An Inside Look at the UN's Race to Save Refugees Around the World

ABC's Alex Marquardt reports from onboard a rescue ship, plus the UN's refugee agency discusses the 60 million refugees and displaced persons worldwide.
5:46 | 06/21/15

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Transcript for An Inside Look at the UN's Race to Save Refugees Around the World
Now inside a disturbing crisis a shocking new report from the UN reviewing the highest number ever. Displaced persons since World War II creating a dangerous new refugee catastrophe. The most recent crisis refugees heading to Europe by boat and ABC's Alex mark court recently went with some of the rescuers. Who do their best to make sure these victims of violence and terror stay alive. It's early morning in the Mediterranean Sea when a small blue boat appears on the horizon. The crew from the rescue ship were on rushes out to needed. Every square inch of his top deck filled with people and they tell us there are 300 more. Down below. In all that today and we sell more than 101000 people rescued in a wave of boats from Libya migrants and refugees fleeing strife and poverty in the in the Middle East and Africa they are just a fraction of an unprecedented. Refugee crisis. United Nations now saying that almost sixty million people have been driven from their homes roughly the population of the United Kingdom. And perhaps most stunning half are children we no longer have. The capacity of the resources to response. Of such of them Betsy in pleasing many Canadian museum of the world. The main driver the war in Syria. Accounting for one in five new refugees there have been extraordinary scenes like this boat full of broking go Muslims. Who fled Myanmar and were at sea for three months would almost nothing to eat forgery. Many are for older conflicts like the 2.5 million displaced and are four. One point five million Afghans stock in Pakistan and now just a few hundred miles off. American shores UN warning the Dominican Republic could make the crisis worse might soon deporting some 200000. Stateless migrants. Many of Haitian origin. Back on the rescue ship almost 400 from Eritrea often called the North Korea of Africa. And any telling us they don't fire way to end up. Anywhere in Europe it's a good. Didn't you. They didn't let. Those he meets he's. Moment the goal of everyone making these dangerous and often deadly journeys. But with so many trapped in conflicts around the world old in new UN believes this crisis will only get worse. For this week Alex Marquardt ABC news Beirut. And a spokesperson for the UN high commissioner for refugees Brian enhance per joins us now via Skype from Nairobi Kenya. Thanks for joining us and I want to go to those words we just heard from the UN high commissioner saying the organization no longer has the capacity. To respond to humanitarian needs of each of these sixteen million. Refugees worldwide. What will that mean. Soon as early as the commission's. We didn't need the it's always a rule of war you countries in crisis and is due to remove his leg but no organization UN refugee agency we. We really liked seeing his way to sort of we're they don't need massive cuts if you will anonymous sources lead content will be. Schooling courses because of this. News mentioned. We have to prioritize not blue but we need to very different choices. Amnesty International also wrote this meant that the refugee crisis is one of the defining challenges of the 21 century but the response of the international community. Has been a shameful. Failure do you agree. Well it. The unit engineers students ask me to do what is happening generous you know we don't know what's so in the United States which is the largest un humanitarian donor certainly we are getting funds for the program is. That means far outstripped the funds that we have we're talking in the last fighting in Jerusalem. Fifteen EU countries fifteen new ones that are run deep across the will be nobody to those. We're and the African continent. Continent aren't just returned from cook Truman Major League home not just a few hours ago. Where companies thought I was in refugees most exhausting duties from her greatest country to whom they. So what we did who scored as the UN refugee agency. It's a Google sort of guarantee Google commitment but ultimately. The consultants currencies beat Syria if the Central African Republic itself hasn't done any number of bruises beating your dream we've either political. We isn't as humanitarian. Qanooni providing emergency assistance we're seeing we have business confidence. But ultimately you the news Vietnamese. But Brian very quickly if you well but. I have seen this up close as well this Atari refugee camp in Jordan. What are the long term consequences are the people just don't understand. Well I think one of dvds I was it was better not spend a few months. Cement an emergency mission and who was with the Syrians. Won't inform the population. As a Syrian refugee that would it is limited the United States taking heat over eighteen million people. Want to do only two reasons is that you lean towards the city's so you can choose. Didn't have access to read impeach. And we know that's when talking of a Lost Generation we fear most in recent Syrian children. Thank you so much Brian indeed a long to long term consequences and we'll be right back from Charleston with an inspiring Father's Day story. After this from our ABC stations.

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{"duration":"5:46","description":"ABC's Alex Marquardt reports from onboard a rescue ship, plus the UN's refugee agency discusses the 60 million refugees and displaced persons worldwide.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"31926715","title":"An Inside Look at the UN's Race to Save Refugees Around the World","url":"/ThisWeek/video/inside-uns-race-save-refugees-world-31926715"}