Injured Marine Finds His Voice Again With MusiCorps

Lance Cpl. Tim Donley finds his voice again performing with MusiCorps Wounded Warrior Band.
3:30 | 01/03/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Injured Marine Finds His Voice Again With MusiCorps
In today's "Sunday spotlight," if you're looking for some inspiration in this new year, something to help you stick to those resolutions, look no further than U.S. Marine Tim Donnelly and those who offered him a second chance at doing what he loves -- performing. ? You may say I'm a dreamer ? For Tim Donnelly, every new year, every new day -- ? I'm not the only one ? Reporter: -- Is one he never thought he would see. Four years ago, just days after his 20th birthday, the young marine was on his first deployment to Afghanistan. We were doing a dismounted patrol through the village -- and the I.E.D. Was buried in the wall right next to me. A bomb that would take both legs and seriously damage his right arm. For a gifted singer who loved to play the guitar, the injuries were almost too much to bear. 2 1/2, 3 months after I got hurt, I couldn't even listen to music at all. It just -- it was too hard. It would take a very special team to help Tim find himself, his voice again. ? ? The musicorps band of wounded warriors. Musicorps is the brainchild of this man. I was invited to Walter reed to meet a soldier who was injured in Iraq. He used to play drums, he was blown up by a roadside bomb and he lost his leg and he was concerned, how am I going to play the drums again without my legs? As the program grew, it gave the attention to some true rock stars, like roger waters formerly of pink Floyd. I treat them like musicians, not wounded guys. They worked and world, these guys, and that's why they're so good. Good is an understatement. They're magnificent. ? ? Tim, waters and the band bringing the house down at a stand up for heroes concert just nine mons after Tim's devastating injury. ? ? One of the things about Tim is that, you see his injuries are so severe but they are irrelevant when he's singing. Since then, the band has played sold out concert halls as musicorps hope to help more of the wounded. We work with about 50 a year and Walter reed is still filled with very injured patients. For Tim, happiness now reaches far beyond the stage. Six months ago, balancing on prosthetic limbs he married Kelly fiddler at a Seaside wedding. I'm enjoying being married. It's great. When people let me know that I helped them understand a little bit more about all these guys and what they go through it doesn't get any better than

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"Lance Cpl. Tim Donley finds his voice again performing with MusiCorps Wounded Warrior Band.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"36067143","title":"Injured Marine Finds His Voice Again With MusiCorps","url":"/ThisWeek/video/injured-marine-finds-voice-musicorps-36067143"}