History of First Ladies, Spouses on the Convention Stage

ABC News' Cokie Roberts discusses the role Melania Trump might play at the convention in Cleveland.
2:47 | 07/17/16

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Transcript for History of First Ladies, Spouses on the Convention Stage
Back now with a look ahead to the convention this week with Cokie Roberts here on the convention floor and cooking a guesses what you're 21. Convention right now you've also written a book. About first ladies in the start tomorrow night is going to be maligning trump really the first introduction to most the American the American public for mr. Trump's. Wife in the tradition of having the First Lady speak relatively new absolutely. We Eleanor Roosevelt spoke in 1940 for the first time. And and said it was no ordinary time and it wasn't and that was not another First Lady to speak until 1972 in Pat Nixon. And then it became sort of Jared. After 1984. We both the First Lady and the other candidates wife speaking. So it's it's now yeah. And you can hear your judgement error its. Gonna go for the vote name which is always an exciting nominating convention. I tell you one little tidbit. Nellie Taft have went to the Deming and even though her husband was running as the Republican candidate in 1912. Went to the Democratic Convention she was the face First Lady to go to convention and intimidated. Williams Jennings Bryan and his saying nice. Is well it's not going to be an ordinary. Convention echoes of any others for you. Well you know that it rules committee fight sounds so arcane. That the chances that they can often set the course. For the party for years to come. And I really saw that most of my first and then there's. Okay. We're having a fight over the Mississippi Freedom Party and immigration. And and that they were not single by that convention but maybe they conventions from there on out. Had very mixed allegations and that street till Tuesday as the chairman of the Republican need national. He writes Peter said he does expect a few more surprises. This week Cokie I know you'll be here price for all of those for now that's all for us today. But we're going to be here all week long in a big way special editions of world news Good Morning America and Nightline every day. Our prime time coverage every night at 10 eastern its bash reports when news breaks plus live streaming all week long and abcnews.com. I'll see you tomorrow much Yemeni.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"ABC News' Cokie Roberts discusses the role Melania Trump might play at the convention in Cleveland.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"40647474","title":"History of First Ladies, Spouses on the Convention Stage","url":"/ThisWeek/video/history-ladies-spouses-convention-stage-40647474"}