What Michael Flynn's guilty plea signals for Mueller investigation

George Stephanopoulos explains what the former national security adviser's guilty plea means for special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.
3:41 | 12/03/17

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Transcript for What Michael Flynn's guilty plea signals for Mueller investigation
Good morning. For president trump Friday must have felt like a scene straight out of dickens. The best of times. Senate Republicans delivered trump's biggest victory yet. Passing the tax vote with two votes to spare. The worst, hours before when the white house learned from TV reports that Michael Flynn has cut a deal with Robert Mueller. It was the most seismic move yet in the Russia investigation. Never before has a special council reach sod deep into a white house so early in a president's term. The big question now, is Flynn's plea the beginning of Mueller's investigation or the beginning of the end of trump's administration? It depends on what Flynn nose, what he tell us, and how the president responds. He was once a trump favorite. We have a great general with us. General Flynn, another man so incredible. I love Jeb Flynn. Reporter: On the short list for vice president. A star at the convention. Yeah, that's right. Lock her up. Reporter: But after that subdued and stunning court appearance on Friday, general Michael Flynn may be trump's biggest fear. The trouble began four days into the presidency when Flynn was interviewed by the FBI about contacts with Russia. Flynn was asked about his conversations with the Russian ambassador. Did he discuss saxs imposed by president Obama and lobby Russia on a resolution critical of -- getting direction at one point if a very senior member. Identified by ABC news as the president's son, Jared Kushner. Overnight, "The New York Times" worted it was Mcfarland. Priebus, Bossert among poerps who knew about Flynn's outreach to Russia. According to e-mails obtained by "The times." Did trump himself know? I didn't direct him. I would have directed him if he didn't do it. Reporter: Will Flynn contradict the president? If there was nothing wrong with his kaks, why lie about them to the FBI? Two key questions let to be answered. Number three, did Flynn promise incriminating information against president trump or others in Tiner circle? How much did he know? And why was the president so reluctant to fire Flynn? And seepingly trying to protect him? Two days after Flynn's January interview with the FBI, Sally Yates warned the white house that Flynn was vulnerable to Russian blackmail. Despite that warning, trump did not fire Flynn for another 18 days. At the time, they said Flynn was fire frd lying to the vice president. I talked to general Flynn about that conversation. They did not discuss anything having to do with the united States decision to expel diplomats or impose essential chur against Russia. Reporter: The day after Flynn's firing, the infamous meeting with James Comey. I understood it to be saying that what he wanted me to do was drop any investigation connected to Flynn's account of his conversations are the Russians. Reporter: Trump denies that account. Did trump want Comey to drop the investigation because he knew Flynn lied to the FBI. Just yesterday, trump appeared to say yes. Here's the tweet. I had to fire general Flynn because he lied to the vice president and the FBI.

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{"id":51545705,"title":"What Michael Flynn's guilty plea signals for Mueller investigation","duration":"3:41","description":"George Stephanopoulos explains what the former national security adviser's guilty plea means for special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.","url":"/ThisWeek/video/michael-flynns-guilty-plea-signals-mueller-investigation-51545705","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}