doesn't make sense. The position is you don't want to raise the age. That's what the mra said. That's correct. The president has talked about banning the bump stocks. Is the NRA willing to back that? The NRA made it clear that the ATF needs to do their job. As you know, Dana -- They're on the same page. They're not. The ATF says they don't have the authority right now to ban bump stocks. The president now said he wants those to be banned. Will the NRA back that? The NRA doesn't back any ban. They've asked the ATF to do their job and make sure the classifications are consistent. ? Whoubt the call from the president to arm teachers in schools? If a school, parents, teachers, volunteer to be armed, the school has to come up with it. The NRA has the school shield program. It's assisted 150 schools across the country in coming up with solutions for this. Making sure students and teachers are protected. The NRA has resources at schools' and parents' and disposals. My kids go to a school where teachers chose to get trained and carry fire arms for their protection and the protection of the students. And this is manager that, as parents of this school, and educators in this community, everyone came together and determined that was the best thing for that school. Parents and ee katers have to determine this for their schools. The NRA's clear with school shield. We have tons of solutions. If schools determine that maybe perhaps fire arms is not the way they want to go, the NRA has resources for them, too. There are many calls to ban semi-automatic weapons. Including from kopgman Brian mass of physicalle. Lost both legs in Afghanistan. A long-time NRA member. He says it's time to have a ban. Let's look. I carried an m-4. Similar to an ar-15. I was carrying that weapon on the battlefield in the most dangerous country on Earth for one reason. Because of its lethality. I don't think the kids, the communities, the schools are made safer by the vast majority of the population having unferted access to the best weapon the army could put in my hands. I want to remind everybody that when student gos back to school in parkland, the Broward county sheriff's office, who I think we need to have a conversation as well. Now they say it's 23 times they had calls in, in addition to FBI tips. And under Florida law, they had the authority to to and arrest that individual before anything could be done. I wish that as much attention were given to the sheriff and their abdication of duty as there is for blaming law abigd -- No blaming here. The position on the ar-15. The ar-15 is a semi-automatic rifle. I want to remind everybody. When you had a former Bernie Sanders staff member who tried to shoot up a baseball field full of congressional members with an ska is it was that security that used their handguns to take down that individual. As far as an ar-15, it's a semi-automatic. This thing originated in the civilian market before it was adapted by the military. I wish we could be genuine in the discussion. That's the position on ar-15z. They'll be in the school protecting students and teachers when Ty return back to class. As far as banning on semi-automatic fire arms, think people ought to come out and say that's what they're talking about. He said they have to come up with a deaf nipgs it should be done. You yourself said at the that actually didn't have any overall effect on the crime rate. It did not -- it did not eliminate that. There have SBN studies that show an effect. From university of Massachusetts. Look at that. From 1984 to 1994, you had 19 incidents. 155 deaths then. It goes down from '94 to 2004. The ban expires. Casualties go way up. There are studies that show, and you yourself have acknowledged, a couple of years ago. Not perfection. Absolutely. Furthermore. It does have an effect on the legality of mass shootings. 3% of homicides in the united States are carried out with rifles. These are illegally possessed by repeat on fernsd. Excuse me for a second. No one is saying this will eliminate every single killing. We do know that we're the only country with wide access to these kinds of weapons. France had a higher casually rate in one year than the entire administration of Barack Obama. We're talking about banning fire arms. The discussion is about banning all semi-automatic fire arms. Can we look at what could have prevented this? That firearm didn't walk itself into the school. A individual aloud to go unchecked allowed the firearm to go in the school. It's not the fault. Nor are 5 million law-abiding Americans culpable for this. I want to see as much attention on the Broward county sheriff. The two FBI tips. I'm not a member of the FBI or law enforcement. If someone is online yoozing their name, saying they're going the shoot up a school. If they're banned from a school because they've taken bullets and knives to school. If they're sending messages that they're going to shoot and kill their classmates, that sounds like a potential shooter. I'm not going to argue that. Could not agree more. Sthat factor here. That minimizes this. That minimizes casualties. When we follow up. It's one of the things that minimizes casualties. Almost all Americans believe that background checks for all gun purchases make a huge different. 97% of Americans support that. The NRA opposes it. We have seen all the NRA members. The question for that poll, by the way, was do you support background checks if it prevents those who are dangerous, terrorists, et cetera from getting fire arms. You think it doesn't work? It was the NRA that created the nix system. Right now, and politicians could change this today. They could change it tomorrow. Did you know that right now, 7 million prohibited possessors can walk into a gun store and legally purchase a friar arm. People who have received due process. They're barred from carrying. People have been adjudicated mentally unfit. They can right now go and buy a firearm. As it stands, only 38 states are reporting less than 80% of these convictions to the nix system. The reason states are not mandated to go through that system is because of a lawsuit that the NRA filed. That's a grotesque misunderstanding. The federal government was trying to force states to implement and enforce a program at the state level. The case you're describing. That case did not do smig to keep states from reporting dangerous people to the federal government. The NRA has consistently sought to defund the background checks system. That's not true. We created the fix system. We're the ones for over 25 years that have been saying these states need to report these dangerous people. I want to get the 7 million people that are a danger to others from getting a firearm. I want to prevent -- We have background checks. For all gun purchases. Not for every one. Not for private sales or gun shows. Well, most gun shows have background checks. This is all federally regulate period. The penalties are terrifying and severe. There is no loophole. It's a criminal act to acquire a firearm if you're -- are you going to have politicians on the program and demand that they have people report to the system. I think that a great idea. President trump said the NRA is ready to do new things. Is there any new proposal that you're willing to support now that you weren't before? We have been calling for politicians to work with us and make sure that dangerous people who have received due process and should not be accessing fire arms. We're all in afwreemt. This madman should have ne been able to purchase this firearm ever. If I could follow up on those red flags and prevent it, you bet I would. I'm a parent. I see my kids in every child. Parents make up the NRA membership. We E see our kids in everybody. We don't want to see anything like this again. This is why we have been call something loudly, George, to make sure that politicians step up. They could change this. Report these prohibitive processers into the system. Number two however schools and parents determine that they best want to keep their kids safe, the NRA is here to work with them. Our resources are at their disposal. School shield program is a great start. Dana Loesch, thank you for

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{"duration":"11:14","description":"NRA national spokesperson Dana Loesch tells ABC News' George Stephanopoulos the focus in the aftermath of the Parkland shooting should be local and FBI authorities.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"53344392","title":"Florida shooting a result of 'abdication of duty': NRA","url":"/ThisWeek/video/florida-shooting-result-abdication-duty-nra-53344392"}