Kasich Dismisses Trump: 'He Complains About Everything'

The Republican candidate for president is interviewed on "This Week."
7:49 | 12/27/15

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Transcript for Kasich Dismisses Trump: 'He Complains About Everything'
We turn now to the man who's positioned himself as the republican antitrump, Ohio governor John kasich. No other gop candidate still in the race has been more vocal in criticizing the republican front-runner. Governor kasich, thank you for joining us this morning. Glad to be with you, Jon. And I want to get right to the news this week that we hear that the Obama administration is considering a plan to increase deportations of illegals, of those that undocumented immigrants here, specifically those who have had run-ins with the law. Trump tweeted, "Does everyone see the democrats and president Obama are now, because of me, starting to deport people who are here illegally. Politics!" So, let me ask you, are we seeing a trump effect, even of the Obama administration? Well, you know, I don't know about that, Jon, but what we know is, if people violated the law here in this country, everybody that I know say they ought to be deported. In fact, it was my old colleague bill O'Reilly who started this movement a long time ago. Look, in the very first debate, I said that trump has touched on something, people are afraid they're going to lose their job. If they're 51 years old, they can't find a job. Their kids have too much debt. They think the system is a ripoff. They think the lobbyists control everything. So, I absolutely can understand why people are so worked up, but there's an interesting thing that trump said. He said none of the politicians will get this done. Well, let me tell you about our state, I'm the seventh largest state in the country, 11.5 million people, if you want a job you're likely to get one. If you're worried about your wages ours are going up. If you have a son or a daughter that's autistic you can get insurance. What we have done in Ohio, is offer specific solutions to problems and we have done it and that's why the people of the state are in such a positive mood. What trump does is, he complains about everything -- and look these attacks on women and on Hillary Clinton not getting back to the stage on time, the attacks on hispanics and muslims -- it's a top of the story, trump rising and everything, wait until we start voting and then we're going to know where people are. But let me ask you, on this issue of the 11 million undocumented immigrants who are in the United States right now, you now have a situation where not just trump but also Ted Cruz, the two leading candidates right now in virtually every poll for the republican nomination, both say, that those 11 million undocumented immigrants should be deported. This is something that for years, you and most republican leaders said, what was simply impossible, was wrong-headed, are you -- have you and others out of touch with the grassroots of the party? What's happened? Listen, Jon, look -- well, they don't. Look, I have done 45 town hall meetings in New Hampshire. I have done more town hall meetings than anybody running for president. I'm surging in the poll. I'm running third in the poll. One point behind second place. Really not far behind trump. When the voting starts we're going to find out. I do town halls. People ask me my plan, I said finish the border, have a guest worker program. For the 11.5 million who are here, if they haven't violated another law when they've been here, they get a path to legalization. I think it's ridiculous we're going to into neighborhoods, grab people out of their homes, split up families and ship them back to Mexico. It's not going to happen, Jon. So, don't get all -- everybody's all hyped up about these polls. We're going to know in another 30, 40 days. And remember how many people won Iowa, only to go on to new Hampshire to get blown out. We never heard from them again. I'm very optimistic about new Hampshire myself. The party is not for deporting 11.5 million people. I'm sorry, I don't believe it. So, I want to ask you a question that you were asked before on this show, we're getting closer now, I'd like no dodge, direct answer from governor kasich, if Donald Trump wins the nomination -- You're not going to get answer -- I'm not going to get answer -- You're saying it's possible you won't support him? Listen, I made a pledge -- I made a pledge and I have been listening to him lately and you notice he's toned down the rhetoric. I listened to your six minute coverage of him, he's toning it down. I hope going forward he'll be a yuan unifier. You can't win the white house without winning Ohio. If we have a candidate that comes into Ohio that's a divider, no chance they're going to win it. People in Ohio want someone who's going to look at problems and solve them. I would agree with trump, they don't want lobbyists telling the elected officials what to do. They never told me in my entire life. I'm not about to begin listening. I will tell you this, there were no problem. Whatever your problem is, if you're working poor you're going to get health care. If you want to see faster economic growth you move to Ohio, you know why? Because we take everything on with solutions to problems, we just don't pontificate and have a bunch of rhetoric. We're realistic and we're fixing problem. Okay, so, you mentioned the town hall meetings in new Hampshire you did, do you have to win the New Hampshire primary? I have to do well enough there, Jon, so that I'm the story coming out of new Hampshire and I think I will be. And I will tell you, if I come out New Hampshire, everywhere I go, people say you need more time on the debate stage. People need to hear you. I come out of New Hampshire, and you have known me for a long time, I'll catch fire, and if I catch fire I think the sky's the limit. 45 town hall meetings and I'm hoping to get to 100. Even if I have to do town halls after the primary. Now, it looks like fox business is paring down the next debate. You may not be on the main stage at the next debate. Rand Paul is the same position. He said he won't participate in one of these undercard debates. Where are you on that? Will you do it? Well, I think we'll make the main stage and, like I said, we just had a poll, it's the most accurate all of the polls, because it actually samples a greater number of people. I'm one point out of third place. So, it's all about how they want to pick stuff. I'm hoping we'll be on the stage. But what matters in new Hampshire is not so much debates, it's what you have on the ground. And we have the best ground game with John sununu and others. We got people combing the state. That's what wins elections, what you're doing on the ground, coupled with some of what you do on the television, advertising, and I feel very, very good. In fact I'm heading to new Hampshire tomorrow. I'm breaking up my Christmas vacation with my family. My wife just had a birthday yesterday. My kids are with me. All right, well, happy birthday to your wife, and governor kasich, thank you for joining us. Yes. And happy new year and god bless everyone who's watching. America is going to be stronger. You count on it. All right. Governor kasich. Let's bring in our

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{"duration":"7:49","description":"The Republican candidate for president is interviewed on \"This Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/ThisWeek","id":"35963665","title":"Kasich Dismisses Trump: 'He Complains About Everything'","url":"/ThisWeek/video/kasich-dismisses-trump-complains-35963665"}