Bobby Jindal: Donald Trump Support Will Fade After 'Summer of Silliness'

The Louisiana Republican is interviewed on "This Week."
7:48 | 08/30/15

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Transcript for Bobby Jindal: Donald Trump Support Will Fade After 'Summer of Silliness'
Now, to the republican side, and it may be the biggest question this morning, will front-runner Donald Trump run as a third-party candidate or pledge to remain as a republican? This weekend he revealed some new hints. As far as third party is concerned, the republican party has been treating me very fairly. All I asked is fairness. I'm leading in every poll, in every state, a lot of things are really happening. In terms of victory, that would certainly be the best path to victory. We're going to make a decision very soon. I think a lot of people are going to be very happy. Joining us now Louisiana governor and presidential candidate bobby jindal, he's in New Orleans to mark the tenth anniversary of hurricane Katrina. Governor jindal, good morning. Let's start off with Mr. Trump's comments. It sounds like he's going to keep on what he believes is the winning track, remaining as a republican, if he's the nominee would you support him? Good morning, well, obviously, look, I think I'm going on be the nominee. I think Donald Trump has done a great job of tapping into the anger and frustration voters feel. What the polls tell me is that nobody has any real votes right now. After we get past this summer of silliness, voters will look at who's prepared to do the job? Who has the bell Jones, the courage, the experience? I believe I'm the candidate best able to do this job on the first day. And I'll give you one example, right now the American people are saying we have to shrink the size of the government, grow the American economy, I'm the only candidate that's actually reduced the size of government -- But governor jindal, your campaign does not seem to be catching fire at all? Well, look, I disagree with that, we're seeing great momentum in Iowa, we're seeing standing-only crowds. We're going to every county, 99 counties. Doing town halls. Answering their questions. What I see, voters haven't committed to any candidate yet. In Iowa or the early states. They're kicking the tires, they're asking the tough questions, this is a wide-open race. They certainly seem to be attract Donald Trump. Donald Trump in the last 24 hours, we have heard him accused Hillary Clinton's longtime aide, huma abedin of breaking law by passing secrets to her husband, former congressman Anthony Weiner who was caught up in a texts scandal. Let's listen. He's receiving this very, very important information and giving it to Hillary? Who else is he giving it to you? He now works for a public relations firm. What she did is a very, very dangerous thing for this country and probably a criminal act. Did Donald Trump cross the line there with those accusations? Well, look, Martha, I think there's a broader question in terms of how Hillary Clinton has handled not just her but her staff, how they handled classified information. If a private in the military did what they're accused of doing, there would be real consequences. There shouldn't be a different set of rules for Hillary and her aides. With Hillary Clinton, it just seems to be one scandal after another. She's literally one e-mail away from going to jail. What I fear is that maybe we'll have to go to the Chinese and Russians to actually see her e-mails. Should Donald Trump be saying things like that about huma abedin? Martha, look, I think the bigger issue here is the fact that Hillary Clinton seems to think, what difference does it make? She seems to think that the same rules don't apply to her as others. I think the real issue here is, she's not above the law. The real issue is if any private in the military or any other government official had handled classified information, there would have been a court-martial or criminal prosecution or consequences. She shouldn't be above the law. She shouldn't be a different set of rules for our elected leaders than the rest of us. One of the reasons voters are so angry, one of the things that Donald Trump has tapped into and other candidates have tapped into, is this frustration that American people have this permanent political elite. I want to turn to immigration, I know your parents were legal immigrants, but growing up, a child of Indian parents, you had to have experienced being an immigrant, unlike some of the other candidates, most of the other candidates. Is there any part of you, when you hear things being said, derogatory things being said about immigrants, that troubles you as the child of immigrants? Martha, I would say a couple of things. Look, as a child of immigrants my parents have never taken this country for granted. Every single day they're grateful to live in the greatest country in the history of the world. I think this election is about the idea of America is slipping away in front of us. When it comes to immigration, what I have experienced a strong immigration policy makes our stronger. A dumb one makes us weaker. We have a dumb one today. Yes, we need to secure our border. Stop talking about it. We need to insist that people who come here, come here legally, adopt our values. I'm sorry, adopt our values. What values don't immigrants have that you believe Americans have. You look at Europe, the contrast is immigrants don't consider themselves as part of those societies, those cultures. I think we need to move away from hyphenated Americans. We're not african-americans, asian Americans. We're all Americans. The reason this is so important, immigration without INT integration, is not immigration is invasion. My parents are proud of their Indian heritage. They wanted to come here. We don't make people come here. If they come here, they should want to be Americans. To make our country stronger. Governor jindal, I want to turn to Katrina. You're standing there in beautiful Jackson square, your thoughts on ten years and could there be that kind of devastation and December destruction again in new Orleans? Are you prepared for another Katrina? Well, look, three things. First, I think these last ten years have shown the resilience of the American people. When when Katrina and Rita knocked us to our knees, we got back up. We can go through anything. Secondly, it showed us, these last ten years have shown that American people love each other. The reality is, we were helped by people from all 49 states. They returned to our aid. They came here, they're still coming to this day. We live in a very generous country. In terms of if it could happen again, our levees are stronger than they have ever been before. We are better prepared. People have their own game plans in term of evacuation routes and shelters. But we must not become complacent. After previous storms, that has happened in our country's history. We got bipartisan plan with scientific support. Still more work to be done. You sound pretty confident, governor jindal. I'm going to wrap it up there. Great to see you standing there in that beautiful square. Thanks very much.

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{"duration":"7:48","description":"The Louisiana Republican is interviewed on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"33413847","title":"Bobby Jindal: Donald Trump Support Will Fade After 'Summer of Silliness'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/gov-bobby-jindal-katrina-anniversary-33413847"}