Millions react to #MeToo movement on social media

The Powerhouse Roundtable weighs in on the #MeToo movement on "This Week."
5:32 | 10/22/17

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Transcript for Millions react to #MeToo movement on social media
We're back now with the roundtable an Alley and I wanna start with you and Erika a few things happening on Capitol Hill this week Mitch McConnell met with president trump at the White House he says he and speaker Ryan are focused. I'm passing tax reform. There have been efforts in the past this or anything unique about at this time that you think it has prayer. I don't think so I mean the meeting with trump was unique in that I think it was an active political theater at that I think you you know is pretty meaningless but. They did pass a budget vote which the White House is very excited about I now. I I'm bearish in general about. About congress getting really anything done just because I don't see the president. Focus seeing in a sustained way and delivering the kind of public pressure campaign. On legislative issues the way he does on sort of the NFL. Or. I mean we stop the gold star family this week it just seems to me that that's where his focus and energy and attention is. Rather than on these legislative issues if he asked surprises mean does that contact a form I think there's a chance of the past you know the murmur of the former member of the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee which writes taxes. David camp of Republican says tonight health care is hard to do and it's 17 of the economy taxes are a 100% of the entire economy. They are really hard to do and they tried to do it on a partisan basis which is not the way we write tax legislation. And don't. If it is there I they have the chance I think it's this is easier than help to us help you haven't had that perception you are taking a waste on the from people right now if they finally are right attacks we've discussed it wants Texans. And maybe decrease the deficit. That can pass so I think also the thing is the party failed health care they know that. They are really determined on the hill leaned degree in saying this week you know the party's get a pass is a real news next year I think there's more focus here the president does not Bogut went to members of congress are more unified and more poems I do things on the impasse aren't that. Martha. You have from this day I might I departed I don't. I just think a recipe for not getting something done is this an unpopular president pushing unpopular how the policy within unpopular congresses is a tax cut. That 80% of the benefits go to what the top 1% of the country it's not gonna help the working class it's not gonna help the middle class it's not going to pass. Hell. Yeah the last word on had to see what happens we'll hope we'll say that is haven Connecticut. I want to turn to the race are subject of a Harvey Weinstein and it is really sparked egg national. Conversation. About sexual misconduct. We've got this me to movement that didn't start with Harvey one writing it started about ten years ago. So does it really have a chance of changing anything I I I I doubt about it and then and it makes me say a decision that. I don't know a woman who has not had some experience made under a single one and this isn't something happened and and we you know for those of us who are older we just lived a lot of went with the territory for every time. I think it's great that people are talking about it I think that it's great that some manners suffering consequences as a result of it. But I don't think that is likely to change behavior in any significant tension I'm very sorry to say that an and L landed do you think it can change behavior. I mean what. The better question is. What does it take I mean you. What pitching great what it it's as if there's a big question for you. A couple of they I think that. People had begun to think that these sorts of things don't happen anymore and I do think this is raised awareness of the fact that. With a certain type of man we had Roger Ailes of Fox News and Harvey Weinstein in Hollywood. That. There is more tolerance for. And disgusting to he'd year. John because of their rare genius and talent I think that was true with open these guys and I I. Think and hope that there will be west tolerance for that sort of thing but what I think it's so insidious about these examples is that. These men were you seeing their power and their talents to. With hold it and you abused abused. Yet. Excuse me president but two you know. Either and it bans women had to participate in it if they want in their careers to advance and they had to fear that they would fail in their careers were they not participate NN in pretty ideal pioneers. Absolutely and these were industries the traffic in young act young beautiful women and so I hope that there's more awareness and that. And then last fear among. Younger women to speak up the when we've seen speak up of course have now aren't needed and again and again at bat that. A final thought in this and I want to go to the fact that some powerful women have come out from Hollywood and said he did that to me should they've come out earlier. I absolutely should come out or but I think much of this depends on I think women solemn contract courageously and then taking seriously and then not victimized for speaking out I think are tipped pole position should be to believe a woman comes out as opposed to not believe them. Given my we have a president has the same behavior surrounding them this is the legal predatory gentlemen. Right it's Donald amen not its from Bill O'Reilly gets Roger Ailes and his Harvey Weinstein all of them number problems but until period -- that toll men at this table and. Until May jump out and put a stop to it and say want try locker room talk shouldn't exist that's what I labeled it a white man has started an NFL there are. Are they well. The New York Times the media isn't Carly Simon's out here I think immediately change if they're more investigations by the New York Times and you're speculated that it's okay thanks very much to all of you.

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{"id":50645325,"title":"Millions react to #MeToo movement on social media","duration":"5:32","description":"The Powerhouse Roundtable weighs in on the #MeToo movement on \"This Week.\"","url":"/ThisWeek/video/millions-react-metoo-movement-social-media-50645325","section":"ThisWeek","mediaType":"default"}